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Air Emu Stocks will not get better?!


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Ok, so I just finished the mission: Legal Trouble:

(The one where Molly, the assistant, gets thrown into a plane engine.)

And I was told before doing that mission to invest all my money into Air Emu, because when you do it, FlyUS's stock would go down, and Emu's would go up, but, Air Emu's stock literally went down to -1.32 in 1 day after the mission? I slept saved almost 50 times, and the best it has gone to since then is -0.86, and it won't get any better than that, I tried going to the airport and blowing up EVERYTHING FlyUS, But it never worked. I need some help here, because I literally just lost all of my money if it won't go back up.

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The only confirmed method to get money from stocks is by the assassination missions for Lester. If you want your money back, you would have to reload the save prior to the mission.

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