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Rebel Yell

Grand Theft Auto: State On The Edge Of Forever

Recommended Posts

Rebel Yell
By The Unholy
  • Tyla: Thanks for Tyla for his appreciable help with the storyline. Also a credit for soundtrack with Bounce FM.


  • Claude4Catalina: I must thank to this talented hood concept writer for supporting me and being a great help with the storyline.

  • Money Over Bullsh*t: Likewise, thanks to Money Over Bullsh*t for helping with the storyline and for his supports.



Welcome to the State Of San Andreas, where has no known of a fate because it may suddenly fall and be lost in the edge of forever of corruption and crime. It is like, someone is heating up this huge put of San Andreas State and mixing it with a big spoon. However, who are the animals who turned San Andreas into a corrupt, American wasteland? Well, probably, the answer is everyone. In this state, there's no white or no black person, everyone is gray. Everybody is looking for using the ugly opportunities they may gain, becuase there is nothing else to do. Cunning crack dealers, bloodthirsty gun smugglers, corrupt law enforcers, money-hungry politicans... they are all gray.

26 years old, African-American youngster, Kaynard "Kane" Brice is a Los Santos based crack dealer who hangs around with a handgun in one pocket and a sample package of crack cocaine in the other one. He had nothing to do, Kane had to choose a life of crime, hitting and running on the streets, taking parts in little armed robberis and eventually he has become a crack dealer under the wings of infamous drug gang 'The Ballas'.

Being a brother figure to all of his homies, Kane must think the goodness of the members of his crew, besides he makes sure that he's alive. Sure, the self-protection is the first rule to stay alive in San Andreas, but being a crew, being a gang, being a family requires thinking someone else.

As both of a friend and a punk to the society, Kane must cope with all the rough gang wars, destructive civil wars, hard playing corrupt law enforcers and all the other tough things streets of San Andreas bring with themselves.





For the full map of San Andreas State, click here.


Los Santos

Known as 'Gang Capital Of The States', Los Santos has been decayed by its high rate of crime, especially gang related crime, in the last decades. During the last decades, there is an appreciable increase in the crime actions throughout the city. The main reason of this increase is Los Santos' infamous street gangs who have reputably become stronger. After the eventual occurence of the crack epidemic, Los Santos has become a junction for drug dealers. Now today, Los Santos is shaken with brutal gang wars between street gangs, especially the most local gangs of the city such as Aztecas, Ballas, Families and Vagos.

Despite being melt with gang related crime, brutal gang wars and high dose of corruption, Los Santos would be a fun place, too. You can take some shots and do 'sweet' dancing moves in Alhambra Club in Idlewood, if you want to unwind by hot sand and refreshing water, Marina Beach would be a good choice. With all bad and the good things, Los Santos is both a paradise and a hell for their visitors.



San Fierro

San Fierro is one of the most controversial cities in the States, because of the both conservative and liberal lifestyle of it. Although seems like quite enough, San Fierro is shaken with excessive amounts of marijuana and cocaine smuggled into the city and it's kind of a reason and a result due to the interesting lifestyle of the city. During the last years, it's implied by SFPD that excessive amounts of crack cocaine is produced and opened to trade in San Fierro but is generally pushed to the other cities of the States, but especially Los Santos, so drug trade, by appearance, seems inactive in the city.

The most known icon of the city is Gant Bridge, a good-looking but capitalist construction just above the sea. Be sure to pay a visit to famous district of the city, Queens if you want to try different sexual tastes. In Chinatown, you can find cheap, average but stalky things, be careful and ever, never piss off the local Triad gang in the area. Of course, smoke the infamous San Fierro marijuana if you visit the city.



Las Venturas

Known as "City Of Sins", Las Venturas is maybe as crook as Los Santos but things are generally covered with legal stuff down here. Maybe that's why it's called "City Of Sins", because sin is a shameful but somehow legal thing. The city makes money mostly on its shiny lifestyle consisting of gambling, shopping, fine dining and nightlife.

Although Las Venturas seems like a "dark-bitter chocolate" utopia, sometimes its dark side can be clearly seen. For example, Cosa Nostra, who have been a major control of most of the casinos, are charged with several murders and pushing drugs, especially cocaine under their legitmate fronts. Another thing is you may get over seriously dangerous adventures until you come to the city, because there are more illegal and brutal hazards waiting for you outside of the city. Crackhead rednecks, mostly racist groups of biker outlaws and more... Be sure that you have at least a handgun in your pocket before thinking of a visit to the city.




Kaynard "Kane" Brice

Kane has spent his whole life in South Los Santos where is generally occupied by dangerous, ambitious and ruthless gangbangers. Probably that's why he chose a criminal lifestyle. Kane has been involved in crime at early ages because of his controversial family (consist of a father who left them when Kane was a very little boy, a crack cocaine addict mother who is now living in Carcer City with her idiotic boyfriend, a deceased baby brother who died five weeks after his born), spoiled friends (who are generally gangbangers, hookers or drug dealers) and his effort to protect himself. His aunt Maude was the only one who wanted the good for him, she raised him up but couldn't stop Kane from being a full-time drug dealer despite her all efforts. Eventually Kane found himself taken part as a small-time crack dealer under the wings of infamous Ballas when he was at the teen times.

Kane managed to climb the ladders of power and reputation because of his ambition and anger to the society and managed to rise the status of the underboss of Front Yard Ballas crew "The Homes". Having put a lot of work for his gang, Kane is respected and appreciated by many and he's generally seen as a clever and a powerful 'brother' figure by the members of his crew.

Columbus "Combo" Burton

Columbus aka Combo is a typical East Los Santos young who has grown up in violence. Well, he's psychopath, sadistic, violent, furious, hot tempered shortly all the sh*ts you can't imagine. However, he has "reasonable" reason for this: a difficult childhood. He often states that his father was not good to him, he was always abusing with drugs and alchocol and beating him and his mother. If someone pushes on him because of his extreme anger, he always hid under his "damn" father. For protecting himself, he confidentially went to boxing lessons where he learnt fighting (with the money he got from washing cars and selling paperbags on the streets). One day, his father was beating his mother as usual, in the end, Combo couldn't stand this and started to deliver sudden punches to his father's face. His mother tried to stop extremely raged Columbus but he didn't stop. It ended with his father being beaten up to death and Columbus going to Correctional Facility Of City Of Los Santos for six years. Thanks to his unpredictable behavior and his extreme rage, Combo managed to spend six years at the jail in peace. After he got released, he was shaken by the news of his mother raped and killed, this made Combo's psychology gone to a worse way and led him to develop the addiction of smoking crack. Young Columbus became a feared name on the South Los Santos because of his extreme rage and his unpredictable behavior and he ended up being a crack dealer for Ballas gang.

Combo rised quickly thanks to the reputation due to his extreme rage, unpredictable behavior and his ambitious lifestyle. He pulled many favours for his gang and eventually he was rewarded with the leadership of Front Yard Ballas' "The Homes" crew. He's both respected and feared by his men presumably due to his unstable psychologic state. Combo would seem like a fat sack of potato but he's strong and fast as hell.

Nathan "Nate" Jackson

Actually Nathan has always been a decent guy with bright ambitions but he couldn't have the advantages to make them real. Nathan was a skilled boy at basketball, it was hardly seen that he was beaten in a ball game and that kid was totally ambitios about this skill of him, wanted to be a big shot basketball player. However, he hadn't the necessary advantages and he had to grow up in a violent gangster culture which eventually led him to be a weed and crack dealer. Nate states that his mother was an useless crack addict meanwhile his father died in a bar fight. Seems like things were not well enough for him to be a basketball player. Although Nathan knows he has lost in the life, he still wants to reach his dream but he knows that it's impossible.

Now Nate runs with Front Yard Ballas' "The Homes" crew and is a member who's highly appreciated by the other members, although he lacks the tough, violent side of a criminal. Nate, maybe, is the most mature man in his crew; he always tries to do what is sensible. He acts calm but also he acts logically, presumably that's why he is liked by many so much.

Henry "Smut" Badger

There's not much specific information about Smut's past. It's know that he started to produce and deal weed and crack on the streets when he was at the high school. He often states that most of the kids in his neighbourhood, generally described him as "creepy and weird".

Smut's a member of "The Homes" crew but he generally keeps himself to himself and is busy with running his own "enterprises" where he is in non-stop production of weed and crack cocaine. Smut is kind of anti-social, he goes outside on rare occasions and he's generally inactive in gang matters but interestingly bond to both Nate and Kane.

Sean Troy "Suge" Tucker

Sean's type of a worker every boss would like to have. He's sharp, calculative, smart and violent, dangerous when necessary. Suge is one of the top lieutenants in Ballas' Front Yard set, running the muscle side of the business. It surely can be said he's a feared and a reputable guy. When he walks down the street, everybody would get out of his way. More importantly, Suge's a boss that is both respected and taken as a idol by his employees. Also, Suge's a real street wise; he is willing to help any new blood if they have potential. Although, Suge's wise yet a feared man, it seems like he's really dominated by Ballas underboss West, feeling it compulsory to keep him in touch. However, presumaby it seems like it's of the painy side of the hierarchy system.

Nathan "Nay Nay" Wright

Nay Nay can be considered as a sterotypical gangster who lives "fast and dangerous" but actually this is caused by his negligent and relatively idiotic lifestyle. Nay Nay runs with Front Yard Ballas' "The Homes" crew which is undeniably big force down Sout Los Santos but Nay Nay is an ambitious guy and he wants to chase bigger things. Yet, Nay Nay seems to have a cloudy judgement, he chases eveything that worths money without questioning.
Despite being a member of "The Homes" crew, Nay Nay rarely spends time with his crew, almost always hangs out at shiny nighclubs, especially Alhambra. Besides weed and crack addiction, Nay Nay has a special love for dust cocaine and that is even bigger than his obsession with weed and crack.

Benny "Bulleye" Manson

Benny, with his street name Bulleye, is one of the top Front Yard Balla lieutenants, running the narcotics side of the business. Bulleye is still an ambitious man as much as he was when he was raw, probably that's the reason why Benny got his street name: an endless sense of ambition and competition. Bulleye can be considered as a good idol to the small-times, except for the unnecessary amount of extreme violence. Bulleye is a clever man but generally he is defeated by the violent nature of him. When he acts like a man with brains, things generally end up in much more worse ways. Bulleye operates out of Alhambra Club, a popular club in Idlewood, so he's able to get his product out of the hand easily.

Omar Curtis "West" Simmons

West can be considered as the underboss who is actually the leader with his sharp, wise, intelligent, shrewd mind. West looks after the Ballas gang in a relationship of mutual responsibility with his lifelong friend Christopher Benjamin "Big Ben" Brown. However, the thing is West depicts intelligent side meanwhile Big Ben depicts the intimidating, raged and violent side. West is a true follower of pragmatism philosophy, he generally shows it in his dialogues and keeps a huge collection of John Dewey's books in his library. West can be seemed as a man with no brains and no balls but actually West is a wise man and does whatever it takes to carry out his thoughts. With his gear-working brain and cold, ruthless nature, West is a highly feared and respected man on the streets.

Frank Tenpenny

Tenpenny is the head of LSPD's infamous (or notorious maybe) C.R.A.S.H team. Well, it can not be said for sure if Tenpenny is a good or a bad cop. As an apology to his crook actions, Tenpenny states it's his different philosophy to clean up the streets; dealing with gangsters, sometimes let the good guys die, let the bad guys run. It's all Tenpenny's weird philosophy to fight with crime according to him. So, in this city of a big mess, we can not sure if Tenpenny plays dirty or saint. Tenpenny is always in need of unlikely friendships that may provide him some worthy opportunities.

Eddie Pulaski

Pulaski is the forever sidekick of C.R.A.S.H leader Frank Tenpenny and acts as the second man of the team. Pulaski clearly fetches the freaking philosophy of Tenpenny, classifying dealing with gangsters, pocketing drug money as a definite way to fight with the crime. Pulaski does not seem to be as wise as Tenpenny, because whatever the situation is Eddie becomes the one who blindly follows Tenpenny.

Sakis "Zeus" Papadakis

Zeus is responsible for the management of a crew of Greek drug dealer who recently settled in Los Santos. He has the responsibility of a leader but it's arguable that how much he carries this responsibility. Zeus's completely a incapable leader, he generally puts him and people near him into trouble and yes, he has almost no weightiness on the streets, showing no sense of intelligent or violence. Actually what makes him important is his bosses from Russian Mafia, who are looking for business oppurtinities in Los Santos. So Zeus gets in contact with almost all of the drug gangs in Los Santos to complete his task. During this business adventure of him, Zeus meets with both entertaining and painy life in Los Santos.

Also Zeus is notably steroid junkie, likes to be pumped but prefers to be obsessed with steroid than making some real gym piece of work.

David P. Collins

A Caucasian dust cocaine dealer, known for his attracting charisma besides high-quality product. It seems like crime means "fun and action" for Collins, because it appears like that he likes to trade drugs in nightclubs and yet he can't stop keeping his head above the water because of the violent life that comes along with becoming a drug dealer. Although David is a successful and a charistmatic businessman on the streets, he's too much egoistic and selfish, that's his fragile point.


Being in the game since 1970s, Ballas is one of the oldest gangs in the Los Santos neighbourhood, having an interesting, modern philosophy that works well: "Stick loyal to the homies, be unfair to the others.". With this strategy, Ballas seem to have become a great power in Los Santos, especially in the South Central Los Santos. Unlike their sworn enemies, The Families, Ballas seem to be prone to change their principles depending on the conditions of the situation or the time. Ballas works a "push drugs and separate" policy on The Families, which has shaken hard The Families and caused it to be separated in different, hostile sets. Even some OGs started to use and sell yay on their main hood, Grove Street.

Ballas develop hostile manners towards the Latin gangs of the city, such as Aztecas and Vagos but these rivalries are not as fierce as the one with Families.

Ballas' main revenue comes from dealing drugs, especially weed and crack cocaine. Also they are though to be extremely violent because they take part in several arms deals and petty but fierce crimes, such armed robberies which mostly mean hittin up liqueur shops in the hood.

Ballas, appreciably have become a great power in Los Santos criminal underworld, especially in the late 80's, after putting their sworn enemies Families hard. They're though to be the main source of the crack cocaine being pushed around the city and have been running several crack dens which they use to produce their own products. Further, their leadership crew is alleged to be have their thumb on the political issues of the city.

Ballas act as separate different three sets and they're acting free in their own internal issues but all are strongly allied when it comes to a common danger. Front Yard Ballas, settled in Idlewood, are the strongest and the most dominant and most active. Apart from Kilo Tray Ballas, settled in Glen Park, the other sets are supplied by the Front Yard set. Kilo Tray Ballas, settled in Glen Park and Jefferson, generally act inactively, mostly into producing crack in their main crack den near Glen Park and distributing in their respective hood of Glen Park. The other set, Rollin' Heights Ballas are settled mostly in East Central Los Santos but they also run the neighbourhood of Willowfield. This set is allegedly thought to be having disputes with another East Los Santos local gang, Vagos sometimes.



Ballas wear color purple, from which they can be easily recognizable.



Families is one of the oldest gangs in the Los Santos region. Families was a reputable gang back in the gang, posed fear on the streets of Los Santos until the crack epidemic hits the city hard in the mid and late 80's. With most of the gangs in the city entering and mastered in the crack trade, Families entered into a "downfall" process because of their leader Sean "Sweet" Johnson's strict principle against the drug trade, but especially hard drugs like crack cocaine. Now the ties between Families sets are alleged to be not tights as they were, and presumed to be dissolving due to the downfall of the gang because the main set, Grove Street Families' approach on drugs.

Although the gang is not in the drug game, Families is thought to be extremely violent because of their connection with many gun running operations, murders, gangbangings, armed robberies, burglaries and thefts taking place in Los Santos, but especially in the South Central Los Santos.

Families acts as three different sets, with Grove Street Families being in the top of the hierarchy, the head and founding set. However, it's thought that the ties between three sets are intense, the supporting sets Seville Boulevard Families and Temple Drive Families apparently want to cut their all ties with Grove set.

Families wear color green, from which they can be easily recognized.





Like Families and Ballas, Vagos is one of the oldest gangs in Los Santos region, also it's presumed to be the largest hispanic gang in Los Santos. They are a large Mexican street gang that is heavily into dust cocaine trade which is supplied to them by their connections from Mexican Cartel. With Mexican Cartel on their side, Vagos have managed to be a dominant power in whole Los Santos, but especially in East Los Santos.

Vagos apparently have issues with all other ancient street gangs of Los Santos; Aztecas, Ballas and Families but they seem to be fierce only with Aztecas. The reason for the wat between two gangs is thought to be Vagos trying to take over their territory and pushing them to drugs which Aztecas have been traditionally opposed to.

Unlike Ballas and Families, Vagos don't seem to use "set system". It's probably due to they're mostly centered in East Los Santos region. Vagos answers eventually to only one person, their top man, their leader. Although, the leader is the only man in the charge, lieutenants act as supervisors for him and the members must answer to the lieutenants due to the hierarchy system.

Vagos wear color yellow, from which they can be easily recognized.





Aztecas, unlike Families, Ballas and Vagos, are a bit newer street gang in Los Santos, but it can be classified as "old-school". Like Families, Aztecas expressed a policy against drug dealing, especially crack cocaine because for them, it would damage the spirit of the hood. Although they're not dealing drugs, Aztecas are a bunch of Latin gangsters known for violent behaviors; they're extremely violent and dangerous against the other gangs.

Unlike Ballas and Families, Aztecas didn't separate their gang into sets, because they have little amount of hood. Though, they are excessive gang power at the south-western South Los Santos but they seem like to isolate themselver from other gangs, they like being close to them.

Vagos and Aztecas, two most notorious hispanic street gangs in Los Santos, have a special hatred towards each other, always into an endless competition. The reason is unknown but it's believed to be Vagos trying to expand down Aztecas territory and pushing drugs there.

Aztecas wear color turqoise, from which they can be easily recognized.


Dominican Cartel

Dominican Cartel is a small population of hispanic drug dealers, yet they're extremenly powerful. Dominican Cartel has been in the drug game for years, especially heavily on dealing dust cocaine and PCP but now they're seeking the opportunities of expanding down to crack business which worths like 24-carat gold these days. Dominican Cartel is an extremely violent, dangerous and feared name thanks to their leader Viktor Perez who is defined as a violent, dangerous maniac who deals drugs hard.

Dominicans are generally centered in Jefferson, they're thought to operate from a electrical repair shop there, possibly producing dust cocaine and PCP there, then distributed to the streets from Los Santos.



There is no specific color Dominicans wear but navy is color they mostly put on.


Greek Gang

Actually, not wide as a gang, Greeks are a crew of drug dealers who work for Russians and seek new opportunities for them. They're thought to be a big LSD supplier, yet they're willing to make cooperations with other gangs, because they want to expand their interests (moving into trade of the drugs such as crack cocaine, crystal meth etc.) for their Russian bosses and for theirselves. Also they're thought to have connections with several burglars from South Central Los Santos.



Cobra MC

Cobra Motorcycle Club is a motorcycle club formed by a bunch of Vietnam War veterans, in the woods of Los Santos. Their main revenue is pushing crystal methamphetamine, which they cook on their own, on the streets. Although based in the countryside Los Santos, Cobra MC have a territory in Northern Los Santos but they are not common operation there. Also, Cobra MC is charged with numbers of murder, rape cases that took place in Los Santos countryside. Also, they extremely rally white supremacist/racist policy, they avoid doing business with whom are non-white and they express hostile behaviors towards the whites who do business with non-whites, claiming that whites who do business with other races are betraying their race.

Edited by TheUnholy

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Rebel Yell








Part 1: The Cracks

Kane and Combo carry out a crack deal with some Dominican Cartel members, but it doesn't go as planned.

Click here...

Part 2: The Melting Pot

Front Yard Ballas lieutenant Suge pays "The Homes" crew a visit and gives Combo a warning due to the busted drug deal. Combo, thinking that Kane has told him off, gets into an argumentation with Kane and later leaves for Pig Pen to get over his stress. Later, a fellow crew member Nate offers Kane to join him during a lunch with Smut, another "The Homes" crew member who runs his own drug den. Eventually, Kane and Nate find themselves helping Smut with his daily errands.

Click here...

Part 3: Turning Down The Heat

Kane helps Smut sort out that police problem of his.

Click here...

Part 4: The Compensation

Kane, Combo, Suge and West sit down with the Dominicans in order to straighten things up with them, but it's up to Kane and Combo to bring the peace by collecting the deceased Dominican lieutenant's blood money.

Click here...

Part 5: Cold Blood

Kane and Nate go to a crackhead in Nate's neighborhood to sell him some rock. Combo kidnaps and tortures a beat cop in order to squeeze something about the busted deal from him.

Click here...

Part 6: The Edge Of Forever

After a beat cop is reported missing in Idlewood, "The Homes" crew is paid a visit by Officer Tenpenny and his fellow police officer Pulaski of infamous C.R.A.S.H. Combo visits a small-time criminal in the neighborhood, hoping to get some information about the busted drug deal.

Click here...

Part 7: Curtain Call

Combo goes to check on some wild, drughead gypsies resided in an abandoned, wrecked warehouse in Willowfield to learn something about the busted drug deal. Kane and his homies must save Combo from a possible deadly situation.

Click here...

