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Logos for backyard wrestling events

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It's me again with requests of logos for our three upcoming backyard wrestling events and our promotion in general.


First off, we are looking for a new logo for our promotion. It should just include the letters TWE in some cool font and cool texture. The color should be white, so you can easily fit it into the logos of the events as well.


Then the events, first, a logo for Elevation. All I have in mind is that the theme color is blue-ish, and it should include an arrow pointing upwards since the name. If you want to add some texture to the text, something like clouds or stuff would work perfectly. Include the TWE logo somehow as well.


Then, Day of Destiny 3. Include the TWE logo. The event's theme color is green. If possible, use the font BIRTH OF A HERO for the text. You are free to add some cool texture into the text.


And last but not least, our biggest event so far: Trampmania 4. I have imagined it to look like this;


Of course, with the Trampmania 4 text and including the TWE logo. If you can't do it in the manner of the picture shown above, you are free to do something epic since it's our biggest and best event.


Since the first of these events takes place on August 29, I need the logos a few days before that day so there's no rush for either me while editing or you while making the logos. Thank you so much. I will be doing more of these requests after the Trampmania event when we know more about future events.

Edited by Notna

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Bump, but with an update. You don't have to the logo for Elevation, as we ditched that event.

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