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Alpha PMC Recruiting! [XBOX 360]


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XBOX 360


Alpha PMC is a new Xbox 360 GTA Online Crew. It is only me and my Right-Hand man, So just two of us. We want to just do fun, Crazy sh*t. Deathmatches, Videos, Races, And screw around in Free Roam. Just enjoy the game, Really. In the future we may wear Uniforms on Deathmatches or in Events, Just for fun though, We aren't a Roleplay Crew.




A Mic

Xbox 360

Over 14 y/o

A good sense of humor

And time to play the game. Often.





GTA Forum Name:

Skype Name:



How often you are playing GTA V:

In-Game Rank:

Your skill's as a GTA Online Gamer:

Extra Info:

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Gamertag: Gorilla323

GTA Forum Name: Jopa1985

Age: 29

Timezone: pacific time

How often you are playing GTA V: everyday in the evenings and late at night

In-Game Rank: 103

Your skill's as a GTA Online Gamer: proficient badass, I do what I want.

Extra Info: I record and do youtube videos, just looking for a group to hang with and have some fun.

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  • 2 months later...

Gamertag: vy Styles

GTA Forum Name: Calibree

Skype Name: Cant connect to skype ATM will know soon

Age: 14

Timezone: EST

How often you are playing GTA V: 4-5 times a week (although varies because my parents are divorced

In-Game Rank: 25

Your skill's as a GTA Online Gamer: Driving, Shooting/Gun skills, L33t hacking skills (joking)

Extra Info:Would really like to get in as im looking for a roleplay crew


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