Part 8: Blowfish

Combo is holed up at JD's basement clinic due to the gunshot wounds he got during the setup. Kane, who has earned much respect after chopping Bender's arm and made him bleed to death, has got increasing demand for his product and gets the opportunity of working for Bulleye, a high class Front Yard Balla drug lieutenant.

Click here...

Part 9: Silent Predators

Combo escapes from the hospital. Kane gives him sort of an effective speech stating that he's not normal. So eventually, Combo ends up signing up for a two-weeks anger management course. Later, on the order of Bulleye, Kane and Gabe got to meet with some recently cited Greek drug dealers who are desperate to expand down Los Santos.

Click here...

Part 10: Sugarboy

On the orders of Bulleye, Kane must spend time with Zeus. Suddenly, Combo shows out of the blue and they all together go to a coke deal with Vagos.

Click here...

Part 11: Dead Freight

Kane, Combo and Gabe do a team work to rob a cargo train in order to get their hands on a big payload of dirty drug money.

Click here...

Part 12: Consequences

After the last unfortunate disaster, Combo is demoted and given the control of "Entourage", a small crew of beginner Balla corner kids. West makes Kane an offer, which is inrefutable yet rough.

Click here...

Part 13: Leashing The Dogs

West requests one last thing from Kane before they all can celebrate his promotion.

Click here...

Part 14: Three Players

Kane helps Nay Nay and his dust cocaine dealer buddy, David P. Collins run a "fresh off the boat" coke shipment.

Click here...

Part 15: Tough Love

Kane engages in a plan of Bulleye's which includes hitting up a Grove Street families facility and stealing a huge payroll of guns from them.

Click here...

Part 16: Saints of Los Santos

Combo is taken down in a police sting after sent to pick up a special package with Kane. Put in an inextricable situation, Kane receives a hopeful offer from Officer Tenpenny.

Click here...




Edited by TheUnholy

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Rebel Yell





Coming later...





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Rebel Yell


Unlike in other III Era games, the cellphones are available to use in any ways in "State On The Edge Of Forever". The cellphones are the most essential devices that provides communication in the game. As the storyline progresses and Kane meets new contacts, his contacts will be added to his cellphone. Also, after completing tasks, Kane is sometimes required to communicate his obvious contact via the cellphone. Also, the cellphones can be customized but it just enables Kane to change ringtone.



Like cellphones, pagers are another important form of communication in the game. Sometimes, Kane's contacts might want to keep it short, so instead of calling him, the contacts may send little messages to Kane's pager.


'Wanted' System

"State On The Edge Of Forever" enables a more developed 'wanted' system when compared to other III Era games. It brings a similar 'wanted' system to GTA IV's. If Kane gains a wanted level, the cops in the nearby area will be shown with dark blue dots in the map and Search Radius, a circuit that shows the cops' patrol view, will be coloured with sky blue color.

To lose 'wanted' level, there are several ways. Classically, Kane cat get his vehicle painted in a Pay N' Spray shop. However, Kane must not to be seen entering the spray shop by cops otherwise the shop will refuse to paint his vehicle. After getting his vehicle painted, the stars that indicated wanted level will start to blink, if he commits a crime again before the stars are completely gone, he will regain the wanted level. As an alternative, Kane could ditch the car the police has spooked and get another transportation. As long as they do not see Kane getting in another vehicle, the cops will give up seeking Kane. Or simply, Kane would change his clothes, so cops may not recognize him with new clothes. As another alternative, some interiors would work to lose the cops as far as Kane doesn't bring cops with himself or seen entering the building.

Wanted Levels

Coming later...

Taking Hostages

Taking hostages is a new addition to the gameplay. Simply, Kane covers a NPC by the throat and holds him/her in the gunpoint. Also while taking hostages, the police and pedestrians will move back and halt, could be useful while having wanted level, Kane may fend off cops by taking hostages.


Bribery feature comes back from III Era games, but more differently. When being pinched or being held in gunpoint by cops, Kane will have the choice of bribe the cop besides surrending and running away. However, this will only work for one star and two stars wanted levels. The police may not accept taking bribe, this will eventually make Kane's way to the prison. Also, if Kane gets busted, he may get his guns back by bribing the police as well. Likewise, the police may not accept taking bribe. If things happen this way, unfortunately Kane gets arrested again.


Taking Cover

Unlike the other III Era games, "State On The Edge Of Forever" features 'taking cover' system. During a firefight, you can simply take cover behind some obvious objects such as walls, pillars, boxes, barrels etc. Taking cover reduces the risk of getting shot and could give a great hand to the player during firefights.




  • Smut's Drug Compound

After Kane helps Smut take out some bent cops who threaten him about his weed/crack manufacturing operation, Smut lets Kane use his drug compound anytime he wants (Chapter I Part 3 "Turning Down The Heat"). By coming Smut's drug den in Ganton, Kane can grow his own weed and cook his own crack.

To grow weed, Kane must go to the big balcony of the compound where a number of plant pots are located. Later, Kane will dig weed buds into pots and wait twelve hours for each pot of weed to grow up. However, if the player is too late to harvest the plants, they will die.

Kane has to go to the compound's kitchen in order to cook crack. Producing one batch of crack will take six hours. Furthermore, unlike weed, crack has no danger of rotting, the player can feel free to take his product anytime he wants.The advantage of Smut's drug den is that manufacturing your drugs (only weed and crack, of course) is much more cheaper than buying them from dealers.

  • Drug Dealing

In Chapter I Part 4 "The Compensation", Kane and Combo are ordered to pay the blood money of the Dominican Mob member Combo shot and killed during the busted drug deal in Chapter I Part 1 "The Cracks", and Combo comes up with the idea of selling the weed he has been stashing in his house for a long time. So they split the weed and sell it for fast money.

After this introduction of drug dealing, you can deal drugs anytime you want and it's a good way to make money. There are several drugs that the player can deal: Weed, Pill, Crack, Ecstasy, Meth, LSD, PCP, Heroin and Coke.

Besides dealing with neutral drug dealers, there are gang deales who deal on certain drug types and they're shown with their own colours.

Ballas - Buy PCP, Sell Weed and Crack
Vagos - Buy Crack, Sell Coke
Dominican Mob - Buys Crack, Sell PCP and Coke
Greek Gang - Buys Crack, Sells LSD and Pill
Cobra MC - Sells Meth, Buys Heroin
Rifa - Buys Crack and Acid, Sells Coke, Crack and Ecstasy
Triads - Sell Heroin, Buy Coke
Da Nang Boys - Buys Ecstasy and Heroin, Sells LSD
Mafia - Buys Coke and Pill, Sell Heroin and Ecstasy

There are two ways the player can deal drugs. The first way is picking up a spot and waiting for customers to buy your drugs. When picking up a spot, Kane will strike a unique pose, he will cross his hands at the waist level. Presuming that you're a drug dealer, sometimes people will come to you and says that they need dope. However, the player can whistle pedestarians passing around, dialogues that will advertise them his drugs. This dialogues may get the player more drug deals.

Another thing is that there are things that can go wrong during a drug deal. The player should be conscious about them.

1. The deal may get busted. In this case, the player will gain two-stars wanted level and is required to lose it. If the player gets busted, he will strip off all drugs he carries.

2. The dealer may fool the player. There are sneak, cunning dealers who are looking for ways to rip off the other dealers, this also include tricking the dealers with fake product (such as using sugar for coke, peppermint for weed or drywalling) or fake money. If you come across to a similar situation, you can beat the drug dealer until he gives your money, or simply kill him and take his money.

3. The buyer might be undercover. This is a bit different. Sometimes, the undercover may be alone, but sometimes he would have come up with backup. You can fight your way on the police, or simply slip away.

4. The deal can be a stick-up. There are lots of smart-ass dealer on the streets who can rob the dealer for free product and money. You can show them a lesson, by wiping them out of course, or escape the stick-up.

Also there is sort of a "Karma system" for State On The Edge Of Forever's drug dealing feature. It means that every action you do while dealing drugs affects your place in drug dealing underworld. For example, if you kill a few dealers in brutal, or show some stealing b*tches a lesson, the dealers will respect you, they will scare of robbing you. However, if you kill too much dealers and perform too much stick-ups, the other dealers may avoid doing business with you. Likewise, if you let the other dealers rip you off too much, this may other dealers wanting to rob you out your belongings.

The drug dealing mini-game comes up with a holdall that can contain 50 dimebags of drugs in total, and also a stashbox (a big wooden box that reads "Fragile!") which can be found at every safehouse of Kane and can contain 100 dimebags of drugs in total. Like holdall, stashboxes play important role during drug dealing mini-games because if player get busted while carrying drugs, he will be stripped off all the drugs he carries, so stashing drugs in your safehouses will keep your drugs safe and comforted.




  • Marty's Vehicle Thefts

In Chapter I Part 4 "The Compensation", Kane and Combo must collect the blood money of the Dominican lieutenant Combo shot and killed during the busted deal in Chapter I Part 1 "The Cracks". Kane and Combo push a big bagload of weed on the streets but they only can get the half of the blood money. So in order to get the another one, Kane and Combo seek the help of an old friend named Marty, who works as a lackey of a chop shop owner. Marty tells them to go boost a custom gold-red Blista Compact from some hipsters that hang out at Santa Maria Beach. Eventually, Kane and Combo manage to pull the job, which impresses Marty and makes him willing to give them some work.

From upon, Marty's vehicle thefts side mission is unlocked. If you want to boost vehicles for Marty, you must contact him via. the cellphone. Marty will give you info about the vehicle his boss wants, and you will be tasked with boosting it. However remeber, the less you give damage to the car, the more payment you will take. There will be ten vehicle thefts for Marty in total. It may come with a random order.

1. Marty wants Kane to steal a dark green Stallion. It is parked in front of Crystal Gardens housing projects. The owner of the car will be contending with motor hood. Just get in the car and drive the Stallion to Marty's lockup.

2. Marty tells about a maroon Manana waiting in a backalley in Jefferson. Once you get in the car, three thugs, one of them is armed with a Pistol, the other two are armed with baseball bats, will attack you. You can simply drive away or beat them up. Later, deliver the car to Marty's garage.

3. Marty says that his boss has his eyes on a teal coloured Washington owned by a big-shot lawyer, for a long time. The lawyer's office is in Downtown Los Santos and the car will be parked in front of the building. Howeveri when the player gets in the car, the lawyer will realize that his car is being stolen, so he will tell police on him. So now, the main objective is losing the cops and get the car to Marty's chop shop.

4. Marty talks about a drug stashed skyblue Stinger with a white stripe on it, at the cargo section of Los Santos airport. His boss has got the word that there is a good payload of ecstasy stashed in the car. However, when you go to the airport, you will find the car surveillanced by the police. Find a way to jack the Stinger (such as having a hot firefight with the police), lose your wanted level and take the car to Marty's garage.

5. Marty now wants a pink Pony that carries stolen TVs around the East Los Santos area. When you attempt to do something to the car, two men with Pistols come out and try to kill you. Get rid of the men and take the Pony to Marty's garage.

6. Marty says that there's a dark blue Cheetah parked at the docks. Your objective is boosting the car. The car will be unattended but when you enter the car, the alarm will go off, which will get the attention of dock workers but they won't be interested too much. Since there's an alarm sounding in the car, you just gotta be careful, don't pass by the cops. Just try to get the Cheetah to Marty's garage in good condition.

7. Marty talks about a red unique PCJ-600. It will be in Los Flores, however taking it will be much of a deal, because it's occupied by a couple of Los Santos Vagos. If Vagos realize you, one of the gang members will ride off with the bike, meanwhile the others burst fire on you. Just focus on the bike and don't let it get away. When you manage to jack the bike, get it to Marty's garage.

8. Marty says that now his boss wants a unique gray Sabre GT with a navy stripe on it. The car will be racing on East Beach, moving to the countryside. As the car is on a race, there will be no stopping it. So you must find a way to jack the car with less damage, and deliver it to the garage.

9. Marty states that an A-List actor owns a pretty pure black Comet that will surely worth to steal. The car is stashed in front of his mountain house in Mulholland. The place will be crawling with the security guards, but they won't let anybody enter. So you must find a way to enter and take the car. However, the guards will be a big deal. You must avoid them and get the car to Marty's garage.

10. Marty talks about a unique orange Savanna owned by a couple of Varrios Los Aztecas gangbangers. The car is parked at Unity Station where Varrios frequently organize low-rider challenges. Taking the car will be a big problem, because there are lots of Aztecas rolling around the car. No other choice, Kane guns down his way, grab the car and take it to Marty's lockup.

Upon completing Marty's Vehicle Thefts, Marty will call Kane and say that they're keeping a list of special vehicles in the Los Santos docks (also, in Easter Basin Docks in San Fierro) and that he can

deliver those special set of wheels there for extra money.

  • Body Harvest

Remember Chapter I Part 5 "Cold Blood" during which Kane and Combo try to get rid of a dead beat cop body, so they contact with Jerome "JD" Daniels (or referred to as Doc) who is Combo's organ blackmarketing doctor primary school friend and they both get rid of the body and make a profit over it.

After this part, the player can make money on dead bodies. All the player must do is getting the body to Doc's place in Willowfield. You can simply grab the body and walk down to JD's place, but this way is not advisable because it will take long time to get the body to Doc and also as you will be walking down the street with a corpse on your back, you would get a big police attention. The most logical way is to load the dead body in the trunk of a car and drive it over JD's place. After you get the body to JD, he will observe and qualify the body and give you how much money it worths (the drug junkies will worth less money while non-smoking and drug using family guys will worth more money). Also it's advisable to beat the people with simple melee weapons (such as fist, baseball bat), because this way you won't damage their organs and you can make more money by this possibility.

Edited by TheUnholy

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Rebel Yell


Genre: Gangsta Rap, West Coast Hip Hop
Host: Julio G

Hosted by Julio G, Radio Los Santos is a radio station that plays from "gangsta rap" subgenre and West Coast hip hop. When choosing the songs he plays on the radio, Julio G tries to be careful, yet also he is tend to choose songs that will illuminate the society. For example, although Julio G is not a gang-related violence fan, he plays "f*ck Tha Police" by N.W.A, stating that he has not something special against the police but sometimes they can act like assholes. Likewise, Julio thinks that the streets of Los Santos should be cleared of drugs but he also says that drugs are an inevitable part of street life and they enrich hip hop culture. Besides music, also the radio station reports socially important events throughout Los Santos, such as the uprising crack epidemic, growing gang violence and the easily felt police pressure.

Genre: Old School Hip Hop, Golden Age Rap
Host: Little Boy D

Hosted by Little Boy D, Playback FM plays old school and golden age hip-hop. Little Boy D plays music exclusively made by East Coast rap artists, because he says that he likes East Coast rap more, but also shows respect towards West Coast music, especially famous West Coast artists like Eazy E, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. Little Boy D clearly states that he likes his job because he likes music and here, he plays music all day but D frequently complains about his low salary, thinking that he's being treated like a whore. Not happy about his salary, eventually Little Boy D gets fired and is replaced by Forth Right MC by 1992.


Genre: Classic Rock, Hard Rock and New Wave
Host: Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith

Hosted by Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith, K-DST, or The Dust is a Los Santos based radio station that plays classic rock for twenty years. The radio strictly plays from classic rock genre, because of Smith's extreme obsession on 70's "Rock n' Roll" culture. Being the former frontman of 1970s progressive rock act "Crystal Ship", Smith frequently talks about "Rock 'n Roll culture", totally praises it and gives information to the listeners about the culture. Besides while broadcasting, Smith frequently touches on his love for hard drugs and alchocol, and sometimes he likely does their propaganda.
Alice Cooper - Road Rats

- "People often hit my face with the fact that I'ma drughead. Yes, I dance with Mr.Brownstone every Saturday. So what's the matter, bitch? Me, being a fiend, nobody's business. Get over it!"

- "Although normally I don't think chicks are tough or badass but this chick, man, this chick is hard as nails. If I was the king, I'd surely make her my queen. 'I Love Rock 'N Roll' by Joan Jett, good listenings."
Kansas - Child Of Innocence
- "A rainy November day. I came home, only to bust my ex-fiancee with a muscular ni**er guy. My heart was broken, I'd like to cry all day that time. However, later I realized actually this pain fed my soul, made me feel like a living creature. In the memory of that day, 'Sweet Pain' by Kiss, everybody."

Genre: Alternative Rock/Metal Dance, Grunge, Heavy Metal and Hard Rock
Host: Kenneth The Pizza Boy

Hosted by Kenneth The Pizza Boy, Channel X is a radio channel that broadcasts from Las Venturas. Losing his job as a pizza boy after yelling "B*tch!" to a customer, a hardcore rock/metal listener Kenneth takes a job at Channel X as its new host. Kenneth The Pizza Boy is a pessimist yet rebel person who thinks life is sh*t and nobody should surrender the painy capitalist system. After mocking conservatives when playing the song "Highway To Hell", mocking God and doing a possible Atheist propaganda while playing the song "The God That Failed", conservartive politicans protested Channel X, wanted it to be shut down. Eventually, Channel X gets shut down near the end of 1991 but after a few months, it continues with the name "Radio X" with Sage, an escaped mental patient, being the new host.


AC/DC - Highway To Hell - "You know what they say, if you don't believe in God, you're gonna burn in hell blah blah. Look at those dumb conservatives who don't drop 'Jesus' or 'God' out of their mouths. I'd rather burn in hell than enjoying best broads with those scumbag idiots. 'Highway To Hell' everybody, stay tuned!"

- "This song reminds me of my days in Catholic school. My dad, unfortunately, was a devoted Christian, he sent me to church so that I can be a believer motherf*cker. All the kids around me was like 'Jesus is lord!', 'Jews are sons of demons!" etc. etc. 'Killing For Jesus' by Circle Jerks, comin' through!"

- "Oh, man. That's really stupid. You know they say 'God is with the good.', 'God saves people'... what!? I guess we gotta make 'em people look at Vietnam, WWII and all other sh*ts. Now, the song is 'The God That Failed'. Open your ears, everybody."
The Offspring - Kill The President - "Seriously, what does the president do for us? He just sits his ass on his tiger-fur armchair while he gets his dick wet. I mean the presidents is unnecessary, useless. So let's give it up for 'Kill The President' by The Offspring."
Ozzy Osbourne - Bloodbath In Paradise
Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Righteous & The Wicked

Genre: Country
Host: Mary-Beth Maybell

Genre: Funk, R&B
Host: The Funktipus


Talk Radio
Host: Various

  • WCTR News: Hosted by Lianne Forget with Richard Burns, which features up-to-date new in the State of San Andreas, often reporting incidents that happen in the storyline.

  • The Tight End Zone: Sports program by Derrick Thackery. Thackery has little to no interest in sports, preferring the passions surronding sports. Not being well acquainted with sports, sometimes Thackery talks about his unpleasant experiences as a youngster. For example, once he says he was always outcasted and bullied during his primary school times and after he came from school, he'd put on his little girl clothes and tea-party with his stuffed animals.


  • Entertaining America: Entertainment program hosted by William "Billy" Dexter, a guy with a good sense of humor but being a bit cocky and annoying, featuring various guests such as DB-P, Candy Suxxx, Alan Crawford, Madd Dogg and some more.

  • American Dumbasses: Political debate show plotting around two men Darryl Gallagher, a white trash conservative redneck farmer from Red County and Doug Bucks, a liberal democrat, marijuana user hippie living in San Fierro.

  • Lonely Hearts: Relationship advice program hosted by Christy MacIntyre and Dr.Herbert Thompson, a British pscyhiatrist and a sexology expert. Near relationship advices, sometimes the show receives calls asking dumb questions such as "I just masturbated, do I get HIV?", "I cummed all over my girl's mouth. Does she get pregnant?", "Me and my boyfriend was doin' nurse fantasy and suddenly he f'd up over a heart attack, what should I do?"


And more coming later...
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Rebel Yell






Weapons are coming back in "State On The Edge Of Forever" with both new and old features. Now, the player is able to use environment for better. For example, when Kane gets into a fight in a bar, he can grab a bottle, smash it, stab his enemies with it. Also another thing is melee weapons are getting more advanced. You can attack your enemies with materials such as belts, wires. About firearms, most of the firearms in San Andreas are making a return and a lot more is coming.

Due to the first tips of decay felt in State Of San Andreas, illegal dealing of firearms is much more common than dealing them legally. So, Kane will be able to purchase guns from illegal undergrounds gun shops, arms dealers in dark alleyways and from some specific locations. Also there are few gun shops (named Ammu-Nation) that deal guns legally around the city but they are not as common as the ones that sell guns illegally.

Melee Weapons

  • Knuckleduster: With its iron alloy, makes the fist stronger, would even make your enemies bled to death.

  • Baseball Bat: The best and indispensable companion in the street fights. Well, maybe it would be not powerful enought but it's badass for a street fighter

  • Crowbar: An innocent seemed melee weapon that can smash someone's brain into pieces when used brutally.

  • Knife: A very useful weapon that can turn into a sharp evil in a man that stabs like an animal.

  • Pool Cue: Not joking. Pool cue is an advanced melee weapon whose advantage is being long and fast.

Machete: An extremely large blade that would leave someone's guts in one side and its torso in another.

  • Shovel: Simply, crack your enemy's skull with the shovel and later use it to dig his body in your backyard.

  • Hammer: This hardware tools makes return as a weapon again. Well, you would nail some mental on the head with this f*cker.

  • Sledgehammer: Our little hardworking tool, hammer's grand grandfather. I know what you're imaging; smashing brains, splashing guts... this slow granddad can do it all. Also it will be very useful when bringing down walls.

