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Is motorcycles spawing everywhere normal?

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Sometimes, and not always, it seems the game spawns riderless motorcycles in the middle of the road, specifically interstates, which naturally causes wrecks as cars slam on their brakes. It comes from out of nowhere.


Is this to deliberately add challenges to driving? Or did I get more than I bargained for in some mod? Once in a while is fine. But it happens so often that it detracts from some of the realism. I may be mistaken, but it seems to happen when I am going very fast the most often.




Also as a side note; I was thinking of making my own radio station (not user tracks).


Off the top of ones head, does anyone here know which board might have some introductory advice on this? I know how to use the SAAT tool, but am not sure what exactly - or even if- one can make their own station. I thought it might be a fun project. From what I can tell, it is a matter of timing, a ton of splicing intros and outros and a whole lot of editing. And yet, just barely feasible.


Many thanks in advance.



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Maybe you have a modded file (ped.dat, but i am not sure) that spawns the motorcycles, but not the peds riding it?

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Maybe you have a modded file (ped.dat, but i am not sure) that spawns the motorcycles, but not the peds riding it?


The only ped mods I am aware of are ones I made myself, simple tweaks here and there. I don't recall any other ped mods. The only thing that comes to mind is the BC7 mod, but I dont think that applies here.


They literally pop out of nowhere, essentially falling from the air on the horizon so that by the time I actually get to it, several cars have already collided as they slam their brakes on. This naturally causes a pile up that I have to swerve to avoid if I am lucky. It seems particular to interstates where the traffic is moving fast, or at least I am.


Occasionally it will happen where there arent any cars around to slam their brakes on, and you can see it in the distance just skidding along on the ground coming to a rest. Along the Pacific Coast Highway I have even noticed that once I skidded off the road myself into the water, and a motorcycle spawned into the water right above me. To be sure, I am not hitting any spawn functions.


Perhaps it is my wireless keyboard, I dont know. Except if it was my keyboard faking a spawn function through a signal error, the only key function would be through BC7, except it is always motorcycles, not the last vehicle I deliberately spawned.


So I assumed it was just a game feature to add challenge to high speed driving. Except it happens so often as to detract from realism.


Speaking of realism, I noticed a while back that the BlackJack tables dont randomly select hands. I played enough marathon sessions of BlackJack in Venturas to notice that the exact same dealer/player hand combinations were recurring. It was disappointing; I thought I was playing a truly random deck. But often I began to notice that if I had a certain hand by suit and number, the dealer had a recurring hand to match the game exactly. It got to be where I knew what he was going to deal himself by what I was holding. I could decide what I would do of course, but the deck was literally already stacked. Apparently the game treats BJack as individual sets of controlled variables, not as a random generator.


Sorry for prattling. I haven't been here in a while.

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  1. Uninstall GTA SA.
  2. Delete any files remaining.
  3. Re-install GTA SA.

Then try what it will happen.

This should solve all of your problems.

Also for making radio station,Open SAAT and it will detect 2 trees:


In STREAM there are some sub trees.


Open up radio-x then replace your files with it.

Note1:Every single music has been changed to some parts.e.g:Thembones===>Them bones(mid).ogg-Them bones(intro).ogg,etc.Do as like this to your musics and songs too.

Note2:Your files must be OGG.

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Thank you Ali. It is an old installation. I will give it a try at some point. Getting the timing of the audio track right will be a challenge, But perhaps it can be done. It will be important to compose a style and voice overs that match the various aspects such as weather and time.

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I'm glad that i helped you.

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