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(Not Exactly PC) Replacing music/stations on PS2 verison.


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Note: I have my own hard copy of San Andreas, just stating this before hand to avoid being called out on piracy.


I rip all my games and put them on a hard drive with the Network Adapter to save wear on both my discs and the laser; seeing as how the laser in my Slim has already died.




Sorry if this is out of place, but I don't have any idea where else this would fit.


So, I want to know if I would be able to replace the music in the PS2 version of San Andreas.


I feel like using Apache and some other PSX/PS2 modding tools would work, I just don't know how to go at it.


I also recall people not being able to go over the original ISO's size file, but I don't think that will be a problem since I scrubbed the ISO down to about 2 Gigs.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.







I did find this a while ago:




But it doesn't really help specifically with what I'm doing.

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Check this tutorial.


It worked fine for me using Open PS2 Loader with Crossover cable.


(Change compatibilty mode to Windows XP to prevent crashes)

Oh S***, I remember this tutorial.


I actually remember following this once, before I realized I needed a way to actually run the burnt disc, (being 12 I thought you could just pop in a burnt DVD like any other game...)


But yeah, if this worked for you using OPL Networking , It'll definitely work with a Hard drive.


Thanks a Billion, dude!


Edit: Since I'm not trying to burn the ISO afterwards, would it be easier if I used Apache3 to extract and rebuild the ISO for use with OPL?

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Third time was a charm, changed the songs on K-Rose.


My only gripe is that it still plays the stupid, redneck DK chick in between songs.


"HEEEEY YAAAAALLLLL, LATTE'S MAKE ME SOUND FANCY," get's annoying after a while.

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