  • Golf Club: Rather than throwing balls into the holes, this would surely be used to break somebody's legs.

  • Chainsaw: With this crazy son of a b*tch, you will be the winner of every game you take part in. Cut, smash, chop, divide! After you use this freightening weapons once, probably nobody will want to play with you again.

Environmental Weapons

  • Brick

  • Rock

  • Log

  • Lead Pipe

  • Bottle


  • Pistol: A weak but an effective person. A criminal's longlife companion.

  • Combat Pistol: A very dangerous and violent brother of Pistol. Much more effective, much more powerful. A sligh shot can be enough to kill somebody.

  • Automatic Pistol: A seriously dangerous hangun. You obviously need to be careful with this gun because one triggering would make you accidently kill a guy. If you want to kill him, then sure, go ahead.


  • Pump Action Shotgun: The favourite of redneck robbers in the countryside. It's probably its lazy but powerful fire mechanic that makes it so popular amongst redneck robbers.

  • Combat Shotgun: More new-blood generation brother of Pump Action Shotgun. Serial and deadly. That's what makes it more advanced than Pump Action Shotgun.

  • Sawn-off Shotgun: A very powerful type of shotgun but the only disadvantage is that it can fire only two bullets successively. Generally favoured by one percenter motorcycle clubs.

Sub Machine Guns

  • Tec-9: A very popular weapon among the street gangs. Its main reason is its highly speedy shooting skills. It's weak in power but speed is its main advantage.

  • Micro SMG: A bit more developed equivalent for Tec-9. It is just a bit slower than Tec-9 but a bit stronger. Like Tec-9, it's popular amongst street gangs, too but is not as common as it.

  • SMG: Enjoying bulky but tough bullet rains? If you do, that's your weapon. SMG's a bit bulkier than other sub-machine guns but it's a crazy weapon which can put your enemies under the pressure of heavy bullet rains.

  • Advanced SMG: It's party time with light but fast bullets. Advanced SMG is a lot more advantageous because of its fast style. Just one press to the trigger and your foe is dead with a number of bullet holes on his body. Enjoy!

Assault Rifles

  • AK-47: A very very dangerous son of a firearm. AK-47 is one of the favourite choices of who wants to do sudden hits on his enemies. It's loud but anything isn't flawless, right?

  • M4: A deadly firearm, just like AK-47. However, M4 is a little bit shy weapon but it's what makes it more advantageous. Can be customized with silencer.

  • Kruger: Dangerous, hot, cool, sexy piece of fire from the United States. It's very suitable for huge firefights. If you have this gun, you'll definitely piss off your enemies. Also The Kruger's a far cousin of M4 and AK-47. Do you understand why is it too deadly?


  • Rifle: Stand your ground, bro. Generally used by farmer who wants to stop trespassers for good. Seems like it works, though. I guess you got what I meant.

  • Sniper Rifle: A scope and a piece of heavy bullets. What else could you possibly need?

  • Combat Sniper: If you want a tougher brother of Sniper, that's Combat Sniper. A scope and some heavy alloy bullets. Also it has a cooler design. Its red laser point sight would help you make your shots more accurate. Also can be customized with silencer.

Heavy Weapons

  • Flame Thrower: Sniff! Sniff! Is there something burned around? If you smell a sharp, burny stink, be %90 sure that you are not far away from a f*cking flame thrower. Pull the trigger and burn the sh*t out of everywhere. I'm not sure if somebody has balls to get near you when you draw a circuit of fire with it.

  • Rocket Launcher: Explode and go. There's no stopping you when this heavily armed baby is around.

  • Minigun: Another heavily armed, pissed off motherf*cker. There's no surprise that this dangerous bastard is not being sold at gunshops. Because one little shot and every city is in an endless chaos. Advisable during raged helicopter chases.

  • M60: A heavy army piece of motherf*cker, it's called. Rips its victim's body in just a few several shots and puts him for a heavy lying sleep. Also it's a favourite arm that's adviced to be used in deadly chases with choppers.


  • Molotov Cocktail: Product of an extremely intelligent criminal mind. One liter of gasoline in an empty beer bottle, insert a rag into it, a piece of fire, then it's ready to go. It could be a lifesaver during an unexpected situation, send enemies to the deep of the f*cking hell.

  • Grenade: The indispensable actor of major fight scenes. Just cook it over and throw it into a row of enemies. Then boom! Nobody's around. However, just don't handle it too much after you drop the pin.

  • Tear Gas: Like a haze that blinds eyes, suffocates throats. If you want your enemy out of spot, this grenade's the best choice. Exposured by the strong gas, the enemy will suddenly stop shooting and start cough like an animal. Also too much exposure to the tear gas would lead unexpected deaths.

  • Satchel Charges: What makes satchel charges so special is being sticky, yeah sticky. Wherever you go, you can not save your ass from these sticky bastards when it is once thrown on you. Also could be useful when bringing down walls.


  • Jerry Can: Live a nostalgia by drawing a straight line of petrol and igniting it. This night will be on fire, blaze the trail. If you know what I mean.





Coming later...






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Rebel Yell


Already Owned Clothes


By the beginning of the game, Kane will have already owned some clothes. Here's a list of them.
Kane's default clothings will be marked with "*"



Black Leather Jacket with Baggy Purple T-Shirt underneath. *
White Torso
Purple Hoody
Black Hoody Jacket and with Baggy White T-Shirt underneath.
LS Shirt (with purple writing)
Purple and White Letterman Jacket with White T-Shirt underneath
Purple Shirt with Black Undersweater

Blue Jeans
Dark Blue Jeans *
Gray Cargo Pants

Black Low-Tops
White Low-Tops *
Black Hi-Tops

Sun Glasses
Purple Rag

Purple Cap


Clothing Shops

Coming later...


The player is able to customize Kane with tattoos they can get from tattoo shops around the city. If Kane gets tattoos of his gangs, he will be more respected by fellow Ballas members.

Tattoos coming later...
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I think that the music on Radio Los Santos is too old for the station. That suff would belong on West Coast Classics. Good concept, though.

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Rebel Yell

I think that the music on Radio Los Santos is too old for the station. That suff would belong on West Coast Classics. Good concept, though.

Thanks, but this concept is a prequel to San Andreas, setting in a time period of 1990 & 1991. So the music on Radio Los Santos just fits in. :)

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I think that the music on Radio Los Santos is too old for the station. That suff would belong on West Coast Classics. Good concept, though.

Thanks, but this concept is a prequel to San Andreas, setting in a time period of 1990 & 1991. So the music on Radio Los Santos just fits in. :)

Oh I see. What are you gonna do about the vehicles, though? I'm guessing you're gonna make drawings of 90's versions of the vehicles used in V? I would love to see a few old BMW's incorporated.

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Rebel Yell



I think that the music on Radio Los Santos is too old for the station. That suff would belong on West Coast Classics. Good concept, though.

Thanks, but this concept is a prequel to San Andreas, setting in a time period of 1990 & 1991. So the music on Radio Los Santos just fits in. :)

Oh I see. What are you gonna do about the vehicles, though? I'm guessing you're gonna make drawings of 90's versions of the vehicles used in V? I would love to see a few old BMW's incorporated.


I haven't thought about it right now, but thinking that this game belongs to III Era, most of the vehicles from III Era games will make a return. However, I'm considering adding a few vehicles if possible.

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I think that the music on Radio Los Santos is too old for the station. That suff would belong on West Coast Classics. Good concept, though.

Thanks, but this concept is a prequel to San Andreas, setting in a time period of 1990 & 1991. So the music on Radio Los Santos just fits in. :)
Oh I see. What are you gonna do about the vehicles, though? I'm guessing you're gonna make drawings of 90's versions of the vehicles used in V? I would love to see a few old BMW's incorporated.


I haven't thought about it right now, but thinking that this game belongs to III Era, most of the vehicles from III Era games will make a return. However, I'm considering adding a few vehicles if possible.

Oh I see. I'm a car guy, myself so, if you need help with that aspect, you can DM me. :)

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Rebel Yell


- PART 1 -

The Cracks

"I knew you two-timin' motherf*ckers ain't right. You snitch busters. Now I'm gonna blast yous ass."

Columbus "Combo" Burton

A typical night at Los Santos' gritty port Ocean Docks. Silent but dark and freightening. Up to a huge but a messy warehouse, which is extremely dark, with just some moonlight beaming through the warehouse's broken windows enlighting it. Also everywhere seems to be quietly occupied by wooden crates, cartoon boxes that read "fragile", lots of iron bars that wait to be cut. Weirdly, five men can be partially seen in the shadows, talking in a bit loud voice. Closing up, there's a fat African-American man near a thin Afro-American with three Dominican looking men countering them.

"Woa! Woa! Woa! Woa! I think we better see some grip before showing you sh*t." The fat African-American plays hardball.

"Let 'em taste the product, Combo." the thinner African-American says.

"Look, man. If we deal, we pay on your sh*t and together, we'll make good money." The dominant Dominican seems trying to persuade Combo.

Outside the warehouse, the port is all clean but only a white van that seems quiet but suspicious. Inside the van, there are two police officers seating over some surveillance cameras, peeping the deal. Suddenly, one of the police officers realizes things are getting heated, he suddenly stops eating his burger and tips off the other cop.

"Sh*t, Nick! I think it's getting messy." The black police officer tips his Asian fellow co-worker.

Turning on the camera, the two sides still play hardball, Combo even got more tempered, even starting to talk with the Dominican customers with a bit more loud and notably angry tone.

"We're going in, boys. Things seem to get intense." Nick grabs the transceiver and shouts quickly, wanting to get things under the control before they get worse.


"Look, homie. I been doin' this sh*t fo' years. I've principles, I need see the f*cking money first, so I can make sure I'm not slingin' rocks fo' nothin'." Combo says in a loud and tempered voice. Combo's impatience and rage can be recognized by all over his loose muscle kinetics.

"Los Santos Police. You're surronded! Now drop your weapons and come out with your hands on your head." The police siren heard.

All five men fall in a sudden panic, they just look around and don't know what to do. Overall, Combo's impatience turns into a deep paranoia, starts to roll his eyes around without control and out of the blue, he pulls out his gun on the Dominican lieutenant, leaving the Dominicans in surprise and Kane in awe.

"I knew you two-timin' motherf*ckers ain't right. You snitch busters. Now I'm gonna blast yous ass." Combo points his gun right on the Dominican lieutenant's head, thinking they played a game on him. Dominican lieutenant and his fellows shake in panic meanwhile Kane watches the situation in awe.

"Combo, put down yo' gun. Leave 'em, man. That's nothing 'bout them." Kane says with a tense voice, trying to cool Combo down.

"No, man. I ain't no one goin', homie. If a b*tch ass nigga plays with me, then he dies." Combo says, suddenly pulls the trigger and shoots the Dominican lieutenant in the face.

As far as they feel the blow on their lieutenant's face, the two other Dominicans start to make away with the grip on their back. Kane, the merchandise on his back in a holdall, runs a few steps, preparing to go and Combo wants to take the other Dominicans down but fortunately fails.

"F*ck!" Combo fires two shots after the running Dominicans but misses.

"The thing is f*cked up, man. We gotta get outta here." Kane tries to make Combo run.

With police sirens and police warnings rebounding on the air, Kane and Combo, equipped with their Pistols, rush to the back door of the warehouse, Kane kicks the dirty green door and takes cover behind the boxes, a sudden reaction to the police and SWAT teams right on his front.

Despite the foreseen hopeless picture, Kane and Combo keeps their belief and starts to burst fire on the huge army of LSPD and SWAT teams with crazy sense of mind. They look to kill until they may make their path to continue the chase. After they clear the most logical way to run out of law enforcers, Kane and Combo sling over the wooden boxes as the remaining law enforcers spray bullets after them. They eventually move to the left where they encounter with a long wire fence which seems their only chance to go with.

Fast and quick, Kane and Combo climbs over the fence, another group of police shows out of the nearby building, now totally hostile towards Kane and Combo. Kane takes cover from a trash container meanwhile Combo is uncovered. Rain dews seeps on forehead as he grinds his teeth, waiting for the right time to get in attacking position, to keep both him and his chief alive.
Kane regains his energy and rejoins Combo in the action After a quick teamwork, they manage to gun down the group of angry law enforcers, which is smaller than the bigger party welcomed them.
From upon, Combo leads the way. Combo jumps in the middle of a huge pile of cargo containers, thinking that they may not spook the cops there. However, a few steps later, Combo realizes the foot steps of upcoming law enforcers, he warns Kane and tells him to take cover at a cargo container. Now, the advantage is with Combo and Kane, they easily take out the police as soon as they come into range.

After killing enough men to make their escape, Kane and Combo get out of car and start to run again while they feel the wet little ponds on their boots. Combo realizes a white Rumpo with which they may make their escape with and gets in the van. After fending off few cops, Kane throws his holdall into the back of the van and takes his place in the driving seat.

Kane and Combo realizes that the wire fence door of the dock compound is blocked by cops. Kane stops in panic but thinks how can they exit there as well. Combo suddenly yells "Drive right onto them!", Kane suddenly shakes himself and pushes onto gas pedal. Kane crashes onto cops so hard that the two police cruisers blocking the gate are shaked into opposite directions.

Kane scatters the wire fence gate hard and begins to drive on East Beach highway. However, as soon as they get on the road, they realize the road blocks set by rural police and they're chased by rural police mostly, except for Los Santos police. Combo orders Kane to drive into the wood as soon as they arrive the countryside, so with a possibility, they may lose the heat on their back. Suddenly, Kane brings the matter that Combo killed the Dominican lieutenant for no reason.

"Everytime, Combo, everytime you cap somebody fo' nothin' and I must clean yo' sh*tty ass. What the f*ck, homie? Why you killed that Dominican boy?" Kane brings his disturbance with Combo's most recent murder.

"What? Should I let them spook bastards go away with their sh*t? You saw it, they motherf*ckin' sold us out." Combo defenses himself with a bit angry tone.

"That ain't nothin'. It's just your crazy ass. Let me tell you, every f*cking time, we go pick up a package or carryin' some deal, you must get that 9mm up your jeans and fire it on some dude. When I ask why, you always say "That b*tch was gonna sell us." or "He seen everythin', what did you expect?". You should keep your finger off the triggers, homie or..." Kane tries to get some clarity to the subject, try to make Combo believe that he's an uncontrollable nut but he's suddenly cut by Combo.

"Or what? Empty a sixty up my ass to stop me? I'd like to remind it to you, Kaynard. If I wasn't a drug dealing, murdering motherf*cka, The Homes was no reputable b*tch. We'd probably under the thumb of other Front Yard crews if I wasn't me. So now try to shake these f*cking pigs." Combo brings a final vindication of himself and reminds the cops following them in order to make Kane close the topic.

After giving a long chase with LSPD, SWAT and rural police, Kane and Combo finally and completely lose the heat. They pull their van down in a woody area in the countryside, relax a bit.

"This was tiring, homie." Combo says as he gives a breath while taking another.

"For sure." Kane replies with a similar tone.

"Sh*t! We need to get rid of this van. Cops would probably looking for it everywhere." Combo says after a short silence.
"I found a jerry can back of the van. That should work." Kane suggests torching the van.

"Gasoline? Cool, homie. Gimme that." an excited Combo says when he hears about jerry can.

Kane and Combo get out of the white Rumpo and they go to the back of the van in order to get the jerry can. Kane opens the back doors of the van and as soon as Kane opens them, Combo quickly grabs the gasoline and starts to pour everu liter of it onto the van.

"Yeah, baby. Burn to die!" Combo screams, likely showing his obsession with gasoline.

Combo empties the jerry can on the van in a short time and asks Kane for a lighter impatiently.

"Kane. Have a light, homie?" Combo asks with a humbler voice compared to his normal manners but also notably impatienly.

"Sure, homie. Take it." Kane says with a calm tone, gets a blue, generic lighter and hands it to Combo.

"A'right. Now let's see." Combo rolls his eyes around for something to ignite and suddenly a brown paperbag catches in his eyes.
Combo takes the paperbag on the grass and ignites it with Kane's lighter. Suddenly, Combo throws the burning paperbag through the van's open window by the passanger seat side, suddenly the van turns into a fireball.

"A'right. Time to split up. Catch you around soon, eh." Combo bits a happily farewell to Kane.

Combo starts to cut Kane with fierce eyes, likely trying to imply something. Kane doesn't seem to get the message first but later, thinking Combo wants to have the crack bag, he hands the bag to Combo.

"Yeah, whatever." says Kane, in an uninteresting and implying way.

Later, the two start to walk down in different ways, abandoning the crime scene as the grass gets sooted, starting to ignite.




Comments on this part...



Fantastic opening mission. Bravo.
Your descriptions and dialogues are pitch perfect and I can live and breathe everything going on. That's really a big thing to do well when considering the many perspectives in that chapter: Kane's, Combo's, the Dominicans', the LSPD.

Kane is ice cool and Combo is a well-written foil to Kane's level headed thinking. They work well and I can't wait to see more of them.




This thread is amazing, dude. And just like Tyla said, it feels like San Andreas. To me, its got a better feel to it than San An. Especially having the Ballas as the 'good guys' really brings up my appetite. And also, the opening mission was cool, too. You've done a fantastic job with the layout and how you've brought out the concept itself. Fantastic. Keep up the good work!
Edited by TheUnholy

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Rebel Yell
- PART 2 -
The Melting Pot

"Always this mothef*cker f*cks things up; kill the customers, ices a cop, jacks the drugs and I always play the sitter of this f*ck. Superiors come to me and make me look after this mental nut. I hold the leash of this dog, he craps and I collect his dump after him. Sh*t!"

Kaynard "Kane" Brice

Kane realizes a huge crowd of Ballas gathered in front of Combo's apartment. The atmosphere seems tense, everybody is not talking with their heads down, just looking at the grey concrete, they have looked on the ground so much that they would tell every stain and crack on the concrete if somebody asks them. Kane walks amongst the silent crowd and asks his homie Nate what's the matter.

"Hey, what is it, homie? Why everybody so silent?" Kane wonders and asks Nate.

"Hood been hovering. Suge is inside now, talking to Combo. Sh*t looks kinda tense, homie." Nate informs Kane about the situation.

"Probably about that thing. F*ck." Kane says quietly.

Suddenly, Suge, one of the top lieutenants of Front Yard Ballas, rushes through the apartment gate, seems both tense and angry. Kane isn't able to keep himself from asking Suge.

"Suge, man. What's up? There ain't nothing cold, right?" Kane asks with a wavy tone and waits Suge's response in wonder.

"Cold? Everything's cold, now. Thanks to yo' motherf*ckin' crew chief, things f*cked. You know that too, the bastard iced one of the favoured lieutenants in that deal. I don't know what to smooth thangs up with Dominicans but I'd do. Also West is up my ass again and I don't like be ordered by that spook f*cker. You hold yo' big chief asshole's leash better, Kane otherwise we be f*cked up fo' good." Suge says loudly, notably angry according to his voice. Then Suge leaves in a rush before letting Kane talk, he roughes some Balla members on the way to his car and eventually gets in his black Majestic and drives away.

As soon as Suge leaves with his car, Combo appears out of the blue, showing up in the apartment's doorstep and begins roughing up Kane, thinking he has spoken to Suge.

"You told off me, right, you piece of sh*t. You told Suge that I capped that b*tch-ass snitchin' Dominican. You a reptilian motherf*cker, Kane. I see you as my brother but now I wish I'd be homies with cockroaches under my coach, though. You my brother but you caught up in that caste sh*t too much. That's what spoiled you, bro." Combo scolds Kane and stomps a hard kick in the ground after he finishes talking. Later, Combo starts walking towards his brown-beige Clover.
"Ay! Where you goin', asshole? With all the sh*ts we have. Get your b*tch ass back in your flat." Kane and Combo mutually roughen each other, Kane tries to stop control his crew chief's hot-headed actions.

"To get drunk and get laid. Any problem with that?" Combo tries to establish authoritiy on raged Kane again.

"Yeah, got a problem with that. I'm taking the fall when you mess around with strippers, fill up your greasy nose with fresh coke and be wasted. Me. I do all sh*t." Kane suddenly responses Combo, with a notably angry tone.

"You pushing your luck, pal." Combo says and swings his forefinger to Kane, like he implies some threatening.
Combo eventually jumps in the driver seat of his brown-beige Clover and fastly drives away.

"F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck!" Kane says repeatedly and rams his head over the wall and fists it hard, eventually Nate manages to pull him over the wall and chills him a bit.

"Always this mothef*cker f*cks things up; kill the customers, ices a cop, jacks the drugs and I always play the sitter of this f*ck. Superiors come to me and make me look after this mental nut. I hold the leash of this dog, he craps and I collect his dump after him. Sh*t!" Kane disburdens his rage a bit.

"Chill out, man. Chill the f*ck out." Nate tries to chill Combo with his calm, refreshing style.

"Nah, man. I ain't chillin'. I won't be tidying that b*tch's back no more. Everyone, get that."

"Come on, man. Let's relieve some stress. You know what, Smut wanted me to meet with him at the Burger Shot in Marina. Maybe you should come. We could have fun." Nate offers.

"I don't know, homie. I'm not in the mood for this." Kane seems like unwilling to come.

"Nahhh, you comin', my nigga. I don't let you anywhere like that."

