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EFLC error after installing a mod.


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I recently installed the mod. GTA IV San Andreas in the EFLC version, I know many guys will tell me to post this topic in GTA IV: SA's forum, thing is that it's quite abandoned.

That's why I ask here, after installing it and deleting it because it didn't work, I tried to play TBoGT or TLaD, and this message popped up:

The downloadable content required for this autoload is not available. Press [Enter] to start a new game in GTA: Episodes from Liberty City"

The thing is that after I press Enter, the GTA IV load screen appears instead of EFLC load screen, and then a black screen with the message Load failed. Starting a new game... appears.

After this my game crashes.


I've deleted the savegames from LocalApp data, I've deleted Settings, I've deleted the savegames from Documents and nothing happened.

Something that got me surprised is that when I enter in the folder "Config" in the main directory of EFLC I find an application called "EFLC_CONFIG.exe", if I press it I got this installation:



(I write the link because I don't know how to use spoilers, maybe you can recognize this application)


It reads:

Exit directory: C:/Program Files/GTA IV San Andreas/EFLC

Delete file: C:/Users/PC/AppData/Local/Rockstar Games/GTA IV/Settings/SETTI...

Exit directory: C:/Program Files/GTA IV San Andreas/EFLC

Extract: EFLCGDF.dll... 100%

Extract: GameuxInstallHelper.dll... 100%

Exit directory: C:/Users/PC/AppData/Local/Temp/nsv2F10.tmp

Exit directory:



As you can see, it has something to do with GTA IV: San Andreas, I'm thinking that somehow the game thinks that EFLC's files are in GTA IV: San Andreas, which is now deleted.

Do you guys have any idea of what should I do? I did not change anything in EFLC main folder, so I'm quite confused.


P.S.: GTA IV works absolutely fine, the problem is with EFLC.

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What are your PC Specifications? Is it a legitimate copy of GTA EFLC you have? Where did you get it from?

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My PC can run the game, I mean, I've been playing it since 2013, after I installed the mod. it couldn't load the "downloadable content", maybe my game thinks that the files are in GTA IV: San Andreas folder or something, could it be?

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Did you try uninstalling the game, cleaning its registry files and the reinstalling again while Running as Administrator? Hope this helps. :^:

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I could solve it uninstalling and reinstalling EFLC again, with the update

It works absolutely perfect.

Freaking yeah, I am back in Liberty, babies!


By the way, KBG, thanks for being the only one answering this topic.

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