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[Vice city]Game get stuck while loading after adding new object in map


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Hey guys recently i made a simple model in 3ds max with a simple texture and then i made the .dff and .txd files and added it to img file.

I used Med to add object in the game but after adding that object my game get stuck while loading.

Can anyone tell me how can i solve this

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you added a new object with new definition? did you also add a collisions model?

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where to add collison file


You can either add your collision file into one of the col files that are located inside the gta3.img file in /models/, Extract the airport.col onto your desktop add your mods col to the airport.col


Delete the airport.col in the gta3.img before you place your edited version back into the gta3.img and then remember to rebuild the img file after.


Or you can add your new col into a folder inside your models folder. Create a folder called Yourmods inside your /models/ folder.


open your gta_vc.dat file found in /data folder and add the lines below.



Like this.

COLFILE 0 MODELS\Yourmods\Yourcollsion.COL with your col models inside.


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