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GTA 6 Location Poll

Where will the next GTA be set?  

2,453 members have voted

  1. 1. Where will the next GTA be set?

    • San Fierro
    • Las Venturas
    • Vice City
    • Liberty City
    • Carcer City
    • Los Santos
    • North Yankton
    • Other United States metropolitan adaptation (please specify)
    • City outside of the continental United States.
    • Multiple cities in the United States
    • Multiple cities outside of the United States
    • London

Recommended Posts

Shyabang Shyabang
Posted (edited)
On 6/25/2020 at 9:52 AM, chainedwarhead9 said:


4. Seoul but this time seoul would be closer to the DMZ and add Kaesong or Pyongyang, not sure about the story but it'd be cool to start a fight in North korea and get shot in seconds 


There's a highway between Seoul and the DMZ. Seoul is not far from the DMZ. If you drive really fast, it could take you at least 30 minutes from Seoul to the part of the highway where you can see North Korea across the Imjin River. (The Imjin River meets the Han River near the sea). There's little traffic usually when driving past Seoul's satellite city Ilsan, making the highway popular for street racing. They just have to watch out for the speed cameras that hang over the highway. I heard that they just cover their licence plates.



This wide road has a long wired fence and military watch towers to prevent North Korean spies and infiltrators from getting in the country.





If you go near the DMZ, you can listen to North Korean radio:




You can listen to a US military channel all around Seoul, Ilsan and the DMZ area, too. This video shows another city called Hanam, which is right next to Seoul. (Hanam is at the eastern side of Seoul while Ilsan is at the western side of Seoul). According to the date below, the video was filmed in late March. This was when a city called Daegu was going through the epidemic. The US general was warning his soldiers about Daegu. Daegu is safe now:




On the way to the DMZ, there's a convention center in a city called Ilsan where they sometimes do auto shows and boat shows:





There's also a DMZ tour:





When having Seoul in a GTA game, it would be good to have a mixture of Seoul and Busan. (Busan is actually far away from Seoul).


Another amazing city not far from Seoul is Songdo. Songdo isn't far from the international airport either. Songdo is amazing in a sense that it's kind of like that dream city in Inception. The streets are almost empty. This entire city used to be part of the sea. In fact, the mainland coast right across from Songdo was one of the beachheads where General MacArthur led the Inchon Landings during the Korean War in 1950. During the early 2000s, the government thought that they could lure many expats to South Korea because of the rise of China. And so they built this city not far from the airport. But the expats didn't move to this city. The streets were so empty that the photographers used to hire models and take photos on the middle of the road. It remained almost empty until the Koreans began to buy property here a few years later. Unfortunately, a mall closed down during the global pandemic. One of the universities closed down, too, but I don't know if it was during or before the pandemic. Although another university is still in operation, that too became almost empty because the international students stopped coming during the global pandemic.

This video shows both Seoul and Songdo:



Edited by Shyabang Shyabang
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I hope GTAVI is in Vice City 

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Cannot we have GTA 6 on a map other than in USA?

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I wanna see a bright city in an non American location like Tokyo or something I think it would look really cool.

beautiful tokyo : japan

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- Vice City and Southern Florida in general with Bahamas set in the 80s


- San Fierro & Las Venturas set in the 70s


- A hybrid new city based on Chicago & Detroit set in the late 90s or early 2000s

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Vice city and carcer city, light and darkness

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I don't want it to be set in present time. It'll blow it. 

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