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GTAV (Remastered) Coming in Stores on 23th October (have info)?


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I'm a gamer and I often goes to the local game shop (*Gameszone*), which is located in Moscow. I know the administrator of this store very, very good. In a private conversation (after cookies and tea), he admitted (and it is not such a big secret at all) that PS4-version will be in their store on 23 October. It was his words only, can't confirm that.
Next - I checked this information. I have a friend in another store - the storekeeper (might be incorrect translation - sorry, but hope you got it). Well, I asked for a some paper (waybill) with the plan of future deliveries. And I found in the list that first party of Next-Gen GTAV is coming from 21th October to 29th October.
And finally - I noticed that Rockstar love to release their games on 3rd Tuesday of the month (September 17 - Tuesday, May 15 (Max Payne 3) - Tuesday, etc). And yes, October 21 - this is the third Tuesday of the month too.
Well, I don't have any pictures to confirm all this. Hope that R* will announce the release date soon...
Can be closed if it needed, whatever.
P.S. This information is not mine, I got this from my fellow, who can't write in English. He probably don't know that I posted it here.
Edited by Chakeino
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Yeah, a friend of mine working at a GAME shop swears it's coming no doubt in October with no fixed day yet.



Another guy in the forums said something similar about Gamestop I think.




I hope you/the friends are right, because I expect it for late november/december.

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Can be closed if it needed, whatever.


Yes, we would prefer to wait for the official announcent from Rockstar.



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