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[Car Club] DumpedClutchCrew Now Recruiting! GTA's Most Unique


Recommended Posts


Hello! Thanks for viewing our post!

Look for the ‘Why Join?’ Sub-Section to see what the DumpedClutchCrew has to offer.

Look for the ‘Requirements’ Sub-Section to see what is needed by you to get accepted to DumpedClutch.

Look for the ‘Contact’ Sub-Section to contact one of our Lieutenants or Commissioners for more information on joining DumpedClutch.


Why Join the DumpedClutch Family?

· Are you not tired of showing up to meets just to get your car blown up by some douchebag?

· Are you not tired of showing up to meets where the ‘leaders’ haven’t a first idea of how to host an organized and disciplined crew?

· Are you not tired of being in a crew that does the same exact thing over…and over again?

· Are you not tired of being in a crew where all the members want to show up in are neon Adders and Zentornos?


We COMPLETELY understand! This is why we have gone great lengths to provide a fun, yet disciplined and mature FAMILY of members that know how to have fun in an organized fashion. We are also sure to have meets EVERDAY OF THE WEEK starting at around 5:30-6:00pm EST


We have made this crew HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE to be sure that your average troll doesn’t come and terrorize the crew. We host CREW ONLY meets to make sure that our members don’t invite people that have not been ok’d by our lieutenants/commissioners (although you can ALWAYS recommend new members)


Our crew is also one of the few CAR CLUBS to host both ROLEPLAY and MINIGAME EVENTS. These minigames range from some of our Cops n’ Crooks Variants to Protect the President and Capture the Car. All of our minigames are car-related to be sure that we satisfy your ‘Gearheadedness’ along with your inner thirst for some Classic GTA Action. We ALWAYS are creating NEW IDEAS for minigames, and they all take place in free-roam sessions. Roleplay events take place as their own meets.


Our average meet consists of 4 Stages. The last stage is ALWAYS sure to be a fun event: 1st-The Meet-Up, 2nd-The Cruise/Street Racing, 3rd-Drag Racing, Drifting, or Off-Roading, 4th-Minigame


If you ever feel out-of-touch with the crew, you can always check in and speak with one of our Lieutenants/Commissioners on our Twitter Page and Crew Website Forums as well as send us an email or talk to us on Xbox (All links will be provided upon being accepted in to the crew)


Last off, we are ALWAYS RECORDING for our personal study to see how we can improve our meets. If the meet goes without trouble, we will post it on our Crew YouTube Channel.


Good Luck!


Requirements for Joining the DumpedClutch Family

· Any Level! Don’t worry about being too low, as long as you’ve at least got ONE CAR!

· As we’ve said, we’re highly exclusive, so if you’re here just to be rebellious and grief the meets, there’s always someone HAPPY to take your place (So DON’T GRIEF)

· Show some respect to the people who have taken the time to setup these meets. It’s NOT EASY so PAY ATTENTION and OBEY THE RULES/ORDERS GIVEN TO YOU.


Contact Us To Join!

Post a comment bellow! Make sure you leave your Xbox Gamertag! We will get back to you ASAP.

Send me a message on Xbox if you like.

My GT: BlackWaterFront (Commissioner)

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Please edit your post to include a link to your crew on the Social Club.

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We witheld all links until acceptance into the crew. We do this to avoid spam from non-crew members. If you would like to join, please send a message to GT: BlackWaterFront

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You'll still need to include a link in your original post. There are no exceptions to this rule.

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