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If there was another GTA exclusive to nintendo consoles.


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What would be your ideas for if another GTA came exclusively to nintendo consoles? My ideas would be the game would come on Wii U. The setting would be Liberty City, even though this was the setting for GTA Chinatown Wars, it would be awesome seeing the city on the Wii U in 3D, in 1080p HD. The weapons would include the 9mm, knife, minigun, RPG-7, flamethrower, MP5, Uzi, M4, AK-47, chainsaw, katana, bat, night stick, silenced 9mm, SPAS-12, M60, and the fire axe. Hopefully it would bring back the gore from GTA III and VC where you can shoot off limbs and heads and cut them off too. Some vehicles that would apear would be the hunter, maverick, banshee, infernus, jet ski, sanchez, PCJ-600, and submarines. The radio stations would include an oldschool and newschool hip hop station, another hip hop station that is sorta like Wildstyle from VC and Fresh 105 from VCS, a pop, rock, R&B, reggae, and reggaeton station, etc. Since GTA V brought over the gangs from the 3D universe of Los Santos, why not bring the 3D universe gangs of Liberty City. They could bring back the Diablos, Triads, Yardies, Yakuza, Southside Hoods, etc. The story could revolve around a gang member who is a member of the diablos and they are rivals with the yardies and the plot would go off from there. As for updating liberty city rockstar could add a new island based off of Staten Island, and add a few minor things around Liberty City. Features that would be awesome to have would be the gang wars from San Andreas, the rampages (atleast 25 of them), adrenaline pick ups, drug deals, more vigilante missions, more sports and activities to do, and more accessible interiors. Those are my ideas, what are yours?

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GTA CW is already in LC , so the next one should be VC or SA


I've always liked the drugstuff in CW , that definetly has to come back then.

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I'd want it to be set in an altogether new fictional city, like GTA 2 was. They could do a lot with that. Setting it in the same city as IV was kinda cool because you could go check out the same locations in IV and see the differences, but it also felt like "LIberty City lite." :(


Actually a reinvented GTA 2 for one of the DS systems would be really awesome. They'd keep the same gangs, keep the basic reputation system (and maybe the drug trade could factor into that as well), keep the city kinda the same, and update the tracks on the radio stations to songs that would work well on handheld speakers.

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There are some GTA Games for Nintendo, GTA Advance being GBA-Exclusive, and GBA is a Nintendo console. Yea, I would like one, and there might be a possibility to see one in a good day. Well, I would like to see the plot in Los Santos and a bit of Blaine County, just like Chinatown Wars having only Broker, Dukes and Algonquin. Maybe some GTA IV and V vehicles, and some new ones. Some weapons from GTA V and some new ones. Radios should be all new. About the story: IDK yet.

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I would give anything to get to play Chinatown Wars on the old Vice City. (Or maybe a new version). I just want to trade drugs behind Ocean View Hotel. After that I'd attacking Military base (Was it Fort Baxter?) with a flamethrower, and steal a tank.


Purchasing cars from Sunshine Autos, Maybe even buying some "Ice Cream" to sell. (A seventh drug)

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