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Trouble selling cars.


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So, yesterday I sold my Alpha at a LSC and got about 160k for it. "Aha!" I thought, "If I sell my Cheetah too i'll be able to afford the new Turismo R!"
After waiting an hour.. 2 hours.. a day, I still can't sell my Cheetah.

Is anyone else having this problem? Or has it something to do with the fact I bought my Cheetah a very long time ago (2 patches or something like that.) ?


I also tested if I could sell my baby, a silver Comet, and that isnt possible to sell either. Whats gives?


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Depending on what actual patch you bought your cars in will depend on if you can sell them or not and the value you can get. It could also be a glitch. Try a different lobby, try clearing out your cache, various things. The only cars I can't sell are my duped Adders.

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Well the Comet was like the first car I bought, so I guess there's no selling that. The Cheetah couldnt have been long after that, so I guess im stuck with it then :p

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The reason you can't sell them might be because you bought them with modded or glitched money. I have have a Entity I bought back in the billionaire days and I can't sell it, yet my Zentorno bought with legit money I can sell.

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