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//Tick's Car Meets & Pics Thread//

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Quickly popping in to say the meet has been pushed ONE HOUR so it will be at:

4PM PDT//5PM MDT//6PM CDT//7PM EDT//12AM BST (Midnight)//2AM EEST (Sat.)//9AM AEST (Sat.)//11AM NZDT (Sat.)

This is TONIGHT!!! Don't be shy! Tons of pictures and, maybe, if the group is good, a Youtube video. I'm not making promises but it's a possibility!
Meet done! Thanks to those that showed up. Feedback & Pics to be posted within the week. A video as well...maybe.

Edited by livejoker
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Garage Wars 7...man, it's hard to believe there's been 7 of these. Real life always finds a way to mess your plans. Pair that up with laziness and growing older and you got the perfect recipe for not wanting to host car meets as much as you used to. I've seen many hosts ditch the car meet scene but people come and go as they'll filled in the empty slots so it's natural to step out of the scene and take a backseat. I really hope I can keep the Garage Wars concept alive as it's still my favorite way of doing car meets. The no-host approach of letting players set the cruising speed, seeing so many cars in one meet (whole garages worth!) and just the banter overall...it's an amazing way to forget about your problems and worries even for an hour or two at a time.

This Garage Wars was great considering I've been out of the loop for so long! I picked it up easily and players, such as Maxxi (most notably) kept everything going smoothly and keeping those conversations going. A host can only be as great as his attendees and those that showed up didn't disappoint. I really didn't want the event to end! So a ton of cars and a ton of banter. What more can you ask for? Oh, there is a video at the bottom of this post that I've worked on for 3 days (any time I had was put to it). I'm not too stoked on how it came out and some shots had to be swapped as the Insurgent from the start wrecked a lot of car windows/bumper scratches (firing that gun made some AI cars go crazy). That's my only complaint about having an Insurgent show up but at this point in the car meet scene I'll take having fun over pretty pictures.

I hope you enjoy this post! I will try to pop in here once in a while to host impromptu events and keep some activity going. Thank you to everyone that showed up and made that night amazing.

Best pictures below, rest in spoiler. Garage Winners (winning car from each player) in its own spoiler.





Garage Winners:

Adri is very humble to own an expensive car, as shown here:

Clean and useful, Poison's going on a road trip!

Desky's got gloves on cause his steering wheel is fire:



"Here's some money, go buy yourself some class!" - Leaky

If badass was a vehicle, this would probably be it as ridden by Mills:

Lancia wears a bag on his head as he stole this car years ago. Some even forgot what he looks like.

This van used to be all brown:

Maxxi gives this ride two thumbs up and a "hurry up, I need to go poop" smile:


We started off with a random selection of vehicles and meeting up near the beach:

Weapon handling was very relaxed. Some cops even showed up but with the group we had I wasn't concerned with it:

Variety always makes a car meet good:

Much variety indeed:

There's a smart "we're all the same, despite being a different color" statement to be made here...




That Insurgent sure was pretty:

The usual pitstop at LS Customs gives the great opportunity for a quick photo sesh:

This garage is timeless. No, literally, there's no clocks in there.

What I imagine a car guy's wet dream looks like:

One garage that was shown off was an MC club so we, naturally, played darts, arm wrestled...

As well as get drunk, hit the bong and hit on the bartender:

Colors that will make your eyes explode:

I call this engine the Octopoweeeeeeeeeer!

How did those even get up that elevator?!

Bikes are magical as they stand on their own without having that little arm thing:

Now this is a rare one:

Waiting around for a player to join back in the game like:


Someone pointed out that the winning cars were mostly from the 80's. Pretty amazing!

We hit the road with our winning vehicles:

As you can see we were very alike...

With the meet over, we swapped for new rides in Paleto Bay, messed around and called it a night...

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For what the event was play-wise, your pics and video are spot on with how much fun it was for everyone to get together. I am amazed by what you shot here.

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  • 2 weeks later...

OMG! This thread came alive and i feel so nostalgic... Tick that video was straight up BOSS! I love it... Reminds me of the days where your Meets were not to be missed and the fun Minigames. (tear rolls down face) Good times with great friends and one awesome host! Look forward to the next one and hope to make it.

Edited by outkast_ryder
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Hey guys thanks for the interest! I'll definitely cook something up, something real basic like a car meet but may throw in a minigame at the end. I'll drop some info soon once I get a day pinned down.

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