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Do you consider yourself to be a good player?


Do you consider yourself to be a good player?  

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  1. 1. How would you describe yourself?

    • Good
    • Average
    • Poor (But I have fun anyway)

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Um... there's a nudist camp?

nudist camp ??


Think he means the altruist camp.


Yeah, meant the altuist camp, sorry to have gotten you all so excited.

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To be fair there are naked people in the Altruist Camp I drive up there when I'm feeling randy...

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I best at deathmatches and LTS winning and being most valuable player at about 80% of the time. Races about 40% so not to shabby. Join my crew if you rule too, tag LSES, LSHD Elite Soilders. Next gen B***h

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I'd say I'm definitely in the Top 1%. My shooting and driving, although I play GTA 5 for like 3 days a week, 2 hours each. Nevertheless SKILL!!!!

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Depends what the criteria for "good" is. If "good" is a high k/d, then I suck. I'm not into killing, I never shoot first and I only shoot back in self defense. Often I am in public lobbies in passive mode.


If the criteria is making money and helping others make some decent wealth - then I'm great at what I do.


It all depends how you apply the concept of "good player."



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when it comes to jobs and missions ect, Yes

Free roam killing, well i dont get in to that to often, but can hold my own when provoked.......


EVERYONE still playing the game, considers themselves good for the most part or at least found areas they were good at and gets enjoyment out of playing or they would not play the game, ........its the ability to load the game and have fun that defines being good or not..

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