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Delivery truck hijacking


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It would be great if you could hijack delivery trucks (Maibatsu Mules) and sell them. Pisswasser, meteorite, and ecola trucks could be sold to convenience stores looking for cheaper goods to sell. Pharmacy trucks could be sold to Gerald, who would sell the drugs to people who probably don't have a prescription. Post-op package delivery trucks might have phones, computers, or TV's purchased online. Unmarked mules might contain random store bound goods; or illegal drugs and guns or stolen cars that can be sold Gerald, Trevor, Martin, or Simeon. If stolen goods have previously been sold to a store in a session, it will sell the stolen snacks, beer, or soda for a price cheaper than usual. If a store has recently been robbed and is closed, you can't sell to it. Like robbing stores, hijacking trucks will eventually cause higher wanted levels if repeated. Also, repeat hijacking a will increase the chance of drivers carrying guns or having a friend in the back of the truck with a gun. If you rob a truck with no witnesses and kill/ knock out the driver, you won't get any cops. If there are no witnesses and you leave the driver alive, he will call the cops and you will get 2 stars. If pedestrians see you hijack a truck, you will get 2 stars. If they see you kill the driver, you get 3 stars. If you had cops, potential buyers will pay less because they have a higher risk of getting caught. If the stock market was ever added to gta online, a company's stock price would fall if their trucks were hijacked. Does anybody else think this would be awesome?

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Sounds badass, always thought we should be able to steal those car carriers and sell them to Simeon for ~50k if it's full of cars.

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Sounds badass, always thought we should be able to steal those car carriers and sell them to Simeon for ~50k if it's full of cars.

. A car carrier would be great for a heist. One crew member steals Itami gets in a big highway chase, one flys over it with a helicopter, and people inside rappel onto car carrier and drive off with the cars, while the cops focus on the truck driver. Once the cars are stolen, truck driver parachutes off a cliff to escape the cops, and everyone meets up at a secure location. The crew member then gets 2 choices. He/she can sell the cars for their legendary/ ssa price, or each crew member gets a car of their choice, and they sell any remaining cars. It would be a great way to get high end cars without paying a fortune. Somebody already mentioned cars heists on this forum, this heist idea is based off of their general idea.
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I want to hijack a truck delivering uranium & sell it to Iranians :p


With missions, it could go like this :p


Contact: Abdullah

Mission name: Russian disappointment


RP 4300 (hard)

Payout: 430,000 GTA$

Players: 1-8

Level: 135


Condition of mission failure:



All trucks destroyed

Uranium spills from the truck


A little birdie tells me that a cargo ship from Australia has arrived at Pier 400 delivering Uranium to Russia for nuclear weapons. It's here for a crew change & refuel. While that crap is happening, they're moving the Uranium to a heavily secure storage facility until the refeul is complete & replacement crew arrives. I say this uranium is better with us for making nuclear weapons. Kill these Merryweather cocksuckers driving to the facility & drive the truck(s) to my guards. I'll pay heavily.

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I'd love to hijack trucks Fast and Furious style.


Rockstar really needs to implement some of those animations of jumping on and off of cars into Multiplayer.

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