"A'right, homie. Let's go." Nate manages to persuade Kane to hang out with Smut but he's still unwilling, though.

Kane grabs a vehicle, picks up Nate and drives to Marina branch Burger Shot to meet with Smut.

"What the f*ck Smut is doin' at Burger Shot, man? He an anti-social." Kane asks.

"Buster gets his head out of the den when he starves. Motherf*cker likes burger." Nate responds.

"Well, he may do his own with that burger mix thang." Kane says.

"F*ck Smut. What's up with Combo, man? What happened? Why Suge hit his crib?" Nate wants to learn more about the incident.

"Man, can we close that sh*t up?" Kane doesn't want to talk about it anymore.

"I'm yo' best buddy, homie. You can count on me, I want to know what saddened my dude." Nate tries to make Kane disclose.

"A'right. You know that deal with Dominicans. Like always, Combo went hardball on the customers, wanted to see the money first. Combo's f*cking principle of my ass. Sh*t got tense, homie. When cops showed up, Combo thought Dominicans responsible fo' it and shoot the head Dominican dude in the face. F*cking, coke hog b*tch-ass. I don't know how we gonna smooth things up with Dominicans, them mother*fckers are dangerous." Kane passes a short summary of the unfortunate incident.

"You know, Combo. He's always like that. Shoots and kills the sh*t up. Don't worry. You remember what he did to that Azteca dude? He threw the poor dude into a nearby dump truck and truck fed him. Was so f*cking crazy." Nate tries to make Kane understand Combo's weird nature.

"Yeah and for thirty minutes, we had to hear crushing bones, fleshing blood with the painful screams of the poor spic guy. But that isn't the point, man. Motherf*cker always f*cks up and I be the one who take the blame, I got sick of this."
"Right, homie. Combo'd be bearable if he be a calmer bastard." Nate says.

"Yeah, if that half-brained crazy ass nigga was."

Kane and Nate stop their vehicle in Burger Shot's parklot and enter the Burger Shot. Later, they look out for Smut, who is eating his burger and drinking his coke like an animal, it seems like he's too hungry. As he eats at the back, Kane and Nate takes a time to find Smut, who is also short if average is considered.

"Hey, what's up Smut?" Nate bids a greet to Smut, who has curled up and is too much interested in his meat burger and king-size coke.

"Woaw, my homies. Get some menu and take a seat." Kane lifts his head from his wooden plate and hardly says with a full mouth of Burger Shot.

"Eat slower, nigga or you'll get a heart attack." Kane warns Smut.

"Kane, long time no see." Smut says to Kane with his mouth still loaded with burger, but now the things are more understable than they were. Finally Smut swallows his mouthful piece of burger and drinks a bit cola to help him digest it better.

"Yeah, if you sometimes put yo' head out of your crack den, we may see eachother fo' good." Kane criticizes Smut's extreme obsession with his crack and weed producing house.

"Man, f*ck you." Smut is a bit offended by Kane's words.

"Take a meal, man." Smut suggests both Kane and Nate.

"Nah, man. I'm not in the mood for eat." Kane says with a broken voice.

"Why? What happened, my nigga?" Smut asks excitedly while he's taking another bite from his burger.

"Combo screwed things again." Nate replies.

"Estimated it. What that fool did this time?" Smut replies as it is a normal thing, he seems like kinda used to Combo's crazinesses.

"Just a drug deal that went wrong. That's all you gotta know, homie." Kane tries to keep it short.

"Okay, bro. If you say so. Actually I'd need your help with some business interest."

"Oh... Now I got it why our anti-social scientist got his feet outside his doorstep." Kane jokingly pins Smut for his asocial manners.

"Man, f*ck you. Listen, I'ma meet some Jamaicans fo' some high-quality plant buds today. I thought maybe you boys would help me get some free weed." Smut fends Kane off and explains what's his plan.

"You run a drug den yet you robbin' those dudes. Man, you've money to buy that stuff, don't you? Also, where's your discipline, G?" Kane opposes Smut's plan.

"Things changed, homie. People don't respect weed crack business like they did. You're gonna help me, ain't you?" Smut brings a defence to his cunning plan.

"Kane?" Nate wants to learn Kane's opinion.

"A'right, bro. That's what homies for. Maybe clippin' some Jamaicans would bring my mood back." Kane agrees to help Smut.

All three men start to raise strong laughs and get out of the store eventually.

"Let's take my wheels, homie." Smut suggests Kane and Nate to take his rusty, old, blue Bobcat which has been using for years.

Kane seats the driver seat, as Smut takes his place in the passanger seat and Nate hops into the truck's pickup.
"Where we drivin', homie?" Kane asks where to go.

"To Willowfield." Smut replies.

"You still drivin' this old crap? Man, you should change it." Kane mocks the barely working, good old rusty Bobcat.

"It serves my services. That's enough."

"So what's the plan, Smut?" Nate cuts the conversation and brings the real matter.

"I'm gonna greet the party, you'll be staying back, wacth over the deal. When I hit the order, you show up and kill the dealers. Then we all enjoy a big party of free weed." Smut explaining the plan.

"Simple enough." Kane says with encourage.

"Oh yeah... Nate, open the black bag at the back. There are something could be useful fo' you." Smut adds to his words.

Nate opens the big black bag and gets two 9mms inside it, he takes one of them for himself and gives the other to Kane.

"Kane. Here. Take it, homie." Nate passes the 9mm to the open window so Kane can take it.

When Kane, Nate and Smut arrive at the deal location, Smut drops them off around the corner and he enters the alleway with his Bobcat. Kane and Nate take their position, grab cover at the entrance of the alleyway, Kane taking left, Nate taking right. Then Smut gets out of his pickup and greets the dealers that have already come.

"You're late." One of the Jamaican dealers says.

"Yes, stuck in the traffic. You know?" Smut comes up with an excuse.

Kane and Nate roughly keep their coves, try not to be seen and they wait Smut's alert to attack.

While talking, Smut unexpectedly shouts his order, Kane and Nate suddenly manage to eliminate four Jamaican dealers. Then, Smut runs to deceased Rastas' unique dark green Huntley, checks it for his spoils. Smut finds three big sacks of weed buds and he becomes happy like a child who finds candy.

"Woo hoo! There must be sh*tload of buds that may be enough for me for four months." Smut rubs his hands together and loads one of the sacks on his back.

In the middle of the way to his truck, when he sees Kane and Nate doing nothing, just watching Smut, he wants them to help him load the sack onto his pickup.

"What? What you waitin' for? Help me carry these bags." Smut arrogantly orders.

Kane takes a sack and Smut takes the another and they load them onto the pickup of Bobcat. Later, Kane and Smut take Bobcat meanwhile Nate says he'll join them with dead Jamaicans' Huntley.

"You keep goin', man. I'll follow you with Huntley here." Nate says.

"Drive us to my place in Ganton, homie." Smut orders.

Kane leads the way to Smut's drug den where is his own crack and weed producing house with Nate following him with Jamaicans' Huntley. When they arrive here, Kane and Nate help Smut carry the bud bags into the den, later Smut thanks them and throws some bone for their appreciable assistance.

"A'right, homies. Drop them onto the doorstep." Smut says.

Later two polices are seen pulling their cars over Smut's drug den, they slowly get out of the car and walk towards Kane, Nate and Smut with intimidating style.

"Morning, boys." One of the police officers bids a greet with a sarcastic tone.

"Morning, officers?" Smut plays fool.

"You seem to have done the big harvest." The dominant officer sweats Smut over the weed bud payroll.

"No, it's just for my lungs, y'know. A natural medicine, clears all my lungs." Smut tries to fool the police, the two police give such a destructive look that it's all obvious they think he's bullsh*tting.

"You tell these lies to happily-go hippies in San Fierro or the f*cking gringos down the south border... boy. I know yous. You'll dig these buds under six feet of dirt over a f*cking pot, they'll grow and later you'll spoil our streets with them leaves and all that sh*t. However, I'm telling you, I'm always good for a favor. If you clear your mind, you can find me over the taco shop over the taco shop in East Los Santos. Don't be dumb as you look, kids." The dominant police clearly sends his message towards the three gangbangers, later the two police officers start to walk towards their police cruiser.

"F*ck. What I am gonna do now? Three-bit f*cking cops after my ass." Smut says with a worrying voice, thinks he has received a serious blow to his crack/weed business with this incident.

"Look, man. Be cool. Take a fresh bath, smoke your weed and watch hardcore bangin' porns or something. But be cool, we're gonna sort that problem of yours." Nate tries to chill Smut with his calm nature but being a bit cocky.

"A'right, man. See ya' all later. I think I'm gonna take a shower and nap a bit." Smut states that he's exhausted, leaves the group and starts to carry the sacks inside.

Nate and Kane walk out of the garden of Smut's drug den, suddenly Nate asks Kane for a drink at his house.

"You know what I think, Kane? We should go my home, hit the case of full alchocol beers. You cool?" Nate offers Kane to have a hangover for night.

"I don't know, Nate. With Donette and kids at home. I don't think wasting ain't right, right now."

"Donette take children and went to her momma's. She been driving me mad again, y'know?" Nate says with a desperate voice.

"What is it this time, man? I mean you cool but there is always somethin' between you and Donette." Kane tries to understand Nate's domestic problem.

"Usual stuff, that's all." Nate tries to keep it short.

"Come on, man. Tell me about it. I..."


Kane and Nate drive the little residence housings in Willowfield where Nate owns a tiny apartment flat that is quite enough for him, his wife and his two children in his opinion.

A few hours later, Kane and Nate is like having been run over by a truck, the both are notably drunk, they're barely lifting up themselves, laying uncontrollably on the sofas. As they enjoy the last drip of beer on the bottom of their bottles, they talk about problems: Kane talking about how Combo has been a problem for him, how does he always need to clean up his ass and Nate talking about the domestic crisis which is an inevitable part of his life for being a gang member who has a family.

"... I'm telling you, K-Kane. Never get married. I mean all 'hot food', 'clean laundry', 'midnight love' all good but women want you strappin' up a pinky bib with 'Kiss The Cook' on it. Love is a f*cking demon." Kane complains about marriage "bullsh*t" with his drunk minded state.

"S-s-shut up, you moron. I, I be dealin' with a no-brains sociopath who kills every minute. Fat motherf*cker. At least you can get play naughty nurse with yo' wife." Kane both states that his problem is much more bigger and puts a little bit sarcasm into the dialogue.

"Oh yeah?" says Nate, with right eye closed.

"Oh yeah, oh f*cking yeah! Just hit up the sex shop in El Corona. You'll know what I mean." Kane says and shots a mouthfull of beer from his bottle.

The screen fades as the two men appearently take a little break to their interesting conversation, seem like to become more obliged with their bottles of beer.




Comments on this part...




Right, I'm still loving this. The level of detail that goes into each of your characters and settings each entry is unparalleled. Already I'm envisaging coming back to these early scenes five or ten missions in because I don't think I'm wrong in saying there's more than a healthy amount of foreshadowing going on here. It plays out with the craft of a television serial. As someone who recently acquired a season or two of The Wire, I can appreciate what you're doing with the quotes at the beginning.

What I will say is you need to be more explicit with where you're going in terms of gameplay. Your narrative is faultless and I can't help but yearn for that same level of detail to go into your action pieces, which seem sometimes rushed in favor of returning to cutscene dramas.


I agree with Tyla. The amount of detail gone into this chapter is way beyond words. It makes you feel like you're right in the middle of it. As well as the action feels rushed, but, so far so good, keep up the good work. :^:
Edited by TheUnholy

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Ah, good to see this back up! Another one to add to the ever growing list of concepts with too much content for the forum software to handle.


There's nothing more I can say that hasn't been said already but I do hope you post the old chapters here in order so I can read through them from the start again.


Also, San Fierro and Las Venturas just caught my eye... I would be genuinely stoked if your storyline saw us visit those cities at some point.

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Rebel Yell

Also, San Fierro and Las Venturas just caught my eye... I would be genuinely stoked if your storyline saw us visit those cities at some point.

Yes, we will.


Chapter I - Los Santos

Chapter II - Los Santos

Chapter III - San Fierro

Chapter IV - Las Venturas

Chapter V - Back in Los Santos yet again...

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Rebel Yell


- PART 3 -


Turning Down The Heat


"See, there be a couple o' our boys set a trap. We gonna act as bait, lead the pigs into ambush. BOOM! They're killed."




- Henry "Smut" Badger




It's about 5 a.m and the sunshine has just started to hit the air. The red sunshine is almost shining through Nate's blue curtains. The room is all dark and the two men, Kane and Nate have passed. Nate is lying on the sofa near the left door the saloon, with his right hand touching the floor, and Kane has passed on the sofa right next to his, with a beer bottle in his hand. Kane's fuzzy sleep is interrupted by a lousy phone call. Kane suddenly wakes up and answers the call with a curious manner, because it's 5 a.m and who the heck would call him at this time.

"Yeah?" says Kane with a sleepy voice tone, meanwhile he clutches his nape which pains hard because of the last night hangover.
"Hey Kane, man. It's Bruno. Combo be at Pig Pen like around afternoon yesterday, he drank, did dust and went wild with strippers, so he totally wasted. Now man, he's goin' salty on us." Bruno, the bouncer of Pig Pen strip club says.

"Great." Kane is all his sarcastic nature again.

"He waving his gun and sh*t, man. You gotta pick him right now, or else I think you would find Combo floating on a river with a bullet hole in his head."

"Uhh, a'right. I'm comin'. Just close the doors and brush off anyone at the club till' I come."

"Okay, man. See ya'." Bruno says and hangs up.

"Motherf*cker. You ain't just let me take a lil' nap." Kane gets his right hand on his temples, carasses them.

"What's the problem, man?" Nate just woke up and asked.

"Combo. He gone a wild night and now he causing problem at Pig Pen." Kane explains.

"You want me to come?" Nate asks if Kane wants his company.

"Nah, man. You sleep. I'ma gonna take care of that loony son of a b*tch's ass." Kane angrily says.

Kane puts on his leather jacket from the armchair on his left and exits the flat.

Then Kane grabs some wheels and drives over Pig Pen strip club in East Los Santos. The club is closed, so Kane knocks on the door a few times, a well-built African-American man opens the door, lets Kane in.

"Uh Kane, you here." Bruno, the bulky bodyguard says.

The club is all empty, there is just Bruno, Combo and the bartender in the club. Bruno leads Kane to a table at the narrowest corner of the bar where a dizzy Combo is sitting alone and waving his gun around, with some vodka bottles and a huge cocaine pile in front of him.

"Uh, my homeboy Kane. Just in time. This whole city be chicken, they went home already man. You f*cking believe that?" dizzy Combo says while he waves his gun.

"Well, you know it's five a.m." Kane tells a clueless Combo the time.

Combo digs his head into the huge snow mountain in front of him, when he gets his head up, he is seen with his big nose full of cocaine.

"You want some?" Combo says with a choked voice as he tries to snort the dust that is stuck in his nose canals.

"Nah, thanks. You know my opinion on coke, I think you should stop with that, too." Kane arrogantly says, and criticizes.
"Nobody can tell me what I DO!" a wasted Combo snaps as he crazily waves his gun.

"Man, gimme that. You gonna kill someone or somethin'." Kane grabs the weapon out of Combo's gun.

"Gimme that, you fake-ass b*tch." Combo tells Kane to give him his gun.

"Nah, man. Get your fat ass up. We goin'." Kane says and grabs Combo on the right arm.

As Combo tries to lift wasted Combo up his seat, Combo's belly hits the table hard, causing a few beer bottles to fall off and the coke to spill off. Combo coughs a bit because the coke blows into his mouth and his nose.

Though he hardly gets him out of the club, Kane loads Combo into the passenger seat of the latter's brown-beige Clover and later, he gets on the driver seat.

On the way, Kane and Combo don't say a word. Just in the middle of the journey, Combo sings "Fight the Power" by Public Enemy out loud. Kane tells him to cut it off but when he sees it doesn't work, he stops warning Combo.

Eventually, Kane arrives at Combo's apartment block. Before letting him go, Kane give Combo his gun and warns him not to do anything stupid.

"I'd like to thank you. Keepin' me company when I fudged up. I owe you." As a unusual situation, Combo thanks somebody, but just probably cause of his dizzy state of mind.

"Yeah. Yeah. Just take yo' gun, stick it up your pants and not cap somebody, okay?" Kane gives Combo his gun back and brushes him away.

Around noon, Kane receives a phone call from Smut, who tells him to come over his compound in Ganton.

"Hey!" Kane answers the phone and says.

"Kane. Can you come over my crib quick? There's something showed up."

"What is it, man? 'Bout them pigs?" Kane curiously asks.

"Sssh... Come my place and I'll tell you." Smut, who is over his all-time doubt, says.

"A'right, man. Comin'. Catch you later." Kane bids a farewell to Smut and hangs up.

When Kane comes to Smut's compound over Ganton, he finds him already outside, ready with his blue Bobcat, leaning against it.

"Hey, Smut. Good to see ya', homie." Kane has a fist bump with Smut.

However, Smut just remains silent with a worried look on his face.

"What's wrong, nigga?"

"You remember those f*cking cops from yesterday, right?" Smut starts to mention his problem.

"How can I forget?" Kane sarcastically answers.

"As I'm kind of a person don't like it up the ass, we gonna take them f*ckers down. I figure out you don't like gay orgy as well." Smut says in a panic.

"Course not, man. What you have in yo' head?"

"See, there be a couple o' our boys set a trap. We gonna act as bait, lead the pigs into ambush. BOOM! They're killed." Smut reveals his plan to Kane.

"Good call, homie. I'm down. Aaand where's Nate by the way?" Kane likes Smut's plan and asks Nate's whereabouts.

"Uhh, he's gonna meet us there. He be keeping eye on the boys, y'know. Heh! Heh!" Smut says and lightly laughs.

Later, Kane and Smut take their places in Smut's good, ol' rusty Bobcat and they're ready for the trip.

"So where we headed?" Kane asks for a destination.

"Go to the taco vendor on East Los Santos, homie. I heard them pigs love hot, greasy tacos up their asses."

When the two men have headed the taco stand, the cops are really there, one of them is in the car eating his taco, and the other is sitting on the taco with a taco and a Sprunk.

"Hey, men!" Smut greets the officers warmly, but it's pretty obvious that he plays Pollyanna.

"Hey, isn't that the short derp with cancer in his lungs?" The police officer in the car recognizes Smut.

"Yeah, I think it is." The other police officer chuckles and answers.

"Yes, boy. So you think about our offer?"

"Yeah, I thought of it and geniunely I think..."

Smut kicks the officer right in front of him in the testicles, causing him to scream in pain and drop his taco. Later, Smut grabs his soda and throws it on the officer in the car, leading him to say "Motherf*cker!" while he tries to clean soda out of his coat. After throwing the soda on him, Smut runs back to his pickup at full speed. Afterwards, the cop in the car tells the other to get back in the car quick, because they will tear those f*ckers apart.

"Drive down the damn sewer, dog. The homies waitin' us there." Smut says.

"I didn't know you was such a cool motherf*cker, homie. Kicking the pig in the balls and throwin' his drink on the other. Real bad boy style." Kane both criticizes Smut's antisocial nature and admires his badass style right there.

"F*ck you!" Smut is clearly offended, and he further states it with his face expression.

"Nah, man. I don't hurting you. You was such a badass back there." says Kane to cheer Smut up.

"Appreciated it, homie." Now Smut is happy and chuckles over Kane's words.

The bent cops will fire on Smut and Kane, but Kane must not get too much away, the main objective is keeping a close distance with cops, making them following you. If Kane drives too much far away from the cops, Smut will warn him by saying things like "You too far away, man. We need to get these f*cking clowns to the trap." or "Hold your f*cking horses, man. You're losing the cops!".

When Kane jumps down to the sewer, the cops will realize that there is something fishy going on and they will request backup. Now along with the bent cops, there will be a dozen of cops that will tail on Kane and Smut. Now, it's pretty simple: Kane must stick driving at the sewer until he reaches the end of it where Nate and an army of Balla members will be waiting.

Reaching the end of the sewer, there will be lots of Balla gang members armed to teeth and a dozen of junk heaps to be used as covers. Kane and Smut leave the truck and jump behind the cars and take cover after them. Although the police force is much more outnumbered than the Ballas, they eventually end their brutal deaths, all get killed in cold blood.

After all cops are killed, the Ballas will start to leave before more police come up. Now the main objective is to get out of the area before police shows up. If seen by the cops with a dozen of dead cops laying in front of him, Kane will earn two-stars wanted level and the player must lose the heat to complete the mission.

If all the cars there are too damaged to be used, Kane can grab a Sanchez that will be located on the right side of the sewer and make his escape with it.

After leaving the area (and losing the cops if any police attraction is gotten), Kane will earn five hundered bucks for his appreciable service and eventually will be rigged by Smut, who is really satisfied with his help and allow Kane to use his drug den anytime he wants.

"Hey, Kane. It's Smut. I really wanna thank you, my man. If it wasn't you, I wouldn't handle it. By now, you can use my den, homie. You can grow pot, cook rock and all that sh*t." Smut shows his gratefulness towards Kane and gifts him with allowing him to use his drug den.

"Wow! Thanks, Smut. I liked it. Thanks, homie." Kane thanks Smut for allowing him to use his drug den and hangs up.


