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Project IGI I'm going in (Remake)

Maaz 45

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Project IGI I'm going in (Remake) DYOM Edition


Hi guys in my latest MP called Project IGI I'm going in remake dyom edition.



Jones has to sneak into the toughest military installations in Eastern Europe, and once inside, use his skills in thievery, computer hacking, sabotage, and reconnaissance to stop the madwoman. The enemy's Artificial Intelligence will react to his every action and use military tactics to track his position. In order to counter its surveillance, bunkers, tanks, and gunships, Jones is equipped with NATO spy gear and assault weapons. If the odds get stacked too high against him, he can call in a napalm strike via his Map Computer.


Glock 17 is 9mm

Ak-47 is normal Ak-47

M16A2 is M4

Svd Drangonov is Normal Sniper Rifle

Coming Soon!



SAM Base

More will come soon because i forgot mission names!

NOTE:Keep in mind not all things are copied with original.

Good Luck!

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