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GIF Signature Request


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Hey, this is my first request here, so I apologise if it seems a little too much to create, I'm not entirely sure what is considered "do-able". Anyway.


If possible I would like to have a GIF signature created by using

from 0:12 to 0:16 (if possible, start from when you see the dude in the V for Vendetta mask, not the Savant logo please. And it should end when he finishes looking at the camera and the green-blue strobes appear. That sounded pretty sloppy, I hope you can understand :)). One more thing, if possible could you add "Savidge" to the bottom-right corner of the GIF in any font you choose, I'm not fussy on the font. Thank you to anyone who can do this!
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These are really great as well! I can't pick which ones to use as they're all so amazing, haha. Really nice work, you two. If there was a "Love this" button I'd be spamming it now. ;)

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