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Independence FM Not Working


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Here I am, trying to put some Driver 1 musics to GTA EFLC. No matter what I try to do, it won't work.


I've gone to C/User/<name>/Documents/Rockstar Games/GTA IV/User Track and I've put the MP3 file there.


I've mixed this music on Windows Movie Maker to make it last longer than 30 minutes:




But all I'm getting are stupid ads as the video below is showing (I was too lazy to edit the loading time, sorry):




Can someone give me a hint of what I must to do for this fkn feature work? It's really making me angry and it's frustating me, no wonder why the PC version of this game is a sh*tty port, nothing works as intended...

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Drunken Cowboy

Did you hit "Quick Scan" in the audio options after putting your tracks in the correct folder?



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if you would had watch'd the video, you'd see that I've "raped" this button, it still not working here. I've tried to short the file name and make it as shortcut, it still doesn't work.


EDIT: I'm sorry for the way I'm typing, this is really pissing me off m8 :(

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