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New Pack Idea

Masonic Massacre

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Masonic Massacre

So I had an idea for a new DLC that I think R* should make for GTA 5/Online. It would be a pack based off of Max Payne 3, it could be called the Payne Pack :D which would include new guns, clothes, and haircuts.

  • The pack could include some (preferably all) of the guns featured in MP3, my top picks would be the AK-47, FAL, 1911, DE .50, Sawn-off shotgun, and LAW. Obviously it would be much better if all of the were added.
  • The haircuts could include the various hairstyles worn by Max throughout the campaign, his standard full head of hair and then bald with a bit of stubble as well as his thick beard for the facial hair options.
  • The clothing could include Max's signature leather jacket outfit that he's famous for wearing or the uniform worn by UFE.

I mean clearly this isn't complete it was just an idea I had that I thought I'd share. Please share any ideas you may have but also tell me what you think. Is this pack something you would like to see in GTA 5/Online? I know I would, simply for the sweet, classic weapons that GTA 5 has basically neglected to add. So let me know what you think! :)

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