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Racing League! Win Shark Cards and more! Anyone can compete&#3


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So at the moment I am working on a community projectMe alongside a few other creationists, have been working on starting a competitive racing league in Gran Theft Auto Online which anyone can become a part of. The basic foundations for the League such as social media pages, website etc. are being finalised. the only thing missing is support from the community, and a very small amount of founding. So I would like to thank you for reading the rest of the this thread.

About the Los Santos Racing league
The Los Santos racing league is a Gran Theft Auto Online competitive racing league than everybody has a chance at being a part of. The League includes weekly races, that will be streamed on Twitch TV and uploaded to YouTube, and will give minor prizes for race winners and major prizes for league winners.

How races, leagues and prizes work.
Each league will run for five Weeks, consisting of 1 driver meeting and preview event, 3 points table races, and 1 Final Race, all spaced on weekly intervals. Each League will consist of 14 drivers. The preview event will have all drivers in the current league meet in a single game lobby, to show off their cars and meet the competition. The three weeks of points table races will include races against each other for points on a leaderboard, and at the end of the three weeks, the top 7 drivers will be put against each other in the final race for the grand prize. The prize for winning one of the three minor races, will receive a great white shark card ($1.25million in game cash/$19.99 USD) and the winner of the final race will win a Megalodon shark card ($8million in game cash/$99.99 USD).

How to apply for a spot in the league
To enter, you first need a car in GTA Online, and it not only needs to be fast, but it needs to look good as well, so to apply for a spot in the league, a photo of your car must be posted to the leagues FaceBook page here
https://www.facebook.com/LosSantosRL along with your PSN or Gamertag, as well as any other notable details.

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