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So you want to know how to become a youtube GTA Online superstar? Easy! Just follow my easy 10 step program and you'll be raking the $$$ in no time!

  1. Get a capture card (or just film directly off your screen, preferably with a mobile phone)
  2. Think of a name for yourself and create a channel (E.g, MrSkillz109)
  3. Get some editing software and put together a cool CGI intro (the longer the better, ideally you want the intro to be longer than the actual video content)
  4. Decide what you want to put in the video, anything from playing with your friends to glitches (google "GTA V Glitches and copy them, because it's YOUR channel and it doesn't matter if the content is unoriginal)
  5. Record a voiceover, something like this is good; HEY GUYS, MrSkillz109 here with another AWESOME GTA Online tutorial. Today I'm gonna be showing you how to "insert glitch here" (then describe the glitch). But before I do i just want to give a shout out to "insert mom/dad/friend/crew names" (by this point the video should at least be 5 minutes in).
  6. Finally show the glitch or other content, this should only take about 30 seconds of the full 10 minute video. (don't forget to add LOL XD sound effects)
  7. Fade out from the voiceover and edit in some dubstep or dance music.
  8. Because people are stupid and almost no one is going to like your video, don't forget to finish with "Thanks for watching guys, and as always, don't forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe" (people LOVE being told to do this)
  9. Make a thumbnail image (Obelix pro is ALWAYS the best font to use, try to include as many colors as possible too)
  10. Set up a partnership with Youtube and wait for the money to start rolling in.

Congratulations! You are now an idiot youtuber!

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You have music on the exit but you forgot you need music in the beginning. And you MUST have logo that Dances around.


And make sure you use more very good bad English. Because if you use only good English they know you are more better than the others and show intelligence.

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Use the word "insane" in every video title and open with dubstep /w cheesy animation.

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Does anybody else think the OP is actually 100% serious but made the comments he did in #8 and the "Idiot youtuber" comment because he wants us to believe that he hates glitch video youtuber but in reality he is one of them?


To translate that list for you this is what the OP list really says


1. Think of a really douchey name for yourself and your channel
2. Get software to help you put togeather an intro with a crappy dancing logo
3. Make sure that you remake a video of the glitch that everybody else is making don't worry about being creative just copy what everybody else is doing.
4. Make sure to act really douchey with auto-tune voice while doing voce-over so everybody thinks you are awesome.
5. Make the video 6 minutes long with 5 minutes and 50 seconds of talking and driving around and 10 seconds of actual content
6. When the music is over make sure to add some really douchey techo music
7. Make sure that you tell everybody to Like, Comment and Subsrcibe.
8. Montize your videos so you can show your friends the whole $0.50 you made, making crappy GTA V glitch videos


Here is my list


1. Have a squeaky voice or auto-tune your voice so your voice is so loud astronauts on the International Space Station can hear it.

2. Have really annoying music at the start of the video.

3. Drive around in the video for 5 minutes before showing everybody how to doo a glitch that takes 10 seconds to do

4. Have a logo that dances around

5. Use the word Awesome, Insane or unbelievable in the title and description and say them at least 10 times during the voice over.

6. Beg for likes, subscribers and comments.

7. Make a GTAF account just to post your videos without a text tutorial

8. Post the same tutorial on GTAF even if the tutorial already exist

9. If your tutorial thread is locked remake the thread as if yours is more importance than the one that already exist.

10. Yell at people on GTAF when they tell you the thread has already been posted and then send them an angry PM when your thread is locked threatening them for having your thread locked.

11. Don't credit the real founder of the glitch you are posting if you pretend that it's your people will think you are cool.

Edited by AiraCobra

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6. Beg for likes, subscribers and comments.

Make sure its a really really low number like 20. So you feel accomplished when it happens.

Which reminds me of the "Old days" like months ago when Rockstar was really slow at patching when they "Demanded" 1000 likes before they posted how the glitch worked.


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This is definitely NOT serious. I just wanted to try and pick apart the crappy formula which every c*nt seems to use. And that's another one I forgot to add;

"C'mon everyone, let's try and get this video to 100 likes"

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