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god mode c*nts now making their way to competitive matches?


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I was playing TDM last night and there was this one guy on the opponent team who could not be killed by myself or any of my teammates. At first I thought it was a combination of lag and the guy's skill but when I blasted his eyeballs at point blank range with a shotgun and he still didn't die (his health didn't even go down), I knew something fishy was up. Hit pause, checked the guy's stats and sure enough he had a K/D ratio above 8.0. Reported him using the in-game menu and sent him a text letting him know he had been reported for exploits and the coward did what a coward does best and immediately left the game.


Has anyone else come across these c*nts in competitive games? I know there's currently a god mode epidemic in freeroam but this is the first time I've come across one in a competitive game mode such as DM/TDM. R* need to get their finger out and fix this crap asap.

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