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TMp K1uTch

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Hey guys I am starting to do roleplays everyday. I am trying to find on the forums a group of roleplayers that are willing to roleplay everyday. I am willing to roleplay everyday. Maybe even twice a day once in the morning and one in the evening. I am 15 and have a lot of experience with role play since I have been in many clans. I am looking to start a kind of virtual world where everyone has a job whether it is being a cop or drug dealer or even a stock broker. We will have a court system and a jail. People will be able to kill eachother but I dont want the session becoming a deathmatch. You have to have a reason and you can not just kill for the sake of killing. You can drive whatever you want except super cars. So you can drive Sports. I am looking to get started right away with this. Comment below what job you want and your Gamertag. Also comment any ideas I did not touch on Im willing to hear out everyone. My Gamertag is: TMp K1uTch add me so we can get started right away.

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Hello fellas I'm hosting a live gang banger roleplay in 10mins kingtrilogy23 if you want to join

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Thank the lord. I have been waiting for something like this to finally happen, I'm always asking my friends and they're always like no that's dumb. My xbox gt is RavensNation929. Add me and send a message saying whats its about so I know :) btw I'm busy during the day so I will be on for the night sessions.

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Hey guys I think we have enough people for a roleplay today around 12:00 EST. I will invite everyone and we will discuss the roleplay and how we should do it then we will go on with the role play. Everyone send me a friend request: TMp K1uTch. Thanks!

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