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[PS3] much more than a car meet


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Hello everyone today I will be hosting what I call, much more than a car meet


Activities, we may not get to all of them but will try

Crushing in cars/bikes across Los santos, just cruising none of this stop at red lights and follow the leader crap, any car/bike is welcome, try to stay in a group though, and try not to leave anyone in the dust


Crushing in planes/helicopters

Crushing in boats



Mini heists in free roam, robbing multiple stores at once and hitting armored trucks

Garage tours


Messing around in free roam




****And most importantly High RP and Money missions, we will be doing a lot of these


Things we will not be doing


Death matches


Pretty much any form of PVP




No killing

Be friendly

No griefing

Do not under any circumstances blow up the documents if we do rooftop rumble


If any rules are broken you will be warned/kicked


Unfortunately I can't use my mic as I got my wisdom teeth pulled



To join add g26curtis on psn with message saying much more than a car meet

Starting time will be around 3-4


The point of this is to have fun while ranking up and making money

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