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[Xbox360] Sk8rBats Recruiting!


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Crew/Gang Name: Sk8trBats
About: Started a new crew, Sk8rbats!

Fairly laid back crew all about enjoying the online experience of GTAO.


  • No Crew Killing
  • Respect everyone inside the crew and treat those outside the crew as the situation suits (i.e. be as mean as you wish if they are freeroam killing in a tank, but be nice if they text you saying friendly.)
  • No Rules regarding weapons/vehicles/clothes, it would be appreciated if you could host the crew colors or logo on at least one vehicle though.

This crew was started for people to gather together and team up and do missions and freeroam as a party, if your not looking to be apart of a team i wouldn't bother joining at all.

I look forward to seeing some of you ingame.

The crew is [OPEN] so you may all join without being invited.


Leader Contact: Spacepirate87 (xboxlive) or this name on the forums.
Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sk8rbats
Platform(s): Xbox360 ONLY
Games: GTAV (Online)
Timezone: GMT+10 is my timezone, but we are not exclusive to players in this timezone.

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