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Design your own gang


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Design your own gang for GTA SA





*Favorite radio station:

*Cars that they drive:



Missions that they are featured on:


This is my example:

Name: San Trizdos

Location: Mullholland, Blueberry, Fort Carson, The Strip, Calton Heights, All of Red and Flint county, all of San Andreas airports.

Favorite radio Station: Radio X and Bounce FM

Cars that they drive: Cheetah, Flash, Glendale, Greenwood, Tornado, Remington

Weapons: M4, MP5, Pump Action Shotgun, Minigun, Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher

Extras: It's gang has a hideout in Easter Bay Airport.

Missions that they are featured on: Are You Going To San Fierro? and Yay Ka Boom Boom

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The Byzantine Empire

Name: Scaletta Crime Family

Location: Las Venturas Casinos and Los Santos Docks

Favorite Radio Station: KDS-T

Cars: Black Sentinel, Black Merit and Black Elegant

Weapons: Desert Eagle, 9MM Pistol, stubby shotgun and M4

Gang Type: Italian Mafia. Based on Omerta.

Interests: Weapon Smuggling, Exchanges, Gambling, racketeering, illegal judicial support.

Leader: Miguel Scaletta.

Missions: Fight against them in Triad missions, also they are the biggest enemy of the Leone's and the Sindacco's so they could appear in casino missions.

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*Name: The New Kids

*Location: the small town of Maaskantje Bayside

*Favorite radio station: SF-UR

*Cars that they drive: Lime green Buffalo

*Weapons: Bats, nothing but bats

*Missions that they are featured on: Anything involving petty robbery.


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Name: Hoodiez
Location: East Los Santos,

Favorite radio station: Radio Los Santos, Playback FM
Cars that they drive: Burrito, Sultan
Weapons: Baseball bat, Knife, 9mm, SMG, AK-47,




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Name: OGs

Location: East Los Santos, South Los Santos, Las Brujas, and Aldea Malvada

Favorite radio station: Radio Los Santos, Playback FM

Cars that they drive: Black and Red Tampa and Fetlizer

Weapons: Knife, 9mm, Tec-9, and Miniguns

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Name: Fierro Rebels

Location: Doherty, Calton Heights, Bayside

Favourite radio station: Radio X

Cars that they drive: Freeway, Sultan

Weapons: Bat, 9mm, Desert Eagle, MP5


These fellows believe the world owes them a favour, so watch what you are doing when you are in their presence.

Missions that they are featured on:

None, as they are fan-made... :lol: ...but they will cause trouble to the player when they pass through their turf.

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Oh yeah this is a cool topic.

GTA is a fun game so I would make a fun gang if the game would only let me.


*Name: Rich Bastards & Sons

*Location: all golf areas and all rich areas like marina, commerce, vinewood etc.

*Favorite radio station: WCTR, K-DST

*Cars that they drive: Turismo, Bullet, Banshee, Caddy

*Weapons: Golf Club, Cane

*Extras: they kick your ass

*Outfit: pink polo shirts and white trousers, maybe a stupid hat to fit with the rest

*Missions that they are featured on: find out about the secret drug exchange on the golf course, kill the gang executive who bribes the Ballas to fight other gangs (i.e. pass yourself off as his helicopter pilot and jump out during the flight), ruin the gang's christmas party in a skyscraper



*Name: Pussy Riot

*Location: any places where you can find prostitutes

*Favorite radio station: Bounce FM

*Cars that they drive: Moonbeam, Camper, Windsor

*Weapons: 9mm, Tec9, Dildo

*Extras: if you invite a prostitute into your car it could be one of them, she would stick a dildo up your butt during intercourse and then run off, while you are unable to move for a few seconds

*Outfit: they look like prostitutes

*Missions that they are featured on: protect prostitutes that work for you against Pussy Riot attacks, stop the delivery of fresh russian weapons to the gang, nail the head of the gang and make her your ally

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*Name: Bayside Connection

*Location: Bayside SF

*Favorite radio station: Radio X

*Cars that they drive: Squallo, Tropic and Euros

*Weapons: Silenced Pistol and Knife.

Extras: Being that they are in Bayside, they would probably use the factories for drug production and ship it across the bay into SF, or via train lines into LV/LS.

Missions that they are featured on: The Drug Courier missions and maybe End Of The Line in Big Smoke's crack factory and other drug related missions. They could also use CJ earlier on in the game to retrieve/transport drug packages without CJ knowing, leading to CJ becoming hostile and attacking their factories later on in the game.


