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80's style soundtrack?

Piggsy pls

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Has anyone noticed, in GTA V the ambient score sounds very much like it's trying emulate 80's or early 90's songs. I mean, on the soundtrack Rich Man's Plaything sounds like it would fit perfectly on a station like Wildstyle in Vice City, and North Yankton Memories sounds like an 80's indie rock. We Were Set Up also has a similar drum beat to In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins. And this isn't even counting all the unreleased tracks or in-game alternates.


Do you think Rockstar did this on purpose, because they know the fans like the soundtracks of games like SA, VC and VCS?

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LSRR and Non-Stop Pop are pretty 80s-y as well. I think a bit of Channel X might be as well, but I don't know too much about punk.


A certain 'retro-sound' or 'feel' is pretty popular these days, look at Kavinsky or Daft Punk.

But yeah, I think it was, to give it a lighter atmosphere, particularly compared to IV, maybe by ringing back to the lighter, popular titles like SA and VC .

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Everyone forgot about III and LCS as it seems :(


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I never looked at those songs as being 80s influenced. If anything, they remind me of generic crime movie scores/soundtracks, which is likely seeing as that was what Rockstar was trying to emulate. However, there is one song that feels very 80s influenced from the score:




It's probably just me, but the synthesizer that comes in at 1:20 reminds me a lot of Miami Vice, if anything specifically,

, which coincidentally, was on Vice City's Emotion 98.3.
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Pooyan Cyrus

Most of score songs are not really 80's-influenced.

However, I agree you on 'North Yankton Memories'; Although it sounded like an 80's song, it was too hilarious.

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