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Sugar Free Nos

Zaibatsu themed sig request

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Sugar Free Nos

Hi, it would be wonderful if someone far more talented than me could take this image, enlarge it just a bit, but within sig limits, and edit in Yellow border Black text that says "Zaibatsu" in the top right corner next to Coop's head. If possible I would like the text to fade in as he pulls out the money clip, becoming solid as he holds it up. If not, just make it stationary text.





Not sure if it would be possible with how small the image is, so don't worry if it's not possible.



If you could somehow cut him out of the background, keep him in gif form, then put him on the right side of a full sig sized rectangle with Zaibatsu lettering bigger in the rectangle, I may have grander ideas.



Maybe have him on the right of a rectangle that has a yellow border, and some background, then to the left have large Zaibatsu lettering. Below that, it would be cool to have clickable emblems that link to some of my threads. If this is a possibility, I can provide those small images. If it's the gif that would give you trouble here, maybe just get a still of him with the money clip out.



Very much appreciated, whoever chooses to take the time to help me or give me advice. You'll get full credit in my bio and I'll be forever in your debt.



Again, I have no clue what I'm doing, so this may not even be possible.

Edited by Sugar Free Nos

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Sugar Free Nos

Looks great, much better than I pictured in my head. Thanks Vanto, great work.

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