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Hennessy International Tactical Services Inc. (HITS) Recruiting


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Come and Join your new Global Family!

If you would like to actively recruit members, create crew emblems, recreate the HITS website, any administration/growing of the crew there is plenty of room at the higher levels for you.

HITS Mission Statement:

To provide a highly professional and effective military service to illegitimate individuals around the globe.

To provide the most professional service packages globally , covering aspects related to sea, air, and land warfare.

To provide a total apolitical service based on confidentiality, professionalism, and results.

HITS has scheduled playlist, mission and free mode meetups.

HITS dominates all aspects of bounties in free mode vs. randoms including protecting or neutralizing targets.

(Always Protect HITS Member, Never collect bounty on HITS member)

HITS offers protection for robberies of Stationary or Mobile targets in free mode for randoms.

HITS offers protection of any asset.

HITS offers acquisition and re-acquisition of vehicles.

HITS splits earnings equally between all members involved, highest ranking member always collects $.

HITS can eradicate and or neutralize any asset and or target.

HITS provides any contract services to any crew or individual.

(payment may be received via vehicles and weapons etc.)

If you would like to actively recruit members, create crew emblems, recreate the HITS website, any administration/growing of the crew there is plenty of room at the higher levels for you.

All crew decision making will be via majority rules vote between the Lieutenants, Commissioners and the Leader .


Read more: http://hits.iclanwebsites.com


Edited by van2020
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