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dakar rally


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ive been thinking over this for a while now, i want a car that is of a similar style to dakar rally, something really quick and can go anywhere with big offroad tyres, needs to be nothing that easily spins out like the porsche, or nothing slow like a 4x4 off roader, as such


i want to be able to shoot up the mountains, or race across the desert, or even plough through the boggy marshes


any suggestions?



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Try the Sultan, It's a 4x4 with great handling and not too high acceleration so it's hard to spin out if you want an actual off roader try the blazer not the fastest or most durable but it's fun and is apparently now customizable :).

Edited by BigJoe_1
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If you want a proper rally vehicle with high clearance, it's not going to be too fast. Rebel is a good compromise of all the characteristics you mentioned, definitely has the best dakar style mods.

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Rebel is a good trophy/baja style truck, but the suspension is too stiff imo.


We really need something with the Sandking and 6x6's suspension, that's also fast offroad.



How about we just get an Offroad/racing centered pack R*? I'll drop real money for a Kamaz.

Edited by gtuned
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thanks all, think im definitely going to have to try a few cars out, liking the idea of the huntley but not so much the rebel, i found that far to slow to 'race' with

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