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Anyone have any lists of how to make cars look like unmarked police ca


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I LOVE to roleplay as a cop and was wondering if there are any good designs/pictures that can make my car look like a unmarked or marked police vehicle, I remember seeing a video where you could go down through the car heights and make it taller on the buffalo but I forget the video :/

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don ovdi' island

with an imagination like that i can't imagine you're very fun to role play with.

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Maya Echo Visari

I never understood the fascination of roleplaying as a law enforcement officer in GTA. I've seen videos provided by the LCPDFR, and they're cool, but again - Just isn't my deal. 'Rather pop in one of the True Crime games on PS2. Don't let me rain on your parade though. I just much prefer to roleplay as an assassin or professional career criminal.. (sorta' like how the game promotes itself?)


My advice, get yourself a Vapid Stanier I 'spose.


Or just wait until Rockstar releases the police Interceptor as a PV or civilian model. I mean, I can own a tank.


Just look at it. How could you go wrong.





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