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GTA 6 Location Poll


Where will the next GTA be set?  

2,646 members have voted

  1. 1. Where will the next GTA be set?

    • San Fierro
    • Las Venturas
    • Vice City
    • Liberty City
    • Carcer City
    • Los Santos
    • North Yankton
    • Other United States metropolitan adaptation (please specify)
    • City outside of the continental United States.
    • Multiple cities in the United States
    • Multiple cities outside of the United States
    • London

Recommended Posts

Location of the future GTAs







Here, you can discuss the possible location of the next GTA games. Do you think that R* should revisit old location from a previous game- like Vice City or would you rather like a completely new location which we have never seen before? Do you think that we will ever see a GTA set in Europe, Asia?


I, for one, would like to see a completely new location, maybe the UK seems interesting since we have barely seen any of it in GTA series (last time back in I era). I am a bit worried that if it was set in Vice City, it wouldn't have the 'right atmosphere' as it had in the 80s, but maybe it's not a bad idea at all.

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I would love to see it in florida preferably central and south florida mostly because I live there. There are multiple airports a military base a city and and off road area no mountains though.

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I'm surprised now we have two wishlist threads for GTA 6 now. I thought just the one was enough?


Since GTA Series is now at the top of the index, I thought it would be good to make things not so clogged up and easily found.


Your topic is features wishlist, while this one is just for locations :^:

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  • Carcer City-I wouldn't mind seeing Carcer City as it's own thing that while not based on any particular Rust Belt city, has the characteristics of a Rust Belt city. Possibly have it set during the 80's at the height of the Crack Epidemic.


Boston Metro-Area during the late 60's during the Irish Mob Wars. OR modern day New England complete with Irish Mob, Crystal Meth, Heroin (it's a major problem here in Manchester, NH), bikers, rednecks, and a large map that would put GTA V to shame.


Paris-Have it set in the early 70's during the era of the French Connection.


Berlin-Set during the early 90's after the German Reunification where crime became rampant.


Liberty City-Before I get a bunch of hate, I'm not saying it should be the location for the very next GTA game but I'd like to see a GTA IV prequel set in the mid-90's.


London-Not sure what decade because London is a pretty interesting location in general.


Edited by ObsydianRaven
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I personally want a Re-Do of Vice City. Either modern day or in the 1980s. I just can't see Rockstar introducing a new location since we have yet to see Vice City, San Fierro, And Las Venturas remastered in HD even though all 3 of those would be amazing as a setting.

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Vice Metropolitan Area



This isn't your ordinary wish for Vice City II.


I don't really want to push for it in this topic too much as I've already made a thread dedicated to how well VC could work in a future game.


Simply put, the Vice Metropolitan Area is one of the best cases for GTAVI's map. A return to South Florida isn't going to be the just the same old Vice City: a few beaches, some nice neons and some tanned skirt down at the beach. No. When you consider a map, take into account Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and the Florida Keys too. And the Everglades.


Not to mention the proximity to Cuba and the Bahamas.


Especially when you consider the setting in the 80s, bear in mind Miami frequently came out as the number #1 most violent city in the US at that point. West Palm Beach came in at #5. Lauderdale was 8th. Sun, sea and sand it ain't. South Florida in the crazy, cocaine cowboys 80s is one of those rare moments in time when all that crazy sh*t that GTA stands for like rags-to-riches empire building actually happened. This is one of those locations a perfect balance between satire and gameplay can be struck.


Now, I would rather see somewhere else in the next GTA, but I don't mind admitting I've found Vice for VI would be amazing.










Again, this isn't your ordinary plug for London.


Grand Theft Auto in London is long overdue. It would be a tremendous move on Rockstar's part to embrace a British location and satirize British culture.


What I hear most when people knock London as a location is it would be just like Liberty City: a grey, concrete jungle where it always rains.




Like a Vice City VI, London wouldn't be just a stand alone location. There's plenty of countryside. Southend has casinos and weird people - a Las Vegas of the third world. Brighton has beach, sea and diversity. Rockstar has a heart - they're not going to lump you in the city for the entire game with a bunch of angry Cockney's with bad teeth.


London is one of those timeless places that could really work in any modern era. GTA in the 70s? London can pull it off. A return to the 80s? Let's go to a London that's overflowing with a mix of political unrest and megalomania; an emerging drug trade and a diverse criminal underworld. Going to the 90s? Let's do Cool Britannia and the rife European clubland drug culture, gangland executions and violent fallouts. London in modern day? How about poverty, rampant gun and knife crime and an Olympic legacy that glosses over the real cracks in a broken society?


Also worth a mention:


A Baltimore - Philadelphia - Washington D.C supermap. Would be incredible.


Detroit in present day. We've been where people chase the American Dream, we've been where they live it. Now show us where the American Dream goes to die.

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Yeah I actually really like the idea of a GTA London now after checking out some British film and TV as well as some games that are set there. It would be a really awesome and unique setting

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Las Vegas: oceans 11/13 heist would be really cool


Seattle: great city plenty of islands to visit, Mt Rainer, vibrant downtown

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London. GTA is british.

A GTA set in London for the series' 20th anniversary would be brilliant.

Didn't one of the Housers say that gta is a parody of american culture and a non american gta was not likely soon?
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The name has just changed to 'The GTA Series' and this new thread has just got pinned... Are we getting near to a 'GTA NeXt' subforum?!


As I've stated before, I'd like a well-done 70's San Fierro. Something that really represents San Francisco.

I have no problem with a Vice City 80's setting, a Chicago+Detroit setting would also do good, but nothing could replace SF70's for me.

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I would like to see something based on Detroit. Would be pretty interesting, it's gritty, and I could totally see R* making their own version of the motor city.

That made me think, if that happens we'll have memes that say pmp 600's everywhere.
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I would like to see something based on Detroit. Would be pretty interesting, it's gritty, and I could totally see R* making their own version of the motor city.

That made me think, if that happens we'll have memes that say pmp 600's everywhere.



:lol: Good point! Same thing goes with Banshee's and Merit's.

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I would love for it to be in multiple cities just like GTA SA. So you could fly from one to another and it would take about 20-30 minutes to drive. But I don't think that will happen. Also, I would like to have the cities, instead of countryside (for example like Grapeseed). So can you imagine having New York, Chicago and London maybe in one?

I also think Detroit should have some interference with GTA VI. How it used to be a booming motor industry. And the buildings could be used to do drugs...

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From old locations:

  • Las Venturas (+ countryside)
  • San Fierro
  • Vice City (+ Everglades)

From new locations:

  • Chicago
  • Detroit (+ Hamtramck and Highland Park)
  • Seattle
  • Phoenix
  • Boston
  • St. Louis
  • Cleveland
Edited by phoenixShine
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First I wanna see them do Vice City in the next game since it was really cool in the first Vice City game imagine what they can do with it on the new consoles. After they release that I would like the next one to be a completely new location within the US, maybe Chicago or Washington as someone already suggested.

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Myeah, Vice City is probably #1 on my wishlist. But! I'm really starting to warm to the idea of something more north-eastern, maybe midwestern. Carcer City might be too depressing, assuming Detroit as the main inspiration. Maybe something like a hybrid of Philadelphia and Baltimore, with a nearby Atlantic City. Or Boston.


Personally, what I think could be cool for Rockstar to do, would be doing one or two more modern-setting games in this continuity/universe, whatever you want to call it, before starting a new line, that's all period-settings, eg. San Fierro or Las Venturas in the 70s, Los Santos or Vice City in the late 70's/early 80's, and Liberty or maybe Carcer in the mid-80s.

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