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should R* increase payouts? if so, how much?


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i know i'm tired of it and that most of us all are. the maximum total for money gaining is $18750 and the mission is more costly than the payouts. Do you think rockstar should increase payouts? if you do, by how much?

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I think rockstar should lower RR and up other missions to even them out

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don't lower RR or Coveted. Just make the others pay closer to those two. Some missions don't even pay your ammo costs

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A Maned Wolf

Without a doubt.

High prices and low payouts is the source behind all of the money and RP exploits to date.

Would be no need to glitch for money if a car horn didn't cost 50k.

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Maya Echo Visari

All of them.


There's just absolutely no point in playing lower tier missions, or even accepting the invites from certain particular contacts. And I like playing different missions, (low-tier ones too) because there's always new players trying to get by with the 1-5K drawn out missions they play.


Gerald, Lamar, Simeon, many of Ron's and Trevor's missions all just pay dick. And what does that make up for? More than half of the contact missions?


I'm getting tired of only playing Martin Madrazo and Lester's missions. They're not even worth the amount of money you get for playing them, despite them paying the most.


And many of the missions involve you having to use an unprecedented amount of explosives (and if you're not using a pistol, ammunition) to complete your objectives. This is a kick square in the nuts for people who don't have anybody to play with/ playing solo because nobody will join their lobby. And nobody will join the lobby because the missions suck.




It bothers me that when you're playing the game for the first time, in the very beginning, owning money is a necessitity. You need it to buy a car, to upgrade it so that players won't shoot out your tires or throw in some quick bursts into your vehicle so it shuts down on you.


You need money to buy an apartment so you have a safe-assured place to spawn, instead of spawning on the street and in harm's way.


You need money to buy guns, and attachments, all of which are outrageously priced, and ammo becomes the ultimate wallet killer.


You need money to play the game.


But until you're like level 50 - 70, good f*cking luck. There's some missions that pay well, like Base Invaders, but they're not leaving us with much of an option.

Edited by SevDoggX
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