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LSRL - Race with others - Win Shark Cards! - Meetups are live!


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This top section will briefly explain info about the Los Santos Racing League, if you wish to know more info, you can find everything in the lower section of this post.

In each league there will be:

14 drivers

5 weeks

1 Driver meeting

3 minor races

1 final race

and a prize of a megalodon shark card

then the league will reset with new drivers

all events will be broadcasted on twitch and youtube

no dirty driving

to apply just leave your gamertag or psn in a reply below

The rest of this post is an in depth explanation of how the league will run.

So me and a few associates are currently working on constructing a competitive racing league In Gran Theft Auto Online. We were hoping through the league, we can share our passion for skill based racing with the community (without the awful dirty drivers) and broadcast it on media site such as YouTube and Twitch TV. The Foundations of the league are close to finalised, and we are asking for your support in this community project, so I'd like to thank you for getting this far in the thread, and if you are interested in competing in the league, more details are listed below, but keep in mind these ideas are not set in stone, and we welcome any suggestions. Also, info about applying is below as well.

How will leagues run?

A single league will run for 5 weeks with weekly events, and will consist of 14 drivers. The first week will include a driver meeting, where the selected drivers will be able to meet each other and compare themselves to the competition. The following 3 weeks will have 3 points table races where the drivers will be put against each other to compete for points on a leader board. The top 8 drivers on the leader board will be entered into the final race to win the league and grand prize. After a single league has finished, another group of 14 drivers will be chosen over a week. and then a new league will begin.

How does prizes work.

The only set prize we have planned is a Megalodon Shark card, ($8Million in game cash/$99.99USD). We are currently negotiating with a sponsors, to help us with minor prizes for the Points table Races. We would love to hear suggestions of what we should offer as a prize for winning a league

Divisions - How will they work? Everyone is welcome!

So if the league receives enough applicants we will split the league into different divisions, based on car types, track styles rules etc. so it doesn't matter if your not a good driver or you don't have a good car, all participants are welcome!

Rules of racing in the league

We have one main rule for now, no dirty driving

dirty drivers will have their positions reviewed and we may decide to replace them.

For now game rules will be, no traffic, contact, clear weather, standard races.

Also, if we implement divisions, rules may change in divisions, such as changing to non-contact, traffic on, or even legal dirty driving maybe.

How will broadcasting work?

So a number of us have capture cards so we will be recording races, meetups and events, streaming them on twitch, and uploading them to YouTube. Most events will be commentated by myself and my associate, and they will also display leader board standings and other notable mentions.

How do I Apply for a spot in the league?

So to apply for a spot in the league all you need to do is post a reply in the thread bellow with an image of your car that you're going to race in, along with your gamertag or PSN ID, or you can go to the leagues Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/LosSantosRL and apply with the same credentials there.

Practice Sessions and meetups are live now!

If you want to be apart of the ongoing meetups and practice races, apply below, and leave a comment saying 'i want to attend the meetups' one of the leagues administrators will add you on XBOX Live or PSN and we will invite you to the session.

Currently only meetups are only running on PS3, but Xbox meetups will be occurring in a few hours, so you can join soon!

There will be frequent meetups and practices races, as what we are trying to achieve with the league, is to build a community for players who love driving fast.

The first league is likely to include sports or super cars, on challenging road courses, but again if we get many applicants we will create divisions for different kinds of drivers.

If you have any questions or concerns please leave a reply below and we will be happy to respond.

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Seeing as how he joined just a few minutes ago, he's most likely the b3nny000312 dude who's been spamming the forums with the same thread.

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The last thread got closed for a reason.

AAAaaaaAAAaaand the one before that lol

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Seeing as how he joined just a few minutes ago, he's most likely the b3nny000312 dude who's been spamming the forums with the same thread.


the threads posted by b3nnny were blocked by admins, this will be the final thread even if it is locked, we have no intention of spamming and we apolagise if you feel like we did


BTW b3nny is friend of mine helping with spreading word about the league, we were having issues with our threads so i created an account which we were planning to do eventually, to represent the league properly, to deal with the issues directly as the head of the project

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Biggie Kaniff

The fact that you spam the same thread over and over with now a new account, makes it obvious that this is some sort of scam. Everyone stay away from this "racing league."

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