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The Next GTA Location

Where will the next GTA be set?  

1,294 members have voted

  1. 1. Where will the next GTA be set?

    • San Fierro
    • Las Venturas
    • Vice City
    • Liberty City
    • Carcer City
    • Los Santos
    • North Yankton
    • Other United States metropolitan adaptation (please specify)
    • City outside of the continental United States.
    • Multiple cities in the United States
    • Multiple cities outside of the United States
    • London

Recommended Posts

1 hour ago, VigMarston91 said:

Confession: I never played GTA Vice City(The only GTA I haven't played). So, this would be a great way to get introduced to the city.

Its only right for Vice City to come back, Liberty city & San Andreas got its HD version.


Setting: Yes, the 80's would be obviously awesome, but modern day Vice City wouldn't be all that bad too. GTA V had the concept of money, the next one can take the route of drugs, methamphetamine ...all that sh*t.


NO Multiple Cities: This may not be a popular opinion, but I actually don't want multiple cities. I want one city with insane amount of detail and activities. The idea of multiple cities may sound appealing, but there are always repercussions. I don't want them sacrificing stuff just so we can visit other cities. In short, the old cliché, quality > quantity.

Okay, i replied hours ago that i would like multiple cities, your post really inspired me, and also, i will die waiting for a GTA with multiple cities! It will be like, many years to create! You're right, cliché is awesome, why do i agree? Best Quality but Bad Quantity better than Bad Quality but Best Quantity

Just like eating food: It's bad when you're eating food with many quantity but its bad quality.. you may get sick; but It's good when you're eating food with not much quantity but has good quantity..

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Since GTA Online is currently dated as 2017 and if the trash dlc developers don't push it current date. GTA 6 will take place in 2018 and Rockstar Studios will hopefully push GTA 6 for an early next gen release date like 2020-2021.

I hope Vice City stays a small developed city to have its great nostalgic feeling, develop Las Venturas a little bigger and include Pahrump with a parody version, cause it offers countryside.

Las Vegas was one of Americas fastest growing city and as for Miami, I believe development was only fast within the city. For Pahrump, I believe its the closest likely countryside to Sandy Shores and it would be great if Trevor continues his rampages in GTA 6.

They know we want a greater developed GTA over a bigger developed GTA and know these locations together will be the same size as GTA 5. A mayority of real gta fans will hate a new location and a minority will hate a futuristic time setting, so in the middle meets satisfaction for both sides.

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