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Why is JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) cars so lame?! I'm being


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What do Japanese cars really bring to the table as a automobile?! Do some you guys really like driving these "cars"? And what's up with all of this ricer cars I see when I am racing or just even cruisin' around town in a session? Some of these meat-heads believe that their little 4 cylinder Honda's and what-not can beat something along a lines of hmmmm...let's say a ///M3 for example.....or any car in existence. Lmao. Why would you max out a dumb Jap compact if you can just save the money and buy a decent American Muscle or a nice European if you have a low budget? (This kinda applies to real life as well in a way) All of this "Dapper" "Jdm" is straight up goofy dude. And don't get me started with these Jdm meets. I don't know about you guys but I wouldn't go out of my way to visit a meet just to see some dude's "project" Acura,Toyota, Mazda all those Micky Mouse operation brands. And in real life as well never got the point of that. :lol::lol: Everyone know's that the Japs in most situations just copy European styling then add Jap tech a fwd drive-train. Lexus is a perfect example. Ever been on the road and see a 90s Benz C class and then you realize "wtf why does that old Lexus look exactly like a C-class?" A Lexus is just a Toyota with leather anyways (despite that Toyota is a good company and make great 4 cylinders" But in reality for you Lexus drivers you got a "L" on your Toyota ahaha.


So what do you guys think? Life is too short to drive boring cars. I am very keen to know your opinion.


///M power for life!!!

Edited by Big_Boy_Bmw760Li
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You had me convinced from the first line (cause I didn't read the rest anyway..I think I didn't even read the first line) anyways..agreed!

Edited by HankyPankyFan
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Some simply prefer the culture of Japanese cars I guess...


That said, I'd rather have a big kid car.

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Can your adder do that?

Jdm cars are not boring

Also is usjdm that's in the us

Jdm is in japan

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...Says the one with a 7 series as their avatar.

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This has nothing to do with GTA Online.

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