From upon, Smut's drug den is unlocked. Kane can go to the compound in Ganton anytime and produce drugs. However, the player can only manufacture weed and crack. To produce weed, the player must get to the plant area on the balcony where a number of pots are located. In order to grow weed, the player must dig weed buds into pots and sometimes water them. A pot of weed will grow in twelve hours. Crack can be produced in the kitchen of the compound. Producing crack takes a time period of six hours. Manufacturing weed and crack in Smut's den is extremely cheaper when compared to buying them from dealers.

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Yes, we will.



Chapter I - Los Santos

Chapter II - Los Santos

Chapter III - San Fierro

Chapter IV - Las Venturas

Chapter V - Back in Los Santos yet again...

Have to admit, I'm pretty hyped for this.


Fierro was probably the weak link of SA's story. I think you're the man to do it justice.


Also, love the logo!


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Rebel Yell


- PART 4 -


The Compensation


"But, I must take a little compensation for the loss of my employee. I've lots of my workers here and I need to feed 'em. Think it's like a blood money."




- Viktor Perez


A sunny Los Santos morning, Kane, Nate and a couple of Balla members are sitting on the doorstep of Kane's crib, enjoying a good conversation with beer, crack stones and weed roots as indispensable. A Balla member tells his homies about a pretty laughable event he lived the other day.

"I dunno, man but mothef*cker must be thinkin' I'ma f*cking blind o' something. He tried to fool me by some mint, man. You believe it? It even ain't smell like f*cking weed." Balla further explains his story.

This easy, simple yet childish trick done by a newbie dope slinger leaves all the experienced drug dealer there with sharp, loud laughs.

Then, a black Tahoma will be pull over Kane's house. Closing to the car, the driver is revealed to be Suge, one of Kane's lieutenants and there is West sitting at the back seat of the car, who is the sharp, calculative, business man style underboss of the Ballas gang. He has worn nice, smart black suit accompanied by white shirt and blue tie. To gain Kane's attention, Suge will honk the horn twice but Kane won't be able to hear that because of sharp, loud laughs echoing the doorstep. This prompts Suge to yell over Kane's name as he steadily honks the horn.

"Kane! Kane!" Suge calls over Kane as he honks the horn.

"Kane!" One more time, Suge says while honking the horn.

Eventually, Kane will realize the horn and Suge's yellings and will turn to him.

"Yeah, man?" Kane responds.

"You gotta come right now, man. Slight business." Suge implying that there is something important.

Kane will hand his beer to Nate, as he takes a one lost toke from his marijuana cigarette before putting on the ground, later he sits on the driver seat which Suge has left to take his seat near West, on one of the back seats.

"Kane! You know where Combo be?" Suge asks.

"I have no idea, man but we can check his crib." Kane responds.

Later, Kane takes off the car, driving to Combo's apartment block in Idlewood. After a few minutes of silence, Kane asks what's the rush.

"A'right, man. You tell me what's goin' on?" Kane asks.

Although Suge opens his mouth to talk, he is immediately cut by West, who spatchcockes Kane, who was at the scene during the screwed-up deal with the Dominicans.

"Clearin' the blob sh*t you take." West, the underboss of the Ballas gang, spatchcockes Kane with cold manners.

"Oh, nice to see you, too by the way Mr. West." Kane ignores West's words, meanwhile he tries to show some respect towards him.

"We havin' a seat with the Dominicans, man. That be a heat on us, as I presume, and we can't take another fierce war as well." Suge says with a curious tone, cutting down the coldness between West and Kane.

"Good call, homie. But I doubt if the Doms'll want to be square with us." Kane likes the idea of providing a peace but he is not sure of the Dominicans' reaction.

"I see streets much more than you, kid. There was much more blood, more killin' back in the day. Yet, just f*cking know that everyone runs after oppurtunities. That's why I say somethin'. Leave the thinking to yo' mentors." West gives Kane a business lesson meanwhile he is being cocky.

Kane pulls over right near the doorstep of Combo's apartment, he leaves the car, wants allowance to go get Combo.
"We here. A'right, man. Let me check Combo." Kane says while opening the door of the car as if he kind of wants allowance for his superiors.

Kane climbs up two or three low stairs in front of Combo's apartment's iron main door and he reaches for the buzzer located at the right next of the door. Kane presses the buzzer for Combo's flat, calling him over a little bit before Combo responds with a sleepy voice.

"Combo! Combo! You here?" Kane says repeatedly to reach Combo.

"Yeah? What you want?" Combo responds with a sleepy and choked voice tone.

"Just come down quick. It's urgent."

"Okay. Just let me wear my gear." Combo says that he will put on his clothes and come.

Kane leans against the other side of the door as he waits Combo. After a few minutes, Combo shows up with his casual purple tracktop, a black T-shirt underneath and blue jeans.

"What up, man?" Kane and Combo share a fist bump.

Later, Combo and Kane walks towards the black Tahoma. Kane will sit back on the driver's seat as Combo opens the door to take sit near Kane, he will recognize Suge, and more interestingly West, to his surprise.

"Hello, gentlemen." Combo says like it's a question.

Kane will work the engine again and asks for the destination.

"So where we goin'?" Kane asks.

"There is an electrical repair shop in Jefferson. Drive over there." West orders.

After a few minutes of silence, Combo wants someone to tell him what is going on.

"Could somebody tell me what the f*ck goin' on?" Combo asks with a curious yet an angry tone.

"Goin' a sitdown with Dominicans, homie. To smooth things up." Kane briefly explains.

"What!? Bullsh*t." Combo shows his unwillingness with all means.

"Listen to me, you fat f*cking busta'. You was the one who put a bullet in that spic's head. You have no right to say what is good or no. You just gonna shut your bitch ass and do nothin'. If you f*ck up one more time, I'll have sharks bite yo' tiny dick off. You understand? [towards Kane] And you, keep drivin'." West, fed up with Combo's ignorance and craziness, clearly shoots.

"Eh. Wow!" Combo says with a shy tone, actually being sarcastic.

Kane will park the car in front of a wide alleyway in Jefferson. Later, the four men will get out of the car, with West stating that they wanted them to come from the back door. On the way, Kane warns the men to shut up and leave the talking to him.

"We takin' the back door. They did want us to do so." West says that they're gonna enter from the back door.

In the middle of the alleyway, West suddenly stops and tells the men that he'll do the talking.

"None of yous won't say a damn word. I'll do the talkin', a'right?" West orders his men and checks if they understood.
Kane and Suge will nod their head, to show that they got what he said. However, Combo won't do nothing, just doing a cocky standing with his arms bonded to each other. Kane and Suge will look sharp towards Combo, like they're telling him to say yes.
"A'right. A'right. Jeez!" Combo unwilling says.

The party continues walking till' they reach a heavy, iron door located at the end of the alleyway. West will stand right in front of the door meanwhile the other three mean wait right behind him. West will knock on the door several times, causing to a strong sound coming from the iron door. Some minutes later, a shotgun wielding, well-built Dominican guy will open the door, with a confused look on his face, as if asking who they are.

"We here to see Mr.Perez. He be expectin' us." West says as he tries to keep his cool manners.

The guard won't do any respond, he will just open the door to the brim, lets the men in. Kane and Combo follows Suge and West down the concrete steps leading to the basement of the store, presumably. At the end of the stairs, two Dominicans will be waiting, one on the left, the other on the right side of the entrance. They will search the men's bodies, stripping them off if something lethal shows up.

"Hold on. We gotta search you first." one of the guards says with a noticably Latin accent.

First off, the guards will search West and Suge, anyway they will be clean, the guards lead them to the end of the room. Later, the guards will search Kane and Combo, they will find a Pistol stuck up their pants from each.

"You can get it here, while you goin'." One of the guards says and both of them will put the Pistols on a small, old wooden desk which is all covered with dust.

Upon climbing down the concrete steps, the party will be a dark basement room where is only enlightened by the sunshines shivering through the small square windows and a light bulb hanging from the wall. The party go check out a shorty, wheat skinned, buzz haired man with a dark moustache who sits old, dirty green armchair. Furthermore, there is a big, shiny blade seen leaning towards the armchair.

"Hey men! Welcome. Andreas! Henrique! Get some chairs for our company." The shorty man orders his guys to bring some chairs for the men, with a thick Latin accent.

"Sorry for my men's idiotness. I try to teach 'em but y'know they're all bunch of brickheads who are kicked out of school after all." The shorty says.

Then, Andreas and Henrique, the guards on the entrance of the basement will come with four chairs, two in each's hand and put them right in front of the shorty man.

"How about for some whiskey, or some coke?" The short man asks to the four men, with his thick Latin accent again.
"Nah, thanks." All the four men will say in the same time.

"I think it be better if we go straight down the subject." Suge asks the men to talk about the subject.

"Oh yeah. Unfortunately, two of your men killed one of my respected lieutenants the other day. A bullet to the f*cking skull. Although I normally not take my employees gettin' killed, I know you men are real professional businessmen, so rather puttin' bad blood between each other, I think it's better if we find some common way." The shorty man expresses his opinion about the topic.
"Thanks for yo' understanding, Mr.Perez." West says with a tense yet cool manner.

"But, I must take a little compensation for the loss of my employee. I've lots of my workers here and I need to feed 'em. Think it's like a blood money."

"Blood money? How much?" Suge asks curiously.

"Twelve thousand." Viktor says while looking men with gullible yet cunning eyes.

"Twelve G?" Combo's mouth drops off.

Yet again, the three men looks Combo angrily and West cuts.

"A'right. That's cool." West tries to show himself as a strong man though.

First, West goes to the pocket of his black jacket, shoving a three thosand bucks from there. Later, Suge opens the right side of his long black leather coat, moves his hand in the pocket of his coat and gets a three thousand from there.

"Got yours, homies?" Seeing Kane and Combo didn't put any money, Suge asks.

Both Kane and Combo roll their hands around their pockets, but they come up with nothing, Combo just puts a little cent.

"Sorry, bros. Ain't got it." Kane says a bit scary.

"Then go get out on the streets and get the damn six g's. Go. Get out. Now!" West throws Combo's cent away and angrily yells over Kane and Combo.

Kane and Combo get their guns from the dusty desk and they climb over the concrete stairs. Kane opens the heavy iron door and keeps it down until Combo exits from the basement cellar. Later, Kane moves out of the basement and slams the heavy door.
"F*ck! How we gonna earn six g in such short time?" Kane asks with all curiousity.

"Oh, come on! F*ck that. Let's go." Combo is all ignorant, as usual.

"What the f*ck is wrong with you? Ain't you see how serious this is. Dog, we gotta get that money quick... But how?" Kane snaps over Combo and goes into a thinking state of mind.

The two men think for a few minutes, later Combo comes up with an idea.

"There be a big bag of weed in my crib. That's skunkweed but maybe it can do the trick." Combo suggests.

"Worth trying." Kane sympathies the idea.

"A'right then. Let go."

Now Kane and Combo must grab some wheels and make it to Combo's apartment block, yet Suge's black Tahoma can not be taken because it will be locked. Combo and Kane won't talk too much on the way because since Combo's crazy, thoughtless action beyond the bar these days.

When the two men arrive at the apartment, they're gonna climb down Combo's crib which is on the third floor. Later, they go to Combo's bedroom where Combo will kneel down and look for the stash under his bed. After he rolls his right hand a bit (meanwhile using the other to keep on the floor), he gets a big bag full of skunkweed.

"Err... Where the f*ck is it? Uhh... Yeah. There it be." Combo hands up a big bag and shoves it out of the bed.

Combo opens the big sports bag, revealing fat wraps full of pot. There are twenty packets in the bag. In order to sell it faster, they divide the batch into two; Kane takes ten packets, so does Combo.

Later, the two men exit the apartment block and bid farewell to each other, now Kane is tasked with picking up a corner to sell the product. There will be number of blue dots that are shown around the map. Kane must go to one of them and start trading drugs. When picking up a spot, Kane will strike a unique pose, he will cross his hands at the waist level. Presuming that you're a drug dealer, sometimes people will come to you and says that they need dope. However, the player can whistle pedestarians passing around things like "Hey man, you want green stuff?", "Weed yo, good for yo' lungs.", "You give money, I give dope." which may get them more drug deals.

After selling nine packets by picking a spot, Kane's phone will be ringed.

"Who that?" Kane asks for an identification.

"Hello, man. It's Saeed. I heard you got cheap weed. Is that correct?" Saeed, a drug dealer, asks for a confirmation.

"Yeah, you got your word right." Kane, keeping a cool tone, says.

"Okay. Then can you come under the bridge in Idlewood. I can pay for it." Saeed, the drug dealer, says.

" 'kay, comin'." Kane agrees.

So Kane goes under the bridge in Idlewood to sell his product in a good price. Sometimes, the dealers may call you for your product, this is called "tip-off". By "tip-offs", Kane may sell his drugs for plausible prices and also, Kane can get high-quality stuff for cheap prices.

"You Kane, right?" an Arab looking man asks.

"Yeah, and you must be Saeed."

Later, Kane unzips his drug bag, revealing the stuff to Saeed. Saeed will take the package, examine the stuff a bit and says that he liked it.

"Okay, man. Good stuff. I will buy it." Saeed says and get his hand to the pocket of his jacket and gives Kane a wad of cash.

Out of nowhere, the police cars show up.

"Sh*t! It's the cops." Saeed says and runs away.

Kane will earn a two-starts wanted level after a busted deal. Now, Kane must shake off the cops and inform Combo that he has sold all the drugs.

After losing the cops, Kane calls Combo and says that he has sold the drugs.

"Man, I sold the drugs." Kane says.

"Mine finished, too. Come over the stadium. I'm over there." Combo says.

Kane will find Combo in front of the stadium, enjoying a stick of cigarette.

"Wassup man? You done?" Kane asks.

"Yeah, I'm done." Combo takes a strong toke from his cigarette and gets a wad of cash from his pocket.
Later, Kane gets his money as well, he takes Combo's money and then he counts all the money. Kane counts $ 3.000 in the pile, which means they need to get another 3 G.

"There is three thousand right there. We gotta make another three thousand." Kane says.

"You have any idea?" Combo asks.

Kane thinks for a while and he gets the idea of stopping by Marty, who is an old friend of both Combo and Kane, who works at a chop shop in Idlewood.

"We can stop by Marty. I don't know, maybe he may have some job or somethin'." Kane offers an idea.

"Marty? That broccoli head nigga? Come on!" It seems like Combo didn't like the idea.

"As we need to get that money right now, I don't see a damn choice. Come on. Let's go, man." Kane desperately says.
Kane inhales the whole cigarrette with a big toke, which causes him to cough hard, later he throws its butt away and walks over.
Kane and Combo get to the chop shop near Pay N' Spray in Idlewood where Marty works at. When they come to the chop shop, the two men will find Marty working under a brown Primo. Kane and Combo calls him over but Marty doesn't care too much. So Combo delivers a swift kick on Marty's butt, which causes him to scream in pain. Later, Marty gets out under the car and greets Kane and Combo.

"Here he is." Kane fingerpoints a thin black man who is working under a brown Primo.

"Hey." Combo will appraoch the man under the car.

"Go away!" The man under the car will say with an ignorant tone.

"Get out here!" Combo says angrily, grinding his teeth and delivers a swift kick in the man's butt.
Having had a swift, hard kick in the butt, a thin, black man get out under the car, revealing his Afro style hair and his face all covered with grease.

"Uhh... Kane and Combo, nice to see you, brothers." Marty will geniunely happily greets Kane and Combo.

"You want tea, coke or something? I can get one right now." Marty will offer something to drink.

"No thanks. Straight down the manner, we need fast money and we thought you would have somethin' fo' us." Kane comes down to the subject directly.

"Uhh sorry, man but there be nothin' fo' you guys right now... [pauses for a minute] Oh wait, maybe there can be somethin'. My boss has his eyes on a custom gold red Blista Compact, a real cold piece. It be owned by some hipsters down Santa Maria Beach. If you get it here, I'm sure my boss'd pay heavily for you." Marty, after a bit cooldown, says.
"How much you talkin' about?" Kane asks.

"I guess about two G's." Marty makes a prediction.

"Let's make it three." Kane moves his eyebrows, tries to get the payment higher, more like pushing Marty to do it

After he pauses a little bit, Marty agrees to pay them three thousand for the car.

"A'right. A'right. Just take the car and don't bring no cop here, okay?" Marty accepts Kane's offer and warns him about the cops.

"Okay. Hey Combo, let's go."

Kane and Combo leave the garage.

The unique Blista Compact Marty is looking for is located at the entrance of Santa Maria Beach, on the wooden road. Kane and Combo find the car easily but they recognize three hipsters around it. Combo gently asks them to leave but when they ignore his warning, Combo pulls out his gun and shoots one of them in the head, leading the others to escape.

"Hey boys! We need that car, so you f*ck out!" Kane just gives a warning.

"You f*ck off, you big fat bag of potato!" Hipsters doesn't take Combo too serious.

This angers Combo and he pulls out his gun. Before he can escape, Combo shoots bullet between the eyes of the hipster.
"You want some too?" Combo says to the remaining hipsters.

After staying cold upon their friend gets shot, hipsters come back and run down the beach with the dust of their feet.
Then, Kane will sit on the driver seat, meanwhile Combo takes the other seat. As soon as Kane works the engine, the police bikes show up, recognizing the hipsters whose brains are licking the concrete.

Now, Kane will be wanted with two-starts. Before taking the car to the garage, Kane must lose the cops according to the deal with Marty. After losing the cops, Kane and Combo take the car to the garage Marty works in and they receive their payment, $ 3.000.
Combo and Kane pull the car into the garage.

"Here is the deal. We got the car." Combo says.

"Wow, you guys be perfect. Hey, if you want more work, stop by the shop, eh. My boss need guys like you. Anyway, here is yo' pay. [gets three thousand bucks from the pocket in the middle of his workwear] Don't waste the whole on the strippers, eh." Marty appreciates Kane and Combo's work and makes a little joke in the end.

"Thanks, Marty." Kane takes the money and puts it in his pocket.

Kane and Combo walks towards the garage gate.

"Stop by later, guys." Marty says as he waves his hand left to right after them.

So that now they've collected the money, Kane calls Suge and tells that they've got the money.

"We got the cash, bro. Where you guys be?" Kane says.

"Come back to shop. We still there." Suge says.

"Okay, man. Comin'." Kane says and hangs up the phone.

"We goin' back to the store." Kane says to Combo.

Back to the shop, Kane and Combo will take the back entrance again. There, they're welcomed by that shotgun wielding, bulky Dominican again.

Kane knocks on the heavy, iron door, after a few minutes or so, the same bulky Dominican opens the door again.
"Come in." The bulky Dominican says in a rude manner and lets the men in.

Kane and Combo once again climbs down the concrete steps and lead down to the entrance of the basement place where two Dominicans are keeping watch there. However, this time Dominicans will not search Kane and Combo, just let them go. Kane and Combo will recognize West and Suge still sitting in front of Perez. Kane slowly walks towards Perez, shoves up the cash from the pocket of his jacket and hands it to Perez, who will be pleased with the result.

"It seems like you're the men of your word. Liked it." Perez chuckles and shows a fondness towards Ballas once again.
"Okay. Now we're okay, men. It been pleasure to meet with you. Perhaps we would do business sometime later. Tener un buen dia." Perez admires Ballas and bids a farewell to four men.

Later, the four men will leave the basement by climbing up those steep concrete stairs as the Dominican guards looks them with tough eyes.

Now, it's raining cats and dogs. The drops are heavy like cannons, they can hury anybody whose skins they hit to. The four men walk down the alleyway, reach Suge's car. Then, West tells that it's done but he warns Combo with a mixed threatening manner.

"This done, but I don't wanna next time. And you [looks grimly towards Combo], you will, from upon, lay low for a bit. Sit down at yo' crib, watch porn, eat chips, whatever you name it. If you do somethin' crazy again, I dare you, I double dare you. Got it? Now f*ck out of here." West will harshly warn Combo.

Suge will walk towards his car, as he opens the door of his car, West asks him if he can give him a lift to his crib.
"Hey Suge. Gimme a lift, man." West wants Suge to drive him to home.

The water splashes down the whole pavement as Suge quickly takes off with his black Tahoma. Then, Kane realizes Combo, who starts to laugh over West's warnings, even tears are coming from his eyes for laughing.

"Don't laugh, man. It's not cool. When you gonna do somethin' right? All you do is killin' without thinkin', bein' high on yo' bong or gettin' drunk with a wine bottle. Man, control yourself. Now take a chill, a'right. Just sit yo' ass in yo' crib." Kane tries to tell Combo to look at his reckless behaviors and change them.

"Yeah. Yeah. A'right." Combo starts laughing again as he walks down to the opposite direction, down to Jefferson Motel...

  • Drug dealing mini-game is unlocked.
  • Marty's Vehicle Thefts are unlocked.





Comments on this part...




Okay, so I've taken a look through those 2 chapters, and I can safely say you've just about nailed the gameplay factor in your concept. One other thing I've noticed and liked throughout your writing is your portrayal of that signature African-American Street tongue (hope I'm not being racist here). You look at the sentence, and you know who you're listening to. It's outstanding. Complements the dialogues to what it deserves really. As for the action, you have done it brilliantly. It certainly is a great idea to include the other small elements of dialogue into the gameplay. I'll certainly try something similar for EC79 (if you don't mind?)
Let's see if I can get the cookie smiley right from the mobile version...




Still awesome dude. I've not much else to say other than I am still thoroughly enjoying your story.

