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Delta India Echo

[RDR SPOILER] Dog from Dom's mission arc.

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Then again, neither Vice City nor Liberty City in the III era were accurate representations to Miami or NYC. Sure, Vice City had Ocean Drive and NYC had skyscrapers, but it wasn't until SA when they started trying to base cities off their real life counterpart.

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Also when Franklin catches the last "big foot", which is an obvious reference to RDR UN's Big Foot side mission, the guy in the costume starts barking just like that strange dog does. It made me think that there in fact may be a stronger connection between GTA's and RDR's universe. I belive the dog is some kind of an equivalent of the "I know you" guy.


However. RDR and GTA can't be in the same universe considering that both New York and California are mentoined in RDR- San Andreas and Liberty City respectively are GTA's equivalent of those. It's surely just a gag by R*


This was exactly my thought.


I'm not saying this with a huge amount of seriousness, however, I guess if they wanted to join the Universes up, some historical political event between RDR and GTA could have caused the cities and the states to be renamed.

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The Harwood Bitcher

Franklin clinton?


Franklin dolittle

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It might sound like a weird theory, but if RDR and GTA are in the same universe could it possibly be that the dog and the man from the "I Know You" arc are the same entity? I mean they both come to the, less than moral, protagonist with the intention of them helping someone in need (the big difference is that Dom was an idiot and some from RDR were actually moral peoeple). And to top it off they are both only seen by that protagonist and nobody else.


Or maybe Franklin's just developed schizophrenia from his weed smoking? Who knows...

Couldnt be the same universe as Bonnie mentions New York City by name as does John later in the game. If it were the same timeline they'd probably have mentioned LC instead of NYC. On Topic I dont believe this is Rufus, reason being differently colored ears and Rufus seem to be more of a Terrier breed to me.

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Took me a while to remember which "ghost dog" you were talking about (been a while since I played story) and then took me a while remember the dog from RDR (Been over 2 years I think)..


But I think it's probably an unintentional match, when I played that mission I figured frank was just had one of them "crazy" moments.

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old yeller bro

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