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People using invincibility?


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Ok, so me and my friend were doing the launch glitch at a tattoo place. Then a bunch of people in Zentornos came by and killed us. So, what I normally do is pull out myy Combat MG and shoot them in the face next time they drive by... Exept this time when I shot them in the face THEY DIDN'T DIE. Every time they didn't die. Even when I blew up their cars with RPG's, they just walk out of the burning wreck that used to be their car. So is there a new invincibility glitch/mod? Thanks.

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Crawdaddy Deluxe

Yes. If you would only look at one of the many threads on this subject on the first page, you could've saved yourself the time of making this thread. But yes. Godmode is being used very frequently.

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