I was glad to see a heavier emphasis on gameplay in these two recent missions with Kane's predicament of earning six G's in a very short amount of time. This is why I appreciate your writing so much; you can put mundane activities like boosting cars and pushing dimebags into such a thrilling context.

More soon, hopefully!

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Rebel Yell

- PART 5 -

Cold Blood


"You f*cking sick, cold-blooded motherf*cker! What you torture a pig fo' ?"


- Kaynard "Kane" Brice

Kane stops by his crib, and finds it occupied by his homies once again. They're having classic but nice conversation while they sip their fizzy beer, inhale their pudgy joints. Kane passes by a bit cheesing homeboys as he bids his greetings to them.

"Hey sup, homie?" Kane says as he thrusts his hand out a Balla member who is high on smoke.

"Weep, you cool, homie?" Kane says to another member.

"Ted, how you doin?" Kane fist bumps a buzz-haired Balla wearing a baggy purple hoodie, who won't just do nothing, smoke his joint and share the fist bump.

Out of the blue, Nate shows up in the door of Kane's crib with a Sprunk can in his hand.

"Hey, homie. Whassup?" Nate greets his homie, but with a choked voice probably he's a bit good on alchocol, crack and pot.
Kane and Nate give each others five and touch their shoulder.

"You remember that thang I told you, meh nigga?" Nate leans down Kane's ear and says with that same choked voice.
"Which thing, nigga?" says Kane as he shows a puzzled face expression.

"You know. That thang, man. My crackhead of a Jones, Bender... [pauses a bit as he clears his throat] wants sh*t." Nate's voice gets even choked.

"Nigga, you sure? I mean it's too small-time." Kane seems like unwilling to sell a crackhead in the neighborhood.

"You right, man but motherf*cker know I sling rock, so he push me around, man." Nate explains why he is so insistent about the thing.

"A'right, man. But I'm thirsty like a motherf*cker. Lemme drink somethin' first." Kane demands something to drink.

"Take, nigga. Chuck my Sprunk." Nate hands the Sprunk can to Kane.

Kane hits the all soda in once, only to later get his throat scrotch because of the extreme, sudden acid taking.


Meanwhile, Combo is leaning on his brown-beige Clover, huffing a cigarette with his big lips. A few minutes later, a beat cop comes out of the pizza parlor right just in front of where Combo is standing. Seeing the cop, Combo knitted his eyebrows as he chuckled between his big, sausage like lips, seems like he has something on his mind... something evil. Combo took a last toke from his cigarette, threw it away and later started to walk towards weedy, half breed cop with a Sprunk in his head. Combo grabbed the cop in the mouth, preventing him to scream, as he keeps him from the ribs with his other hand. The poor beat cop tried was mumbling, but that was useless because he was being taken away. Combo shoved the cop in the trunk of his car and quickly took his seat back in the driver seat and drove away.


"We drivin' to my block, homie." says Nate as the two walk towards a set of wheels.

The two men don't talk until Kane asks Nate if Donette, his wife and the kids come back home.

"Man. Donette and the kids ain't home yet?" Kane asks, just to set a conversation.

"Nah. She still at her mom's. We plannin' to talk by Friday." Nate answers with a normal tone.

"She's a good woman, man. You betta' find a way to get her back."

"Damn right, man. My life is just big blob of sh*t now. I buy a box of beer everyday, and I find the half of it already finished. I don't wanna talk about the rock and pot I do. Man, I'm like a f*cking dragon. However, the biggest thang is I sleep lone at night. I can't touch her soft, cotton hair while I sleepin'. This is what hurts most." Nate pours out all the bad emotions since his wife has gone, and gives a big exhale after talking.

"I bet you right, man. You goddamn right." Kane tries to get Nate in the mood, putting himself in his shoes.

Kane pulls the vehicle in front of Nate's little apartment building in Willowfield. Later, Kane starts to follow Nate, who takes the concrete stairs from the left side from the building, leading a number of tiny apartment flats lined up successively.

"The guy live on a flat just three flats over me." Nate informs Kane about the location as he and Kane climb up the concrete stairs.
Kane and Nate pass by a number of flat doors, eventually they stop in front of a crib on whose door there is "12" written with iron plate. Nate knocks on the door as Kane stays behind him. Kane knocks on the door like around five minutes, but then some choked, pitchy voice shouts behind the door.

"Yeh!.. [pauses for a minute] Who is it?" Some choked voice shouts behind the door as he clears his throat full of slime.

"Bender. Open up, fool. It's Nate." Nate tells the choked voice to open up the door.

" 'kay. I'll be in a minute." The choked voice answers.

Kane leans on the grates and gets his right hand on his temples, thinking that it's embrassing to step by a crackhead's pleasure.


Combo has brought the cop to his crib and tied him up to a wooden chair.

"You crazy sociopath. What is your problem? You're gonna pay for this!" The poor half-breed beat cop says as a little stripe of blood comes out of his broken nose.

"Be a good boy, Mr.Cop Man cuz we're here all night long." Combo says with a voice tone that is barely heard because of a cigarette stick between his huge lips. Later, Combo grabs the cop's shirt, quickly pulls it, stripping the cop from his shirt.

Combo takes a last toke from his cigarette, later takes it out of his mouth and puts it out on the cop's chest, which causes him to scream like a pig as the cigarette's ash falls through his legs but the ash goes off before it burns the cop's pants.

"If you 'cuse me, Mr.Cop Man, I'ma get the toys. You know what I mean?" Combo says and leaves the room.


"Uhh, c'mon!" Kane, bored of waitin', said as he let his arms off the grates.

Then, a bald, dirty bearded man with itchy skin opened the door. Also there was huge pimples and purple stains all over his, this was probably of a top-grown crack addiction. He will just open the door and wait, show no remorse. It seems like smoking too much rock made his brain a stew.

"You gonna let us in, or what." Nate said as he looked at the crackhead with gullible eyes.

"Sure. Sure. Come in."

As soon as Bender takes the two men inside the room, Kane and Nate finds themselves in sh*thole of a crib. The room was all dark, almost there was no light in the room except for the sunshine shivering through the dirty red curtains, but they were more like maroon because of the huge amount of dirt on it. The bong, whose colour has turned into yellow, more likely due to extreme drug using and the little crack stones, which turned into just a white, orange piece of dust, on the huge table standing in the middle of the crib, was explaining all the pimples and stains on the man's face. Kane and Nate just stayed next to a coffee table near Bender's sofa, which was all covered with dirt and stains of soda and the cigarette burns.

"You guys wait here, eh. I'm... [pauses for a minute] gonna get the money... [pauses again] and come back." Bender hardly says because of the stew in his brain, which is a result of his hardcore crack addiction.

Kane shares gullible glances with Bender, like saying him that he's f*cking creepy. After he pauses for a while, Bender goes to his bedroom, kneels down in front of the drawer right near his messy bed. Bender pulls the knob of the drawer, revealing a bunch of underwears. Bender throws nearly all of the underwears out of the drawer and takes a Pistol in the bottom of it.

"Yeah, that's here." Bender says he was looking through his weapon while turning it around.

Bender got back and started walking down the coridor to go back Kane and Nate as he tossed his hand behind his back, hiding his weapon.


Combo got back to the room with a green, iron, rusty toolbox. He put the box onto his table, and start to looking something that can get what he wants.

"You see, Mr. Cop Man. The other day, a drug deal between me, my homeboy Kane and some spics got busted. Not something usual though. Something wicked, I guess. So tell me all you know and I let you go." Combo said to the beat cop tied to the chair, as he was looking around the tool box.

"What do you mean? I'm a f*cking beat cop, man. I cannot know any sh*t about a drug deal. I just joined the forces two months ago. You think I may know something about it." The cop was trying to be cool and reasonable, but the fear could be read through his eyes.

Combo shoves a pair of pliers from the toolbox.

"Bullsh*t! I smell something... ehh how they say... yeah, fishy. Do you get that smell too, Mr. Cop Man? [pauses for a minute] No? Maybe I gotta go plastic surgery up yo' ass." Combo said with evil eyes as he was clipping the pliers.

Later, Combo moved down on the beat cop, grabbed him in the face. The cop was pleading to Combo, saying that he has a wife and kids, but this was useless. Combo has made his mind, with fire on his eyes. Combo bashed the pliers in the cop's nose. He moved it left to right a little bit and later he pulled the plies back, the cop's notably "nut-like" nose between them. Now, the cop was like a f*cking ghost, he had no nose, he was looking like a zombie. His nose had been alreadly bleeding before Combo ripped off his nose, but now the cop's nose was like a blood pool flowing through his mouth, which he opened to scream his gruesome pain.


Cut to Bender's crib, Bender has knocked down Nate with the butt of his gun and he is holding Kane on the gunpoint right now, demanding a rush of crack without any money. While pointing the gun, his hands were shaking so badly. Bender gotta get, at least a dimebag of crack, because he was going worse, or at least he was thinking like that.

"What you waitin' for?.. [pauses for a minute] Give me the f*cking... [pauses for a minute] rock." Bender was threating Kane with his Pistol while his hands were shaking, quite noticably and he had gullible eyes, because he hadn't smoked for a long time.

However, Kane was playing badass, he was showing no remorse towards a mad crackhead and his gun right on his head. That time, a meat cleaver caught the eyes of Kane. It was right on the coffee table next to him. The meat cleaver was covered with chocolate cream and also there was a moldy piece of bread, with chocolate cream in it. Kane was slowly moving his right arm on the meat cleaver, to pick it.


The cop was not still talking, because actually he doesn't know anything, it was Combo's meaningless craziness and anger that dragged him down here, in a wooden chair at a damn crazy torturer's crib. He was still screaming, and the blood pool coming from his nose cools was flowing faster. Combo was looking around the tool box again, this time he got his head out of the toolbox with a hammer in his hand.

"You sure you know nothin', Cop Man?" Combo said as he was looking at the screaming cop with evil eyes and tapping the hammer into his left hand.

"No, I said no, you damn f*ck. Please let me go, I wanna see my wife and children." The cop's eyes were all watery as he wanted Combo to show mercy.

Combo, like always, ignored it and delivered a good hit of heavy hammer into two kneecaps of the cop. Cop continued to scream as Combo hit the hammer heavily on the cop's right foot.


Kane has stopped keeping eye contact with Bender, he was eyeing the meat cleaver on the coffee table but Bender's brain was so stew that he, no way, is able to understand what Kane was looking at. Kane moved his right arm towards the meat cleaver closer yet still slowly (in this lapse, the player is ordered to move his mouse forward slowly and if the player is close enough to the meat cleaver, he needs to press LMB to pick the meat cleaver). Feeling that he's close enough to the cleaver, Kane acted fast, got the meat cleaver on the coffee table and lifted it right on Bender's right arm which arm he is holding the gun. Kane then hit the meat cleaver on Bender's right shoulder so hard that his arm is teared apart from his body. Kane picked Bender's weapon and tried to wake Nate up, who was knocked down with the butt of Bender's Pistol.

"Nate! Nathan! C'mon, man. We got to go." Kane poked the knocked down Nate, as he was looking at chopped off Bender with disgust.

Nate suddenly woke up, he carrassed his hand and after his dizziness went away, he recognized a Bender without an arm on the floor, showed disgust towards the picture.

"Man! What the F*CK happened here?" Nate was just confused in front of this view.

"Don't ask damn questions, man. I said we gotta go." Kane grabbed Nate in his left arm and dragged him outside Bender's crib.

"I gotta tell you're a man with balls, Mr. Cop Man. Now, let's try somethin' else." Combo said and shoved two big, rusty iron hooks from the toolbox.

"Please. Please. Show mercy. I told you, I don't know anything. It's not sensible." The cop said as his eye tears and blood got mixed.

As Combo approached the cop with big iron hooks, the cop's scream got louder, he was yelling "No!" after and after. However, Combo was like a reincarnation of Devil, he bashed the hooks through the cop's nipples and pulled them so fast and hard that some of his ribs got broken and his lungs got ripped off.

Before Combo can continue his bloody, brutal torture, his watch's alarm ringed. It was the time for Combo's favourite TV show. So Combo decided to give a break until his favourite show is finished.

"Hmm... It's time for "Gordon Moorehead: Titslap Cases". It my favourite show, and I get pissed when I miss it. So let's give it a break for now, eh?" Combo said, wiped the blood on his hand to the table and walked out of the table while leaving the wasted beat cop with two hooks on his chest, two thick stripes of blood coming out of his ripped, fleshy lungs.


Suddenly, Kane and Nate got into a vehicle and drove away, but Nate was still wondering what had happened in Bender's flat.

"Dude, seriously; what the damn thing happened back there!?" Nate was both angry and curios while asking this question.

"You see the buster showed up with a handgun and knocked you down... [cut down by Nate]"

"Yeah, I knew that part, I was conscious there." Nate sarcastically cut through Kane's words.

"The motherf*cker was gonna shoot me, so I had to do that." Kane explained it.

"What the f*ck was in yo' mind, man? How the hell am I gonna get back there?" Nate was angry about Kane's brutal action.

"I ain't understand why it such a big deal that you can go back yo' home?"

"Yeah, a Balla livin' near a crackhead with no arm. The police'd probably say "Oh sorry, sir. That was a misunderstanding" [pretending a fake steorotypic British accent] and let me go. Uhh come on." Nate mocked Kane's thoughtless statement yet he was right.

"Well, the motherf*cker was gonna pop me in the skull. What you expected? Till' I get my gun, the f*cka would already cap me." Kane made his defense.

After a short silence...

"Yeah, you right, homie. Sorry. Can you take me over the 24/7 in El Corona? I gotta stay away from that sh*thole fo' a while." Nate wanted Kane to give him a lift.

So, Kane drops him off 24/7 market in El Corona where he and Kane separate their ways for a while.

"Thanks, man. If it wasn't you, that crazy crackhead would get meh head." Nate showed his gratefulness towards Kane, who kind of saved his life.

"Don't mention it, homie."

"Ehh... you wanna come? If you wanna hang out mo' ?"

"Nah, man. Sorry. I gotta check on Combo, see what that f*cker up fo'." Kane says.

"A'right, man. I'll catch you later." Nate said and walked into the store.


Combo comes back to the room after his show is finished, not realizing that the cop's whole torso is covered with blood and... he's dead.

"Was a good show. Where were we?" Combo said while he looked through the tool box again. However, after getting his head out for a minute, he realized that the beat cop's chest was all bloody, and he got choked on his own pool of blood because his mouth was all bloody as well. Also his eyes were close, more like his eyelids were stapled with the bottom of his eyes.

"You weak mothef*cka. You lil' pink pussy." Combo sweared the cop as he took the hooks from the cop's bloody lungs and he ripped off a bit piece of his lungs while he was trying to remove the hooks.

Later, Combo threw the cop into his back and started to carry him downstairs. When he reached the first floor of the apartment, he took the back door, leading into a backalley. Combo moved towards a dumpster located at the deepest corner of the backalley, he strained himself to throw the dead body away. However, he's recognized by Kane who has just come by to check what Combo is doing.

"What the f*ck?" Kane said with a confused manner when he saw Combo with something stiff on his back.

So, Kane rushed down near Combo who was just about to throw the corpse into the dumpster but he stops when he hears Kane.

"You f*cking sick, cold-blooded motherf*cker! What you torture a pig fo' ?" Kane asks when he realized the dead man is cop, seeing the transceiver on his belt.

"Gettin' something about that deal, homie. However, the mothef*cker be hard as nails." Combo makes a silly defense for his action of torturing a beat cop to death.

Combo lifts the dead body upper, about to dump him in the trash.

"You think maybe he ain't know nothin'? And get that sh*t off your back. You throw him in the dumpster at the back of yo' crib and every cop in this damn city go after our ass. We gotta get rid of this body the smartest way."

Combo drops the body on the ground, and the two men start to think what they're gonna do with the cop's body. After a short thinking, Combo comes up with a good idea.

"There was a kid in the primary school... JD. He the only guy that go to college in the hood. Became doc, but a crooked one. That sneak f*cka deals organs. He could help us with this sh*t." Combo makes actually a good suggestion.

"A'right, man. Let's load him in the trunk."

Combo grabs the dead beat cop's arms meanwhile Kane's picks the cop's legs. They carry the corpse to Combo's brown-beige Clover. To open the trunk, Kane drops the cop's legs for a minute and pop out the trunk. Later, the men will load the corpse to the trunk and Kane will drive him, Combo and of course the dead beat cop in the trunk to JD's place in Willowfield (the same place as Emmet's place from San Andreas).

Upon arriving at JD's place, Combo and Kane will get out of the car and Combo knocks on a green plastic door. A few minutes later, a bald headed African-American with dark moustache half-opens the door after seein Combo, he fully opens it.

"JD!.. Jerome! Open the door, you sly busta!" Combo yells over his primary school friend JD as he knocks on the green plastic door hard.

"Hey Combo! Long time no see, man." A bald headed African-American with dark moustache opens the green plastic door and greets Combo.

"Yeah... Stop bullsh*ttin'. We got a dead b*tch in the trunk. Though you might be interested." Combo keeps a cool profile.

"Jesus, man. I'm always interested in dead bodies. But nothin' like necrophilia. [chuckles] However, I gotta check on it first."

"Sure. Up the trunk." says Kane.

Kane, Combo and JD go to the back of Combo's clover, Kan pops up the trunk, revealing the dead body of brutally tortured beat cop.

JD will investigate body for a short while, but when he realizes a belt in the corpse's body, he weasels out of the deal.
"What you did to this guy? His lungs all chopped and sh*t... [looking at the face of the dead cop] Well, at least his eyes stay good, the eyes reaped fo' good money these days. [turns the body around] What!? The dude is a f*cking pig. I ain't takin' it." All keeps cool until JD realizes the transceiver hanging out from the dead cop's belt.

Combo gets his Pistol stuck up his baggy blue Jeans.

"You take this or you get a bullet in yo' head." says Combo as he points his gun on JD's head.

"Jesus! Jesus! A'right, man. I will take it." JD, unwilingly, agrees to take the body.

"You can get rid of it?" Kane asks.

"Sure, I'll have these organs out on the streets in no time." JD responses.

"Good." answers Kane, plain and simple.

"See ya' later, JD. Get rid of it in no time or..." Combo says as he and Kane start to walk out of the alleyway, Combo implies that his head will be gone if he doesn't.

Kane will be receiving three thousand bucks from the dead cop's body, also he can bring dead bodies to JD for being sold on the streets later.

After exiting the alleyway, Combo and Kane will enter in another argument.

"How many times was it, man? You do sh*t for no reason. Icing that Dominican, now torturin' this cop... Give it a f*cking break, man." Kane warns Combo once again.

"I think fo' you, my homies, man. That somethin' wicked about the deal, and I'm gonna find it. That's my cause." Combo foolisly defends his idea again.

"Yeah, but TORTURING [lowers down his voice]... torturin' a beat cop? What is it, man? How the hell a beat cop would know about a crack deal? Please, man. Just sit your ass in yo' crib till' you get a normal mind. Or we gonna get shot down in our own corner, or go prison or somethin'. Get yo' bitch ass back in the car. I'm gettin' you home."

Now, Combo's Clover will be spawned in front of the alleyway to JD's place. Kane must take Combo his crib in Idlewood and this will be the last objection of this part. Upon dropping Combo off his apartment block, Kane will tell Combo to keep a low profile and go.
"Homie. Stay low, a'right. Don't get yo' head in more sh*t." Kane warns Combo again.

"A'right. A'right. See ya' later." Combo says, gets out of the car and enters his apartment block.

  • Body Harvest side mission is unlocked.




Comments on this part...




Listened through your radio station updates last night. Radio LS and Playback FM are the sh*t. Spoonie Gee is class.

Wow. That mission. What a clusterf*ck (in terms of events, obviously!).

Send the men in white coats 'round if you like but I was rooting for Combo. Loved how one minute he was calling the cop a pussy then in an attempt to defend his actions to Kane, tries to say he was one tough motherf*cker.

Please tell me Body Harvest side missions are something to do with black market organs.



Thanks. I have a bit f*cked up imagination I guess. :lol: Actually Trevor was a one inspiration source for Combo, but now I feel like Combo is pretty far from Trevor, and I actually like it. Rather than being a comic relief like Trevor, Combo has become a unnecessary violent slant yet one badass motherf*cker. Let's face it: although T was an unpredictable, psycho son of a b*tch, through the whole game there was just some moments he was a badass, combined with his unpredictable, violent state of mind: generally the O'Neil and The Lost saga was the only time he was a badass, just smashing Johnny K's brains under his boot, burning O'Neil residence to the ground, blowing up the Lost trailer park, maybe; and also maybe torturing that Azerbaijani dude. I liked T as a character but he was more of a comic relief, so I think that Combo, now, is much more different than Trevor and I'm glad it is like that. Whatever I'ma stop right now, keep GTA V out of my topic.

Exactly! Body Harvest includes killing people, shoving their dead bodies up the trunk and getting them to JD who will get them out on the streets to be sold. :sly: I will add it in the "Side Missions" section soon.




When Combo first snatched the cop, I thought he was going to do a Mr. Blonde bit to some Big Daddy.

There's a purpose to his actions, opposed to booting the f*ck out of bikers for giggles. It didn't scream torture for torture's sake, just the f*cked up psyche of a guy who's conditioned to believe his way is the right way. So long as they continue to have purpose I'd love to see more acts of a similiar nature. You're getting the balance just right between extreme violence and extreme conditions.

