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GTA 6 Location Poll


Where will the next GTA be set?  

2,722 members have voted

  1. 1. Where will the next GTA be set?

    • San Fierro
    • Las Venturas
    • Vice City
    • Liberty City
    • Carcer City
    • Los Santos
    • North Yankton
    • Other United States metropolitan adaptation (please specify)
    • City outside of the continental United States.
    • Multiple cities in the United States
    • Multiple cities outside of the United States
    • London

Recommended Posts

Bangkok: I think this would make an interesting setting. It is diverse, unique and has a worldwide reputation as one of the sleaziest places on earth, perfect for GTA. I could definitely see a grimy, neon soaked travel through the Bangkok underworld, something like Only God Fogives. We could see some muay thai implemented. It also has a diverse gangland, Thai Mafia, Triads, Yakuza, Indians, Russians and countless others.

Amsterdam: I was unsure, but having recently gone there I think it would be an excellent setting. I ould definitely see an assassination in a coffee shop or a gun battle in the Red Light Districct. It has such a diverse mix of cultures, the gangs would be fresh and interesting, Dutch trailer park gangs, Moroccans, Indonesians, African street gangs, the only significant Crip presence outside the US, Turkish Mafia, British criminalsl are just a few that could be in there. Almost everyone speaks perfect English too.

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- Most wanted:

The whole of USA: a gigantic map full of cities and vast countryside with lots of things to do


- If first option not possible even in new gen, then:

a place not done before packed with things to do (like gta vc)

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Here's my dream for future GTAs:


London 1960s

I think swinging London would be the ideal setting in the UK. The style, music and cars were all just so cool, perfectly GTA. We also had The Kray Twins and Richardsons in a gang war, his would be the best setting to see British organised crime at its height. This is my top choice.



Birmingham 1970s

This would give us a chance to see the rise of modern British crime, Ethnic gangs, drugs, hooligans and punk music. Armed robberies where an everyday occurence in the 70s and the armed Flying Squad could make an appearance. In the 60s we'd see Britain as sharp, classy and with a dark underworld hidden behind Saville Row suits, now we see the reality, dirty, industrial and violent.



Glasgow 1980s

The grim brutatility of the Scottish estates would be shown here. You would start of as a street gang member, having knife battles wth other gangs Before you get involved in organised Crime and the brutal Ice Cream Wars.



Manchester 1990s

Here we would see the crazy time of Gunchester. Brutal gang wars, crack, raves and Madchester music. This would be really cool, you could start out as a petty hood, selling pills at raves, until you get involved in the brutal gang wars that racked 90s Manchester.




UK Modern Day

Here we would see a mash up of all the major cities in Britain, probably a mi of London, a northern city and Glasgow.

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Here's my dream for future GTAs:


Birmingham 1970s

Haa! GTA: Hometown!


Make it happen Rockstar. My pal Telly Savalas agrees:





I'll disagree that the 60s were the best time for British organized crime though. Sure, you've got the Krays and Richardsons and the likes of Freddie Foreman, but it neglects the diversity that became British organized crime from the 1980s through to modern day.


There might be a Maltese gang and maybe a couple of Italian brothers but for me that wouldn't carry the weight of the groups that came about; the likes of the Yardies, Russians, Turks, Triads and Pakistanis.


I'd still play the sh*t out of those games however. I could definitely see elements of each of those cities being amalgamated into a London setting if they ever go that route.

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^When I said that I mean white British, after the 60s immigrant gangs started to take over, which is just as interesting, but English Firms are unique and interesting. It's mainly the imagery I want from 60s London, the clothes, the cars, the music, it's just so stylish, think the style and imagery could be on par with Vice City's 80s.


If we were talking a GTA Hometown, I would love to see a mix of Bristol, Bath and the West Country. Yardie gangs in Bristol, Pikeys and "whte trash" gangs n the country, Triads by the coast. I'd love to see that

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I love the idea of a UK themed GTA, and it doesnt need to be just London, it can be British based with smaller cities like Brighton (small south town with ferris wheel and lots of gays), Blackpool (for the theme park and Tower), Liverpool (for the Beatles music, town would be called Beatletown or Music City to that extent), Manchester (would have stadium and be called something to do with football (soccer), and add a decent size bit for Scotland to the north, with Edinburgh castle, R* offices, Glasgow type town, and of course add Loch Ness with the Loch Ness monster easter egg about, also add oil type industries at the north sea) hey you could even build a wall similar to the Berlin wall for comedic purposes at the border which could make for GTA craziness were Scotland is independent but don't let their people out similar to how East Germany did back in the day or something to that extent

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Am i the only 1 who wants an ENTIRELY ORIGINAL city. Bcuz then it will be more fun to explore, and then They could build the city according to the theme of the game. (Mafia, drugs etc.)


Otherwise, Vice City & Surrounding areas

Edited by thedriver111
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- Most wanted:

The whole of USA: a gigantic map full of cities and vast countryside with lots of things to do


- If first option not possible even in new gen, then:

a place not done before packed with things to do (like gta vc)


Yes, I'd also like that. It's basically like The Crew mixed with GTA. I don't think this will happen for several years, though.

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Detroit would fit perfectly! I've told a million people this! Detroit is already full of gang activity, it's very dangerous and the politics were corrupt at one point!

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Moscow, the 90's.


The communism is gone. Everyone is drunk on freedom, glasnost and free american 'bubblegum'.

Those who drink and hope for the Reds coming back is eventually drown in alcohol and their apartments are being stolen by con traders.