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Name: The Demigods of Doom

Location: Bone County, Southeast Las Venturas

Cars Bikes that they drive ride: Freeway

Weapons: Desert Eagle

Favorite Radio Station: Radio X

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*Name: Steel Roses MC (Female motorbike gang).

*Location: Roaming the countryside, particularly the highways.

*Favorite radio station: K-Rose.

*Cars that they drive: Freeway.

*Weapons: Sawn-off shotgun, 9mm, Rifle (sniper group).


Missions that they are featured on: N/A.

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Harerama Chakraborty

Name: The Lightning Eagles

Location: Vinewood, Angel Pine, Palomino Creek, Ocean Flats, Arco Del Oeste and Prickle Pine.

Favorite Radio Stations: K-DST and Radio Los Santos.

Vehicles they drive: Infernus, Admiral, Sanchez and Stretch.

Weapons: SMG, Desert Eagle, M4 and Combat Shotgun.

Extras: They have no enemies, but are known to be allied with the Triads. But when attacked, they won't take it kindly to anyone.

Missions they are involved in: N/A

Outfit: T-Shirts with a white star on the back.

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Name : Stupid Boyz

Location : Santa Maria Beach

Favorite Radio Station : -

Vehicle : BMX, Bike, Mountain Bike

Weapon : Bat, Katana, Knife, Flower, Brassknuckle, Nightstick

Extra : They have lot of members

Mission they are involved in : -

Outfit : Black T-Shirts and short jeans

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Los Santos Bangers



Vinewood, Mullholland, Temple, Downtown Los Santos, Market, Richman






Street Gang



Ballas, Vagos, Rifa, Russian Mafia



Grove Street Families, Aztecas, Triads






Infernus, ZR-350, Sentinel, Cheetah, Windsor, Uranus



Knife, Baseball Bat, Pistol, Desert Eagle, Shotgun, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Combat Shotgun, Micro-SMG, SMG, AK-47, M4, Rocket Launcher, Minigun



Arms smuggling



iFarbod (leader)

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*Name:East Side Project Families


*Location:East Los Santos


*Favorite radio station:Radio LS


*Cars that they drive:Sabre


*Weapons: Desert Eagles/Mac 10


Extras:Green and Grey


Missions that they are featured Home Coming

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Rocket man FI

Dominican Mafia


Favourite Radio Stations:SF-UR


Street gangs,Mafia


Los Santos,Liberty City(Formerly),Red County,Ghost Town




Minigun,Bruss knuckles,Shovel,M4,AK47,Desert Eagle,Pistol,Micro Uzi


Racketing,Prostitutions,Racket,Gambling,Mostly Drug Dealing


Rocket man FI(leader)


Need one(co leader)

Need one


More ranks come soon



East Coast Mafia


Coming soon


Enemies:The Families,Ballas

Edited by Rocket Man FI
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East Coast Mafia


Cars: Tank, Bulletproof Patriot, barraks, Insurgent (Soon), Kuruma

Favourite Radio Stations: Lips 106, Head Radio

Type: Mafia, Outlaw Gang

Location: Liberty City, Carcer City, (creating a new Chapter in Los Santos)

Colors: Navy Blue, green

Weapons: Fist, Pistol, AK47, M16, UZI, Claude himself, Rocket Launchers, Minigun, Brass Knuckles

Business: Racketeering, Loan Sharking, Drug Dealing, Prostitutions, Gambling, Human Trafficking

Members: Claude (Boss) MikePhilips (Underboss, Manager)

Allies: Dominican Mafia

Edited by MikePhilips
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ESR Epic Street Racers

Cars: Infernus, elegy, sultan, turismo, super GT.

Weapons: M4, sniper, knife, C4, combat shotgun.

Colors: Cyan.

Locatión: All car parkings, specially LV Parking. And all tracks around sa.

Business: Racing all over San Andreas, stealing securycar, steal gas tankers, heists. Importing cars.

Alíes: Corrupt Police.


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Name:Desculos Family

Location:Idlewood, The Strip, Doherty, Santa Maria Beach,

Favorite radio station:SF-UR, Bounce FM, Playback FM, Radio Los Santos

Cars that they drive:Phoenix, Greenwood, Elegy, Perennial.

Weapons:AK-47, Pistols, Shotgun, MP5

Extras:Gang since 1987, Likes Grove Street, Have big money.
Color:Dark Grey
Business: Racers on Los Santos, Importing cars, protecting Grove Street.

Missions that they are featured on:The End of the line, Big Smoke, Green Sabre.

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*Name: Verona Beach Families.