I also like your karma system for the drug dealing (and how the system is organized on a whole). Every time I come to this topic I find something new to rave about. :^:
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Rebel Yell
- PART 6 -

The Edge Of Forever

"F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! F*CK! Crazy busta of a crew chief, a dead Dom with a bullet in the head behind, some tortured pig up in the neighborhood... and now some damn cops with dirty ass laundry to clean. My life goin' sh*t. I'm RIGHT on the f*ckin' edge."

Kaynard "Kane" Brice




Kane, Nate and Weep (one of the other Ballas from the previous part "Cold Blood") were sitting in Kane's house, watching a porn movie.

"Oh yeah, man. Leather clothes... Hot. You see, boys. I told you this movie be ragin'." Weep said as he moves his arms around, he's totally on his energy.

"Just shut up and let us watch it, man." Nate said, and tried to fend off Weep who was disturbing.
Out of the blue, a police cruiser just pulled in front of Kane's house. A buzz haired African-American police officer and a chubby, yellow fade cut hair police officer, looking like more of a Pole get out of the car. They enter Kane's crib through the open door, which will make all the three men confused but Kane luckily keep his cool manners.

"Nigga, didn't you close the damn door?" Nate silently said to Weep, who will just raise his arms as if saying "I don't know.".

"Morning boys." the buzz haired African-American officer said while he was passing through the open door.

"Where is knocking the door, officers?" Kane kept his cool manners and said, still sitting on the couch with more "king" style.

"[chuckles] Funny guy... [recognizing the porn tuning on the screen] My son loves this stuff, too. Caught the little bastard watching one another day." Tenpenny chuckles and makes a little joke when he recognized the porn on the screen.

Kane gets the porn tape out of the CD player and hands it.

"Here... Hope yo' son love it." Kane said while he handed the tape to the black cop, who finds Kane annoying yet amusing.

"You might be a crook b*tch, but you're a pair balls." The black police officer gave the porn tape to his friend and said to Kane.

"Yeah. He's a real stallion, totally." The Pole looking police officer added.
"Anyway, officer. You tell me why you come here?" Kane walks towards the black officer, getting his face right in his face, making him feel his breath.

"A beat cop reported missing the other day, and he's seen around Idlewood lastly. I think he might be another victiom of gang violence." the black police officer steps back and walks on Kane again, like how Kane does to him a minute ago.

"How you know it was us?.. officer" Nate, actually the smartest in the group, decides to play hardball like his homie Kane meanwhile Weep just stays timidly.

"Yeah, I don't know what you talkin' 'bout as well, officer." Kane, over the top of his cool manners.
"My gut feelings say so... homeboys. All them purple bastards are nothin' but cop killin', drug dealin', rape lovin' b*tches, and it's my job to exterminate them... for the sake of this beautiful city." the black officer, still on Kane's neck.

There will be a short silence around the room, and after a few minutes police officer will decide to go.

"Catch you later... homeboys." The Pole police officer says with a chuckling voice tone.

Tenpenny was walking down the door but he suddenly stops and turns to Kane.

"Yo, take it. Here is my number. You look like smart enough to know that we could sh*t on you SUCH a height you'll think that God himself has crapped on you. But use a payphone, if you'll call." The black police officer will hand Kane a piece of paper on which his phone number is written.

Kane and the black police officer change intimidating glances, and later the officers will get out of the crib, the Pole cop will close the door behind him, leaving Kane, Nate and Weep all alone to think what they're gonna do.

"So, homies. What you think?" Weep will say, still timidly.

"I don't know. I don't know." Kane repeated while he had his hand in his mouth, grinding his teeth on it.
After a short silence, Nate says that they have no choice but collecting the cops' back.

"The way I see it, man we have no choice. We gotta wipe out them clowns' sh*tty asses, or they may pin that on us. A cop missing in a gang hood... we'd totally f*ck up." Nate suggests the most logic thing.

"Then I see no way other than doin' errands fo' these f*cks." Kane says while he opened his arms.

"And Weep, you'll tell no sh*t to anyone." Kane strictly warns Weep, who is nervous as hell.

"Okay, man. Okay. You can count on me." Weep says with a tense voice tone.

"Okay then. Nate, let's go, man.

Nate and Kane exit the crib, leaving Weep alone, circling around the livingroom.


Cut to a narrow apartment coridor, Combo walks around while saying "No. 4!" to himself repeatedly. Later, he stops by the doorstep of a flat with a "4" written plate on its door. Combo knocks on the door and a few minutes later, a white man wearing an orange beanie, baggy blue T-shirt and baggy olive cargo pants opens the door.

"Ehh... Combo... Hello!" The man is very suprised and tense to see Combo.


"F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! F*CK! Crazy busta of a crew chief, a dead Dom with a bullet in the head behind, some tortured pig up in the neighborhood... and now some damn cops with dirty ass laundry to clean. My life goin' sh*t. I'm RIGHT on the f*ckin' edge." Kane is in the middle of a nervous breakdown, as he angrily bashes on the pavement and waves his fists around.

"Relax, man. We gonna sort this out." Nate put his hands on Kane's shoulder, shook him trying to calm hell of an angry Kane.

"A'right, man. A'right. I'm cold. You know where the nearest payhpone be?" Kane asks for the nearest payphone.

"There is one just in front of the pizza parlor. Let's head there."

During this part, whenever you need a payphone (payphones are important things for this mission, because every each of his tasks are completed, you need to get in touch with Tenpenny via. a payphone), the closest payphone to you will be shown by a white circle with a black phone handset on it.

When they get to the nearest payphone, Kane checks on the payphone to call Tenpenny, meanwhile Nate waits him near the payphone. Kane gets the small piece of paper Tenpenny gave him from the pocket of his pants and dials the number on the paper. A few minutes later, Tenpenny answers the call and says that he is happy that they've seen the truth.

"Yeah. Who that?" Tenpenny answers the call.

"You said call, I did call." Kane arrogantly answers.

"Oh, you are that cop killin' b*tch. Gangs are done, you've watched too many movies. You gotta find the true path." Tenpenny was all sarcastic yet arrogant while saying them.

"Stop bullsh*t, man. Just tell me what you want." Kane kept it cool.

"Jayvon Leroy, a small-time rock slinger. Phony motherf*cker things the world is revolvin' around him. He hangs out a local liquor store in Ganton. Seems like asshole earn good, he rolls around with his new, shiny PCJ-600. Get him." Tenpenny gives headings to Kane and hangs up.

Kane puts the handset back on the payphone booth.

"So what he say?"

"Jayvon Leroy. Small-time crack dealer. Hangs out at a liquor store in Ganton. Owns a pretty good bike." Kane shares the headings with Nate.

"Okay, homie. Let's get that f*cka." Nate said.

To waste no time, Kane and Nate quickly rush to the liquor store in Ganton where Jayvon Leroy is holed up. When they arrive at the place, they realize a nice, new and shiny teal PCJ-600 parked in front of the store. Shortly after a black man with the appearance of exactly a drug dealer exits the store and jumps on the bike. Assuming that it's their guy, Kane and Nate tail after him.

Now, Kane and Nate must catch Jayvon who rides with a speed a bit above the average. However, if they spook him out, Jayvon will start riding crazily which makes it more difficult to keep up with him. Also, if Kane and Nate can't manage to kill Jayvon early enough, he rides into the freeway, taking the reverse path, which makes the chase harder.

After killing Jayvon, Kane and Nate go to the nearest payphone shown on the map and get in contact with Tenpenny.

Kane walks to the payphone again, shoving the little piece of paper from his pocket, dials it again. In a minute, Tenpenny answers the call.

"I got it. Now I guess we cool now." Kane playin' it cool.

"No! We're done when I let your b*tch ass go, you evil bastard. Anyway, the guy's name is Carlos Manolo. Another gangbangin', drug pushin', cop killin' b*tch just like you. I heard he's kickin' it with his homies down Los Flores. Go finish him." Tenpenny dominates Kane and hangs up.


Meanwhile, the orange beanie man has let Combo in his crib. Combo has sprawled himself on sofa, opened his arm each side. The man brings two cups full of hot chocolate on a metal tray and puts it on the table right in front of Combo. Later, he takes seat on an armchair, opposing Combo.
"Why you here, Combo?" The man nervously asks.

After a short silence, Combo bursts in.

"There a problem for you, I comin'... Jimmy?" Combo asked as he sipped on the cup full of hot chocolate.
"Nah, man. Nah... I ws just..." Jimmy's tension could read through his eyes and his wide forehead has started to drop some sweat.

"You heard about the busted crack deal between me and the Doms, right?" Combo said and took some sips from his hot chocolate.

"I just heard it, but nothin' more, man. I promise." Jimmy said as his eyes were rollin' around.

"You a big nose b*tch, Jim. Why should I trust you? Tell me everythang you know before I go mad on yo' ass." Combo said as he took a last sip from his hot chocolate and put the cop on the table.

"I have no idea what you talkin' 'bout. I'm just a little crook who robs houses and boosts cars. Also man, I'm not on the streets for a long time. I was just being anti-social... hooked on my game console."

Jimmy tried to prevent Combo from going crazy.

"ENOUGH!" Combo taunted and smashed the hot chocolate cup on the left side of the Jimmy's head. His left side turned went red and there's a little blood coming from a slash up here.

Jimmy screams in pain and hold the cut which started to make the left side of his face all bloody.

"Now, you're gonna tell me it or what?" Combo said.


Kane puts the handset on the payphone booth and joins Nate's company again.

"Where we goin' man?" Nate asked with all curiousity.

"Los Flores. A guy goin' by the name of Carlos Manolo. Probably a Vago."

"Oh sh*t, man. Not them spic f*ckheads." Nate shows unlikeliness towards it, because of Vagos' notorious violent and sometimes racist behaviours.

Kane and Nate will find Carlos hanging out with a couple of his holmes at a backalley in Los Flores. They're sitting on a couple of junk heaps and drinking booze. One of the Vagos talks about the stereo system he built on his car. Realizing the two Ballas who have confronted them, Vagos enter a dogfight with Kane and Nate.

"This animal right here. [slaps on the car's hood twice] Man, it roars. Counted five hundred bucks on it, but I guess it worths." A short haired Vago, sitting on the hood of his Voodoo said as he drank his canned beer.

"This is not the place for you. Get the f*ck off, ball-sacks." the dominant Vagos, with a bald and a yellow bandana on it, presumably Carlos, insults Kane and Nate.

"You say so, vagina hair?" Kane responds like he did, as well.

"Yeah I do say so. Now get the f*ck out of here before I blow yo' purple heads." The Vago arrogantly answered back.

Kane pulled out his gun up from his pants and suddenly shot one of the Vagos (not the dominant one) between his eyes.

"f*ck these putos, holmes. Kill 'em! Kill 'em!" Carlos fired a few bullets while he was making a run for it.

Kane and Nate finishes the two other Vagos immediately before going after Carlos, who run down the backalley, took the right leading to another backalley. The backalley will be blocked by a wire fence. Carlos climbs up the wire fence, so do Kane and Nate. However, this is a blind alley. Carlos will try to burst through a nearby apartment's back door but it will be blocked. So, he can do nothing but accept his fate.

"You got your ass stuck here, huh ese?" Nate says as he gets the gun stuck in his pants.

"And it seem like all of yo' homies is dead." Kane adds.

Carlos falls down on the bottom of the brick as he was trying to go back.

Kane and Nate point their weapons on Carlos, empty their magazine on him. The bullets generally hit him on the torso, but some of them go through his head and legs. Kane and Nate walk away from Carlos' poor dead body, as it paints the bottom of the brick wall red.

Afterwards, Kane and Nate make it to the nearest payphone to inform Tenpenny about the situation.


Combo is hitting Jimmy's head on the toilet closet and dives his head into the toilet in order to make him talk.

"Talk you f*cking piece of sh*t. Talk!" Combo hits Jimmy's head repeatedly on the closet.

When he sees that Jim is not talking, Combo grabs his head and dives his head into toilet, wetting up his head with all piss. After there's a little bubbles coming out on the piss, Combo gets Jimmy's head out, letting him talk.

"Okay, man. Okay. You gonna get me stupified or somethin'. I really don't know about yo' deal but maybe you can check on them gypsies livin' in an abandoned warehouse in Willowfield." Jimmy tried to say as he was trying to stop that huge stripe of blood on the left side of the head flowing more.

"Gypsies?" Combo has had doubts about it.

"Yeah, man. They're a bunch of junkheads after all."

Combo hits Jim's head on the closet hard for the last time and knocks his head with the cover of the toilet. Later, Combo throws Jimmy away, leaves him with his bloody head alone and walks away.


Kane puts the handset on the payphone booth and joins Nate's company again.

"So, what the motherf*cka sayin' ?" Nate asked.

"A white dude named Roger Whitefield. Deals guns. He gettin' his dick wet in a bar named 'The Loonies', in Market."

"A'right, man. Get that motherf*cker and finish this." Nate replied.

Kane and Nate quickly goes to The Loonies bar a small bar opposing the huge Cluckin' Bell in Market) in Market, which is their latest target's whereabouts. Rather than making an intimidating enter, Kane and Nate keep it cool.

"Uhh... we were looking for a Roger Whitefield."

However, the plan bails out when a slick brown hair, a white man wearing all brown clothes and a pair of glasses recognizes the guns up Kane and Nate's pants.

"Sh*t! Stay away from me." that man, presumably Roger, standed up, threw his whiskey glass on Kane and Nate and slip away. However, the two men managed to dodge the flying glass.

Weirdly enough, the every person in the bar pulled out their guns and pointed them on Kane and Nate when Roger slipped away. Even the bartender was armed with a Pump Action Shotgun. However, Kane and Nate were smart enough the run for the cover quick.

Kane and Nate take cover near the door that connects the bar's saloon and the coridor. Now, Kane and Nate must kill all the people in the bar in order to clear their path to Roger. However, it is not recommended to burst through the room quickly, because there will be six or seven people in the saloon. After cleaning a few of them, you can burst into room and kill the other. It's advisable to take the bartender first, because he carries a shotgun, which makes him a higher priority target.

After clearing the room, Kane and Nate exit the bar through the back door, leading themselves to a three-way backalley. Interestingly, Roger will not be seen.

"Look, man. There's fire stairs on that building." Nate fingerpoints some fire stairs, leading to the roof of a building.

Assuming that Roger made it to the roof of the building, Kane and Nate climb up the stairs, getting onto a roof on which there are some huge concrete wall blocks. Suddenly, Roger appears out of the blue behind a block, with his hands up, requesting mercy.

"Please don't kill me. That's money what you want, I can give it. Here, it's all of my credit cards. [throws a bunch of credit cards] If that's about that black kid I called ni**er, I didn't mean like it. The kid picked my house to rob, so I was pissed off at him. Sorry, boys. Don't kill me, please." Roger pleaded his life, with his eyeglasses all covered with tears. He even bowed down in front of Kane and Nate.

"Sorry, man. I don't break promises." Kane replied.

Kane and Nate fired their weapons, empty all their magazines on Roger's torso, leading him to his "death from above". Luckily, Roger lands on a dumpster, but a few bone breaking sounds come, which prevented a more clusterf*ck death.

However, after this, Kane and Nate will earn three-stars wanted level. Now, they must lose the heat on their back before informing Tenpenny. For example, they can get their vehicle painted a nearby Pay n' Spray in Temple area.

After losing the cops, Kane and Nate check for the nearest payphone, again Nate will wait him have the call meanwhile Kane dials the number Tenpenny gave him. This time, Tenpenny will take a bit longer to answer the call.

"Yeah? You done, kid?" Tenpenny asked.

"Yeah, Roger is dead." Kane angrily said.

"Good. Good. You're a perfect crime fighter, a few like you and me, we could take the trash out. You free for now, however I'd need yo' services again... Kaynard." Tenpenny waited a few second after finishing his word and later hanged up the phone.

"Hey, how you know my name?... Hey! [the line's dropped]" Kane is so surprised to hear his name from Tenpenny's mouth.

"Motherf*cker!" Kane put the handset back on the payphone booth, and started to walk like a badass again.

"Okay. It's finished." Kane said to Nate.

"See I told you that we can pull it. Can you gimme a lift to 24/7 over El Corona, homie?" Nate is all over his fake optimism and asked Kane for a lift.

"Sure, homie. I ain't lettin' you take a cab."

So, as the last objective of this part, you've got to drop Nate off 24/7 branch of El Corona, and the part will be ended.

"See you later, homie." Nate got out of the vehicle and walked towards the store.

"See you too, man." Kane responded back.




Comments on this part...



Tenpenny and Pulaski? Hell yeah.

Now I wonder if Pendleberry will turn up.

Most important thing you established in that chapter for me was that weird sort of mutual respect between Kane and Tenpenny:

"You might be a crook b*tch, but you're a pair balls."

Obviously Tenpenny is going to treat the protagonist like sh*t again but it's an interesting dynamic to the one he held with CJ.

Whereas CJ was expendable to Tenpenny, he seems to be cultivating something with Kane.

More Combo is always a good thing. I hope his quiet word with Jimmy leads the guys to the abandoned warehouse next mission.
Edited by TheUnholy

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Kudos for making one of the most interesting concepts in GTAF.

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I'm not going to say Kane is perfect. He's no saint. He does his fair share of bad sh*t and isn't afraid to cause some intra-gang havoc. But reading these early chapters again you really get to see how he's the glue holding everything together. He's got so many burdens on his shoulders that he's about to have a nervous breakdown in the above chapter... yet he pulls through. Strong character.


And damn your Mr. Blonde avatar was appropriate for my little re-read of Chapter 5.

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Rebel Yell

I'm not going to say Kane is perfect. He's no saint. He does his fair share of bad sh*t and isn't afraid to cause some intra-gang havoc. But reading these early chapters again you really get to see how he's the glue holding everything together. He's got so many burdens on his shoulders that he's about to have a nervous breakdown in the above chapter... yet he pulls through. Strong character.


And damn your Mr. Blonde avatar was appropriate for my little re-read of Chapter 5.

Kane is more like Pandora's box, by the time passes, we'll see more of him... more different sides of him. I've been always against creating a pure, saint, "holier-than-thou" protagonist, to me, everyone has their demons, so does the protagonist. For example big bad Tommy Vercetti has his bad sides as well, he considers himself too hotshot, he's all over the top with his mind, IMO and at some point, I think Lance's betrayal was totally rightful when you think Tommy has been a bit cocky to him. To be honest, Tommy V. is one of the protagonists I do like much more less compared to the other ones. However, Tommy is a great character and I think he making me think like that is the spirit. From the start to end of this chapter, I consider Kane will have been gone through an effective transformation... I'll leave you all to determine how Kane is, in terms of morals.


Yes, actually that's what inspired me to pick a Mr.Blonde avatar. Mr.Blonde is one of my top favourite movie characters, and as you can see that fantasy fulled torture performed by cool psycho Madsen a bit inspired me to do this... as far as I've a character like Combo under my arm, yeah? And probably Combo's f*cked up treatment to the poor cop tied up to the chair is my favourite moment of this chapter.

Edited by TheUnholy

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Rebel Yell

- PART 7 -

Curtain Call

"Why we f*ckin' waitin fo? Come on, homeboys. We goin' to save our CC."

Kaynard "Kane" Brice

Kane, Nate and a couple of his other homies hang out in front of Kane's house, drinking booze and chatting the usual stuff... like always.

"No way." A Balla member said.

"I promise you. That sneak ass bastard wanted four G for that packet." Another Balla said.

Then, out of nowhere, a Balla member has rushed on a bike, gasping for breath continuously. Assuming that there is something wrong, all the Ballas pressed in upon the breathless Balla.

"What happenin', nigga?" Nate took a last sip from his beer and asked.

"Combo... [gasping for breath] Heard that he goin' to gypies now." Balla said and started to gasp for breath again.

All Balla members remained silent, until one newbie showed up to ask a question.

"What's the matter... eh boys?" A newbie Balla member, unaware of the upcoming storm, asked in all wonders.

"What's the matter!?" One Balla responded, all sarcastic and angry.

"Them gypsies livin' up Willowfield... they're nothin' but wild, drughead motherf*ckas who not take kindly of others." Nate cut in to further explain the newbie.

A short silence took the dominance again, because the shocking news left everyone anxious and confused.

"Why we f*ckin' waitin fo'? Come on, homeboys. We goin' to save our CC." Kane rallied his all homies.

"Yeah, fools. Get yo' bitch asses up!" Nate supported Kane and his rally.

After that, Kane will find himself in the driver seat of a Tahoma, with Nate and two other Balla members with him. Also there are two other junk heaps full of Ballas, waiting for Kane's go.

Now, Kane is ordered to lead the convoy to an abandoned, wrecked warehouse in Willowfiled where the drughead gypsies holed up.
When they come to the warehouse, the right side of the room of which is all wrecked, totally open, even the whole rubbish has stacked on the right wall of the warehouse and it's whole occupied by so-can be called cheap "gypsy" items, old but fancy coloured sofas and some others; Kane, Nate and the crew won't act hostile towards the gypsies, but when gypsies start to attack them, they counterattack.

Now, Kane and his homies must wipe out the gypsies in the warehouse and clear their path to Combo. This wouldn't be too much of a big deal because the gypsies will be armed with basic weapons, generally Pistols, even some of them will try to attack you with baseball bats. Just a few of them will be armed with Pump Action Shotgun, but this wouldn't be too hard because the whole place is occupied by possible covering place, such as pillars, gypsy furnitures and of course rubbish stacks.