Those who realised that their bosses are gone and start making decisions, must now deal with mafiya "roofing" offers to survive.


Revolution is chaos. Chaos is full of opportunities. Claim or be claimed.


Such are the 90's in Russia.

Edited by Alvarez
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I want it to be set in a proper city, with massive skyscrapers everywhere. And then further down like in gta 5 a big desert with just sand and rocks or a big snowey place with lots of big mountain's

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Another one in china town, but not another ds version. A proper console and pc version. Also a British Version Like the old GTA london, that might be cool with a different range of vehicles. Maybe it could be possible to enter Scotland, wales and england. The missions would be a complete difference, and you would need to get guns shipped over which would be a cool mission or side mission. I'd much rather see a british version, then china town but they would both be cool.

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Definitely Tokyo!









Japan has good GTA potential, and influences the atmosphere of GTA III

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Why not another country ? My list :

  • Moscow
  • Manchester (would be really cool)
  • Paris (?)
  • Reykjavik-Iceland (I'm weird)
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Definitely Tokyo!









Japan has good GTA potential, and influences the atmosphere of GTA III


Definitely would love to see a GTA in Japan. Tokyo would be the perfect setting!

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- Most wanted:

The whole of USA: a gigantic map full of cities and vast countryside with lots of things to do


- If first option not possible even in new gen, then:

a place not done before packed with things to do (like gta vc)


Imo the problem is not that it is not possible. I guess it would be as R* could e. g. cache out the content of the map not used. But the problem is to create all that stuff. Anyway maybe we can expect even something like that as R* purchased licences for auto generating map software several years ago. With that software it is possible to generate whole cities and especially whole maps based on reallife structures (like downtown, neighborhoods etc.) within a couple of days for which a modding team would need several months at least.

As they have never used software like that in any previous game they released it is very likely they will do it in the future, otherwise they would not have needed to buy the expensive licence.

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Toronto, take the mick out of my country even more than usual. Provided they make the movement good, keep Vs driving, make the city interesting, and make gunplay more rdr like, the game would be a success. Then again it is in canada...

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I want a proper version of San Francisco, it has a lot to offer and looks amazing:


The City:









Yosemite National Park:












And there's still a lot I haven't mentioned and I think Northern Cali would be the perfect spot for GTA VI.


PS.: I have almost forgotten this:




Golden Gate Bridge!!!






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I don't get how people can want it to be set in one of the places it has already been set.

Unless you mean London, of course.

I hope it's in London or a completely new place.

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I would love the see a HD version of Las Venturas, San Fierro and Vice City but if it had to be a new city I would say New Orleans mixed with non-existent locations so the map could be even more amazing.


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Personally, more than anything else, I would love to see Carcer City done in GTA, preferably as a satire of Detroit and Chicago. There's a lot you could satirize and landmarks in both cities can be remade easily.


Plus, think about the thematic continuity in the HD Era and how it concerns the concept of the American Dream....


GTA IV-Liberty City (New York City): Where the American Dream is born.

GTA V-Los Santos (Los Angeles): Where the American Dream is epitomized.

GTA VI-Carcer City (Detroit): Where the American Dream goes to die.


Other concepts I'd like to see that could easily be done....


Vice City (Miami, Florida)

Las Venturas (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Capital City (Washington DC)

An archetypical Southern city like New Orleans or Atlanta



And one I think would be cool but I know would never happen due to the city's relatively small size and obscurity.....


Roanoke, Virginia (it's where I live, it's known for the Blue Ridge Parkway, being a major railroad hub for the South and Mid-Atlantic, and having one of the highest crime rates in the state of Virginia)

Edited by Osric
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London. GTA is british.

A GTA set in London for the series' 20th anniversary would be brilliant.

Didn't one of the Housers say that gta is a parody of american culture and a non american gta was not likely soon?i think they said something like that yeah. thats just a flimsy excuse though in my opinion. the real reason is they just think the USA is a more interesting setting for the games. plus everybody knows the big american cities (like la and nyc) from seeing them on television and in films. its as simple as that


they will have to leave the USA at some point though because the "look how wacky americans are" thing has been done to death. once vegas, miami and a couple other cities have been done there won't be any reason to stay in america and thats when we'll see gta london

Edited by DoubleDutch
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I agree that Detroit would be a good starting city to a Midwest themed Carcer City location...


Notable places


Abandoned Train Station (seen in movies like Transformers):



Renaissance Center aka GM Building:



Hart Plaza:




Notable Monuments (BEGGING to be satirized)


Spirit of Detroit:



Monument to Joe Louis aka The Fist:



Notable headlines


Largest city to go bankrupt


Ex mayor (Kwame Kilpatrick) still serving time in jail for corruption, he also threw a mansion party where a stripper was killed

Edited by shortyduwaaap
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Above all I want London but if it's going to stay in the , I think the best and most relevant place would be the US-Mexico border, a place where GTA levels of violence are not unrealistic, if not:

New Orleans (Crazy street gangs, guns everywhere, unique culture and architecture, Voodoo, bayous.)

Houston (Dirty South gangsters, grills, purple drank, AKs and Mexican Cartels.)

Hawaii (Yakuza, Triads, machete wielding Native meth addicts, beautiful scenery)

Seattle (Rain, East Asian gangs, bikers)

New England (Perfect for an SA style map, Irish mob, Mafia)


Outside the US my top choice is Russia. I really, really want a GTA set in Russia, I think it's just such a totally insane place perfect for GTA.

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