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Do you think new sh*ts will be added in the PC/PS4/X1 Versions?


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From the word sh*t, i meant sh*t like new weapons, new vehicles, new animals (i guess they confirmed it) . Grand Theft Auto V on PC will be my first playthrough of this game, and I just wanted to know that how will it differ from the console versions.

P.S can someone tell me if Nvidia Geforce GT610 Is good enough to play it on pc?

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Possible exclusives for the next-gen and PC release can be discussed here. If you have any questions related to hardware, post them in one of the many existing threads such as Your PC Setup for GTA V.


To answer your question, the GT610 is a very low-end card and far inferior to the now almost seven years old 8800GT. I would definitely think about an upgrade, if I were you.

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