*Location: Verona Beach.

*Favorite radio station: Radio Los Santos.

*Cars that they drive: Savannas and Voodos.

*Weapons: 9mm.

Extras: Common Families only sorrounded by Verona Beach, like the Seville Boulevard or Temple Drive Families. Their main enemies are the Temple Drive Ballas, just like TDF.

They wear a very dark green color.

They can be rarely seen driving BJ Inyections.

They're featured in Reuniting the Families mission from SA and a reference of them would pop up in GTA V.

They're the weakest Family set. since they're the smallest.

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Name: Sicarius

Location: Operates in any location, however their headquarters is based in Mulholland.

Vehicles: Buffalo, Huntley, Rancher, Remington, Elegy, Rumpo, Boxville, Esperanto, Admiral, Elegant, Greenwood, Intruder, Sentinel, Vincent, Washington, Hunter, Leviathan, Maverick, Shamal, Dinghy, Launch, FCR-900, PCJ-600, Sanchez.

Weapons: Knife, baseball bat, pistol, silenced pistol, Desert Eagle, pump-action shotgun, sawn-off shotgun, combat shotgun, TEC-9, micro-SMG, SMG, AK-47, M4, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, heat-seeking rocket launcher, minigun, tear gas, molotov cocktail, frag grenade, satchel charge.

Extras: They're rarely seen, but when they are, they're seen in relatively large numbers, often engaging in some sort of criminal activity such as a gunfight. Their vehicles are typically blacked out entirely, or at the very least are in dark colours. They can sometimes be seen walking in groups around the streets without weapons drawn in a (failed) attempt to look inconspicuous. CJ, for a price, can place hits on people, which Sicarius will perform. However, don't think that CJ won't get any hits set out on him; Sicarius values business more greatly than loyalty to people not part of the organisation.

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Name-Cobras MC

Location-all over San Andreas (mostly in the countryside and desert towns like Palomino Creek, Fort Carson, Angel Pine, Bayside, etc.)

Favorite radio stations-KDST and Radio X

Cars that they drive-Freeway, Wayfarer and Hotknife

Weapons-Micro SMG, Tec 9, Sawed off shotgun

Missions they are featured on-T-Bone Mendez (as armored truck robbers), Cop Wheels (getting chased by a motorcycle cop)

Extra-if CJ wears biker jacket from Victim store,the Cobras are friendly to him,otherwise they're neutral



Note-mix of actual info (location, mission appearances...) and stuff I made up (name, weapons, being a friendly gang if their outfit is worn...)

Edited by GTA-Biker
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Name: The 15 Bullets

Location: San Fierro and may also appear at Las Venturas

Favorite Radio Stations: Radio X

Cars that they drive: Sultan and Sabres

Weapons: AK-47, Pump-Action Shotgun, Katanas, and Tec 9

Extras: Allied with the Triads.

Missions that they are featured on: Triad Missions and the bank heist at Las Venturas.

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Name: The Rockers

Location: Las Venturas specially in V-Rock Hotel

Favorite Radio Stations: Radio X and K-DST

Cars that they drive: Feltzer and Hustler

Weapons: MP5 and Desert Eagle

Extras: They just have a territory in V-Rock Hotel, Da Nang Boys is your enemies, they don't have any trouble with all the other gangs.

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*Name:Las Venturas Bangers

*Location:in LVA: Pilgrim - The Camel's Toe - Come a Lot - Whitewood Estates

*Favorite radio station:Radio X - K Rose

*Cars that they drive:Sultan - Infernus - NRG-500

*Weapons:Sawn-off Shotgun - Silent Pistol - SMG


*Extras:They can kill you in 5 different ways.

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*Name: Big Smoke gang.

*Location: Los Flores - East Los Santos.

*Favorite radio station: Bounce FM.

*Cars that they drive: Mules.

*Weapons: 9MM - UZI - M4.


Missions that they are featured on: Photo Opportunity - Pier 69 - End of the Line.

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Official General

Name: ​ Fierro Blocc Families (San Fierro) and their offshoot, All About Money Families (Las Venturas).
Location: Fierro Blocc Families are based in San Fierro (Doherty is their headquarters, also found in Hashbury, Ocean Flats, and Kings). All About Money Families currently trying to establish themselves in Redsands East in Las Venturas.
Favourite radio station: Radio Lost Santos and Bounce FM.
Vehicles : Huntley, Elegy, and Sentinel.
Interests: ​Mostly drug-dealing. Also involved in auto theft, organized pimping, and gun-running. Legitimate businesses for fronts include barber shop, auto garage, strip club and gym.
Activities: ​Gambling, smoking weed, drinking and playing pool in bars, visiting strip clubs.
Weapons : 9mm Pistol (favourite),preferably a Glock, but also Micro-SMG (Mac-10) and sawed-off shotgun. They don't like carrying large-sized guns, and will only use AK47s in big gang wars.
Outfit: Mostly green clothing on the top half. Will also wear baseball caps and bandanas.