After killing all the gypsies inside the warehouse, Kane, Nate and his homies take a back door to the kind of garden where they find Combo, almost meeting with his fate.

A gypsy wearing a dark brown bowler and smoking a huge cigar is seen pointing his gun on Combo, who is heavily wounded. There are three bullet holes on Combo's chest.

"Nah!" The head gypsy said, with almost no expression. Just his big cigar moved up and down as he talked.

Later, the gypsy moved towards a pile of logs and took a pick axe that leaned against the pile.

Combo was motionless, he has just opened his arms on both side and was waiting because his wounds were too deep.

The gypsy was walking towards Combo like the Death with his reaper. He was scary. He was rubbing the pick axe on the green grass, cutting a bit of it with each touch. Combo was still motionless.

The gypsy lifted the pick axe at the level of his shoulders, as he was about to deliver the sharp axe down of Combo's wide chest, he suddenly got shot in the head. The axe dropped down right near his head, stuck into the grassy ground in a stiff shape. Luckily it didn't chop off his ear or something.

The person who killed the gypsy was Kane, who puffed on the smoke on his gun and ran towards the heavily wounded Combo.
"K-K-Kane?" Combo was surprised to see his crew there, maybe he though he was gonna die today. Also he was barely talking because his scars were pretty deep.

"Don't tire yo'self, man." Kane said to his crew chief, as he was touching down the bloody wounds on his chest.

"Niggas! Come help me pack yo' chief." Kane ordered his homies.

Kane gets under the left arm of Combo, while another Balla member gets under his right arm. The two men lift Combo up together and started to slowly walk towards a light blue Buccaneer. Kane placed Combo in the passanger seat and later he sit down on the driver seat.

"A'right, men. I takin' Combo down JD's. Keep up with me." Kane said and stepped on the gas.

Right after him, the other Ballas, including Nate grabbed random vehicles and started to follow Kane's lead.

"What you doin' with these damn drugheads, man? You nuts?" Kane now said with a tender voice tone, because Combo was coping with his bloody, deep bullet wounds.

"If I-I di-die, I swear I will tear tho-those motherf*ckas' heads do-down and fry them in a pan in th- the he-hell." Combo was hardly talking because he was losing too much blood.

"Shut yo' damn mouth, man. You ain't gonna die. We'll be at JD's any minute." Kane was trying to give Combo morals.
In not so much long time, Kane and Combo will be reached to JD's place in Willowfield. Kane, with his head under Combo's bulky right arm, went to the green plastic door and knocked it down hard.

"JD! Open up! Open the f*ck up!" Kane yelled as he was knocking the door hard.

JD showed up in the door in a minute, with a pair of white hearted red boxer underneath his torso.

"Oh f*ck! What did you guys do?" JD anxiously said, but he was hardly talking because his mouth was open up to down.

"He shot in the damn chest. Can you get him patched up?" Kane was hardly carrying Combo up.

"Can do my best." JD said and opened the door fully.

Combo held his hand on his wounded chest and followed JD to the basement clinic of his.

"A'right people. We managed to get Combo here. Now, all we gotta do is wait." Kane rallied his crew.

The crew has nothing to do, the men just sat on the nearest boxes, dumpsters and stone block. All of the men's faces were looking down, all desperate... just looking for good news from their crew chief.




Comments on this part...




Nice, Unholy!
This part was really action-packed! Keep doing good!
Edited by TheUnholy

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Was playing San Andreas earlier and had a little idea for a crossover with the main game that might interest you...


Remember Madd Dogg's manager, Scipio? Also known as Alan Crawford?


Anyway, I'm shooting up the Chinese Theatre in Vinewood something dreadful. Dead Z-list celebrities everywhere. Cops and security are all after me. Some bitch is screaming in my ear. And then Scipio begins to threaten Carl:


"You Grove Street Families?"
"I know Ballas OG's. We're like brothers. They'll f*ck you up so bad."

Gets me to thinking, this guy would be worthy of an appearance in SOTEOF. But wait.


What if he's bullsh*tting? I don't mean that he doesn't know Ballas OG's. But what if he's severely exaggerating his relationship with them? Like OG Loc severely exaggerates his "gangster" past?


For instance, what if -- two years prior -- the aforementioned Ballas OG's are waterboarding Scipio in a bathtub to punish him for owed money? He's scared of water after all. Practically hyperventilates when you get near Verona pier to drown his ass.


Would be a nice if minor crossover in my opinion.

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Rebel Yell

Was playing San Andreas earlier and had a little idea for a crossover with the main game that might interest you...


Remember Madd Dogg's manager, Scipio? Also known as Alan Crawford?


Anyway, I'm shooting up the Chinese Theatre in Vinewood something dreadful. Dead Z-list celebrities everywhere. Cops and security are all after me. Some bitch is screaming in my ear. And then Scipio begins to threaten Carl:


"You Grove Street Families?"

"I know Ballas OG's. We're like brothers. They'll f*ck you up so bad."

Gets me to thinking, this guy would be worthy of an appearance in SOTEOF. But wait.


What if he's bullsh*tting? I don't mean that he doesn't know Ballas OG's. But what if he's severely exaggerating his relationship with them? Like OG Loc severely exaggerates his "gangster" past?


For instance, what if -- two years prior -- the aforementioned Ballas OG's are waterboarding Scipio in a bathtub to punish him for owed money? He's scared of water after all. Practically hyperventilates when you get near Verona pier to drown his ass.


Would be a nice if minor crossover in my opinion.

Yes, I'm planning to include Madd Dogg's manager Scipio in Chapter II. What I have for Scip is that he's a coke-ass douchebag who gets Madd Dogg's head under a pile of heavy debt to Vagos by turning him into a snow-loving loser slowly. Scip will not have too much connection with Ballas... just Kane actually, and Kane won't show much likeliness towards him too much, but he will be a key character showing that how Kane is involved with Vagos, and how he has ended up having a bloody beef with Big Poppa. Touching on Scipio's fear for water could be a tragicomic move, maybe I could involve something like this, but I've something similar for the last chapter of the game. You've watched Training Day, right?..



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Heh. You thought of it already. That's awesome. Life's a trip, que no?


My god, something similar to that scene might even be better than Combo torturing the cop.

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Rebel Yell


- PART 8 -




"Nah. That the spirit. You see these guys love this style... puttin' themselves on the risk, yet gettin' the job done... like a blowfish. Yeah.. you be a blowfish. You pop out, yet take out the b*tches who mess around."


Sean Troy "Suge" Tucker






The whole crew is still waiting in front of JD's clinic, hours passing by, but there is still nothing. With sweat on their foreheads, and their heads down, the crew was anxious, it can be all seen. Suddenly, Suge, a high ranking Balla lieutenant responsible for the muscle side of the business, shows up.

"Hey man! How is Combo?" Suge approached to Kane and Nate who were sitting on two wooden boxes.

"Gettin' better. But still critic y'know." Kane, a bit desperately said while smoking a cigarette.

"Crazy busta'. How that happened?" Suge was all wondered.

"Them high gypsies shot his ass." Kane said and continued to smoke his cigarette.

"Those drughead gypsies? What the f*ck he was doin' there?" Suge was freezed when he heard about the drughead gypsies.

"I don't know too, man." Kane took a strong toke from his cigarette.

"Kane, you come with me, man?" Suge halfly-crouched and said to Kane, like he wants to talk with him.

"You can say it here, man. No worries." Kane took a few tokes from his cigarette just in a minute.

"This personal." Suge said with a bit agressive tone.

"Okay, man. Then go." Kane finished his cigarette, threw it away and started to follow Suge.

Suge and Kane took one of the hallways leading to the main streets. They stop by the entrance. Suge leaned against the wall, took a stick of cigarette from his long leather coat, lit it and slowly got it to his mouth.

"A'right, man. What you wanna talk?" Kane wanted Suge to come to the topic right now.

"That thing... [stopped to take a smoke from cigarette] The armless crackhead..." Suge stopped again to take a toke.

"Uh! Come on, man. Not this sh*t 'gain. The motherf*cka was gonna kill me. What was I gonna do?" Suge is immediately cut by Kane, who made his defense against a brutally killed armless corpse leaning on the floor of an apartment flat in Willowfield.

"Take a chill. The whole hood shaken by that chopped off f*cka. They all scared, whole deadbeats started to pay their debs. And the best thing... [pauses for a minute] Bulleye liked it." Suge said as he was smoking his long cigarette stick.

"You mean that guy pimpin' from Alhambra?" Kane asked.

"You ain't talk like that. Bulleye a good man, actually. Yeah, he crazy a bit but good man." Suge stopped smoking and turned his head towards Kane a bit as he said these words.

"And he want to see you." Suge started smoking again and said calmly.

"Uh, man. I dunno. I've my own problems here. I don't wanna more trouble fo' now." Kane bowed his head in front of him.

"Uh, come on, nigga. What the problem?" Suge stopped inhaling the cigarette in the middle.

"Combo goin' insane, that Dom thing, I think there is heat on us and some other problems. I need to count more?" Kane got angry even when he mentioned these problems, superficially.

"Nah. That the spirit. You see these guys love this style... puttin' themselves on the risk, yet gettin' the job done... like a blowfish. Yeah.. you be a blowfish. You pop out, yet take out the b*tches who mess around." Suge tries to pump out the unwilling Kane.

"What!?" Kane is all puzzled.

"F*ck it, a'right. You just the man fo' this job. People like yo' kind." Suge kept it short.

"A'right, but man, Combo wounded, man. I can't leave him."

"The other boys here, right? They can look after him."

"Okay. Lemme check the guys."

Suge continued to blow his stick, which is about to hit the butt, meanwhile Kane got back to the backstreet place, in front of JD's basement clinic where the homies are desperately waiting.

"Sorry, men. I gotta go. Nate! Look after here and hit me up when anythin' happens." Kane said in a rush and slipped away.

"A'right, man. Take care." Nate said.

Kane got back to Suge, who was about to finish his cigarette.

"Suge. Then let's go, man."

Suge threw the butt of his cigarette and they walked towards his black Majestic.

"Drive to Alhambra, man. You already know where it is." Suge ordered.

After a short silence, Suge tries to have a conversation with Kane, but it seems like he hit the nail on the head.

"So, what you doin', man? Last, I saw you when we sit down with them spics."

"Livin' by, y'know." Kane just tried to fend off Suge.

"There ain't somethin' wrong, right?" Suge was suspicious.

"Like I said. Classical problems... Combo wild like always. Some boys breaking up with their GFs, some of them lack of money. Nothin' special." Kane kept it cool but it was useless.

"If you say so. But man, you seem not normal." Suge put his lips out and said with a suspicious tone.

Kane pulls Suge's black Majestic right in front of the club and follows him inside the Alhambra. The place is all fancy, almost fully occupied, even it's hard to find somebody, also it is crawling with intense smoke and alchocol smell. Yet, the place is precious because of good pair of tits, nice strip-offs and the alive atmosphere. As Suge and Kane are walking amongst the crowd, the camera is cut to a bald Afro-American man with black puffy vest, a white shirt and purple tie, who is doing coke with two chicks. Hardly dodging themselves out of the crowd, the two men finally fend it off, make their way to a round table on the right corner of the saloon where a middleweight African-American man with a light and black beard wearing a red baseball hat is sitting with two girls, one on each arm and the table is covered with snow, crack, bottles of high-class drinks and a big, long orange bong. When the man recognizes Kane and Suge coming, he sends the two girls away, saying that they're gonna talk business.

"Go away, bitches. Me and the men gonna talk business." Bulleye sent the girls, while he kisses the one of them in the cheek and slapped the other's buttocks before they went.

"Suge! Wassup man? Yous take a seat.

Suge sat on the left of Bulleye and Kane took a seat on the right of Bulleye.

"Wanna some rush or somethin'?" Bulleye offered the men something to drink and the drus that spilled all over the table.
"No. I'm cool. Thanks." Kane quickly rejected the offer, gently.

Bulleye will grab a whiskey bottle on the table and pour a full glass for himself. Later, he will pull the bottle to Suge, who will nod his head down, implying that he wants too. Bulleye pours a glass of whiskey for him as well. Suge will grab the glass with his both hands and start to sip it as soon as Bulleye drags it down to him.

"And you must be Kane? I gotta say what you did there, it really cool, man." Bulleye said with shining eyes, later he took a blowing weed joint from an ash tray, got a huge inhale from it and blew the smoke on Kane's face.

"Was just tryin' to protect myself." Kane said as he was fending off the smoke on his face with his right hand.

"Don't be so humble, homie. You did good back there. Fools who f*ck with us get f*cked! People begin to show some respect with their tails between their legs, thanks to you."

"Thanks. Appreciated it." Kane naively responded.

"There's a bitch-ass nigga called Blue. That f*ck was slinging dope fo' me before, but now he started to roll with some sneak-ass bastards. And it seem like he sh*ttin' gold though, he liftin' dust with his roxo-foxo Sunrise all day. I want you to show that f*cker what being a backstabbing foll means and receive my money back. The stupid fool pilfered some bucks in his pocket before he became a nigga sellin' bitch. You down?" Bulleye once again blew the smoke on Kane's face.

"Actually cut me out o' loop, man. I have my thangs already." Kane tried to get out before he enters, which led Suge to give a confused face expression.
"Not be afraid, boy. I sendin' my boy... Gabe. GABE! GABE! Look out here, fool. Hey!" Bulleye called over his man, Gabe who is talking with a couple of chicks at the bar.

Gabe, wearing a purple hoodie underneath a black puffy vest and a pair of gray cargo pants come over the table.
"Yeah, boss." Gabe said with his notably thick voice.

"Take Kane and finish that Blue thing, a'right."

"Sure thang, boss... and you, come with me." Gabe rightened his boss' commands and told Kane to come with him.

Kane and Gabe tried to dodge amongst the crowd, as Bulleye and Suge sat back down their drugs and started talking.


"Get in the Stallion." Gabe ordered.

Kane and Gabe took their seats in the gray Stallion parked right in front of the club.

"Drive us to Pig Pen. Blue frequents there every night." Gabe kept the order short and clear.

"So you the one that cut that f*cker's arm, eh?" Gabe asked.

"Yeah. Look. It was just to protect myself." Kane wanted it to make clear, for the last time.

"Why you actin' so disturbed about that, man? It's pretty impressive." Gabe found Kane's violent act admiring.

"Yeah. If I was a butcher, that be f*cking impressive to chop off an arm in one slash." Kane is over the top of his sarcasm.

"That the way how things work. I remember once I burnt that punk ass b*tch's skull on the oven... and there a time when I cut off that poor Ching's fingers..." Gabe has just gone fizzy, started to tell all of his violent memories.

"Yeah, sounds normal and fun. Literally." Kane cut in, wanting Gabe to stop telling his psycho memories and of course, did it sarcastically.

Kane pulled the car right next to Pig Pen when they reached there. Gabe, on the passanger seat, fingerpointed a flame red Sunrise parked just right side of the club's entrance.

"That his car." Gabe fingerpointed a flame red Sunrise.

Shortly after, an Afro-American man with cornrow braids, thin beard and wearing a blue tracksuit exits the club.

"There he be. Tail on him, man." Gabe said as Blue hit the gas and got on the road.

Now, Kane must keep up with Blue, but follow him in a distance otherwise Blue will understand that he's being followed and this will result in the failure of the mission.

Kane and Gabe follow Blue to a sex shop in El Corona, from which Blue buys a couple of erotic magazines.
"He stopped." Gabe pointed out.

Blue got out of his car and walked into the sex shop.

"Strip club and now a sex shop?.. This guy must be a real skirt goat." Kane joked, pointing to Blue's obssesion with erotic places.
"You right. Motherf*cker always tried to get in the panties of the chicks in the club, but damn f*cker got rejected. Look at him. Who like to sleep with a rat faced b*tch like that." Gabe said and Kane chuckled.

Shortly afterwards, Blue shows up with a bunch of erotic magazines in his left hand and he gets back in his car, driving off.
"Keep following, hopefully we'll cap his ass soon." Gabe said.

The follow ends in Marina branch of Burger Shot, where Blue will take a long break, enter the restaurant and later show up with two other guys, presumably Blue's new business partners.

"Hold on. Pull out a good place. Don't let the fool see us." Gabe slightly warned Kane.
Blue got out of his car and walked into the restaurant.

About one hour later or so, Blue showed up with two other guys (one is a black drug dealer wearing a black torso, the other is a white man wearing a white, baggy hoodie and a black cap), who are presumably Blue's new business partners.

"Get out of the car. We gettin' the janky busta'." Gabe opened the door and commanded.

"You sure?" Kane, thinking it is not such a good idea to confront Blue in this moment.

"I'm sure. Just get the f*ck out, or the f*cker will roll off." Gabe angrily said.

Kane and Gabe walked towards the party, but things end up messy.

"Gabriel?" Blue replied, with his mouth open and his heart beating as hell.

"Hey Blue! Why don't you introduce us yo' new buddies?" Gabe said and slowly got his hand inside his vest.

Kane, understanding that Gabe will pull out his gun, gets his gun. Also Blue's partners draw their guns as well. However, Kane and Gabe will act fast, killing the two men in cold blood. Taking this rumble as an opportunity, Blue will drive off as soon as he feels the blow.

Kane and Gabe run back to their car, go after the fleeing Blue.

"Chase that motherf*cker!" Gabe was angry as a bull that saw red.

Blue will drive towards Vinewood, later drives towards the east of the city but he takes a turn and starts to make his way along the narrow roads of Mulholland. The chase leads Kane, Gabe and Blue to the countryside where Blue will lose the control of his car while trying to fend off getting hit by a truck. However Blue will crash into woods, now he has nowhere to escape.

"Oh sh*t!" Blue yells, seeing the truck that's coming right to him.

In order to avoid getting hit by the heavy truck, Blue will suddenly turn the steerwheel, which leads him to get out of the road, crashing into woods.
Kane and Gabe pull over near Blue and his wrecked car. Blue's head is on the steerwheel and there is a deep, bloody scar on his forehead, obviously a result from the heavy car crash.

Gabe, in a rage, shoves Blue from his car and starts to beat him up to a pulp.

"Come here, you piece of sh*t!" Gabe shoved Blue out of his car and hit him hard on it.

Gabe, then starts to beat Blue brutally, demanding Bulleye's money. Kane just watches the whole clusterf*ck with an open mouth.

"Where's the damn money?" Gabe asked while delivering hard and fast punches on Blue's face.

"What money, man? I don't f*cking know about it." Blue said while he was shocked because he was being a big victim of a brutal beating.

Gabe started to fight Blue again, who will just duck like a "chicken". Gabe continously punches him, his face started to become bloodier and sometimes Gabe delivered swift kicks on Blue's nuts, which led him to scream like a pig over his pain.

"Now you have any idea about a damn money?" Gabe bows down his head right and asks for the money again.

"I was gonna get it to Bulleye, man but somethin' showed up. I promise." Blue said while he was trying to cope with the blood on his face. Later, Blue shoved a wad of cash from the pocket of his track jacket, handing him to Gabe.

Gabe whacks Blue a little bit, to let his anger off. Later, Gabe grabs Blue with his both hand and shoves him up back in the car. Blue tries to open the door but Gabe holds it tight.

"Kane! There be gas in trunk of my car. Get it, homie." Gabe ordered.

Kane finds a jerry can in the trunk of Gabe's Stallion and walks towards the car, but eventually stops.

"Pour it out! Quick!" Gabe said as he was trying to hold the door.

Gabe smokes a pipe while Kane smashes the car's windows and empty the whole can in it. Seeing that the fuel is poured into the car, Kane slowly approaches the car while Blue screams for his life and throws the cigarette into car. The car slowly burns up and eventually blows up to the sky as Kane and Gabe walks away, not giving a crap for the explosion.

"Could you drive me to Dillimore Station, homie?" Gabe asking Kane for a lift.

Kane and Gabe get back into the gray Stallion and leave the area before anyone shows up. Gabe asks Kane for a lift to Dillimore Station, from which he may make it back to Los Santos, go to Alhambra and deliver the cash to Bulleye.

Before leaving, Gabe hands Kane two thousand bucks as a token to his good working style back there.

"You showed you the man of yo' body. I will mention Bulleye about that. Here. Take it as a cut fo' you good work. Later, homie." Gabe gives Kane a two thousand and gets out of the car, to take the earliest train to Los Santos.

Shortly after this part is finished, Bulleye will give a call.

"Hey Kane! It's Bulleye."

"Hey Bulleye. Sup?" Kane kept it cool.

"Gabe told about you, man. Said you did good with that Blue motherf*cker. I always in need of good workers. I'd like to work with you."

"Sure thing, man. If it worths, I'm down." Kane kind of agrees.

"Worths? It totally worths. Then catch you later, man." Bulleye bids farewell and hangs up.

Shortly after Bulleye's phone call, Nate rings Kane as well.

"Hey Kane!" Nate said with an abnormal calm voice.

"Man. Is there a problem?" Kane suspiciously asked.

"I afraid so. Combo... run the f*cking clinic, man. We tried to stop him but..."

"A'right man. Be cool. I'll check on him. See yous later." Kane hangs up the phone.




Comments on this part...




Awesome work you're doing there, man. I liked the part where Nate tells Kane that Combo ran away... I'd love to see what happens next!

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I don't want to appear desperate, but I can't wait to see a new mission!


Although, it is mighty mind boggling to read all these old chapters. Like re-watching The Wire.

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