Extras : They are actually originally from Temple, Los Santos, but migrated to San Fierro and Las Venturas to claim new territory, as Los Santos was taken over by the Ballas and Vagos. They still retain close ties to Families gangs in LS, but they maintain their independence as a separate gang set under the Families name. Unlike the GSF, these guys are very heavily into the crack trade, and only care about making money, and they are much more violent too, and are regularly engaged in vicious gang wars

with other rival gangs also trying to set up shop in San Fierro and Las Venturas. The two new Families gangs have a strong working relationship with their allies the San Fierro Rifa, and their main enemies are the SF and LV branches of the Ballas and Vagos gangs. They will even war with other Families gangs that piss them off !

Missions featured : ​Their own unique script missions in San Fierro and Las Venturas.

Edited by Official General
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The Rockstar Gamer 108

Name - The American Army

Location - You know, Army is everywhere, it can't be stopped!

Radio Station - Any Radio with 0 Volume.

Vehicles - Army Vehicles.

Activities - Eleminating all Illegal Activities and clearing refugees and terrorists from the Country.

Weapons - M4, Spas 12, Grenades etc.

Outfit - Army Suit.

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Name-The Bullet Club

Location-Las Venturas & Bone County

Radio Stations-WCTR(This station plays in gang safehouses) Radio Los Santos,Radio X(These stations play in gang vehicles)

Vehicles-Sports Cars (Infernus,Cheetah,Ect.)

Activities-Drug Trafficking,Auto Theft,Taking Over Businesses,Heists,Wiping Out Other Gangs,Taking Over Territories,Assassinations,Owning & Running Casinos

Weapons-AK-47,M4,SMG,Micro-SMG,12 Gauge Shotgun,9 MM Pistol,Minigun

Outfit-High-End Clothing (Suits,Business Attire,Ect.)

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Name: Ganton Locs


Location: They hang around Ganton & they also hang out around the Jefferson Motel


Favourite Radio Station: Radio Los Santos & Playback FM


Cars They Drive: Savanna, Blade, Remington, Voodoo, Majestic


Weapons: Knife, Uzi, Tec-9, 9mm Pistol, Double Barrel Shotgun, AK-47


Extras: Gang colour is Orange, They are allies with Grove Street, Main enemies are the Ballas, They are sometimes seen sporting black plaid shirts.


Activities: You know, typical gang banging!


Missions They Are Featured On: Reuniting The Families, Los Sepulcros, High Stakes, Low Rider, The Green Sabre

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Name: The Jefferson-Temple Families

Location: Jefferson, Temple, Glen Park, Las Colinas, Idlewood

Favorite radio station:Radio Los Santos

Cars that they drive: Greenwood, Voodoo, Savanna

Weapons: AK-47s, MP5s, Molotovs, TEC,9s,Micro Smgs, some also have military rifles (M4s)

Extras: Armed with an extensive amount of heavy weapons, tech, etc and also have their own private helicopter, a stolen Maverick re-painted and fitted with a searchlight, and is also allies of the GSF.

Missions that they are featured on: Re-uniting the Families (Mentioned) The Green Sabre (Seen assisting Grove Street, and in alt canon ultimately saving them from destruction) Drive-By (Instigated by the GSF to start doing drive-bys as well) Sweet's Girl (They appear in Greenwoods and try stop the Seveille Boulevard Families from taking out CJ, Sweet and his girl.) Just Business (They're alerted when one of them sees Smoke being chased, and they eventually join the sewer chase, coming with their helicopter and sniping some of the Russian Mafia), Beat down on B-Dup (Seen assisting CJ in alt canon) Grove 4 Life (Seen assisting CJ) End of the Line (Seen in three Mavericks (Two stolen Police Mavericks, the other being their maverick they stole a long time ago) trying to help Carl stop Tenpenny, and also assists in the raid on the Crack Palace until the final floor. They eventually shoot at Tenpenny's firetruck in the mavericks, causing him go flying off the Ganton bridge and onto Grove Street)

(All mission appearances are non-canoncial, as is the gang itself)

Edited by Mrblue630
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