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How to acquire the Independence DLC horns after removal


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If this has been posted already, I apologize, and this method can be closed or deleted.


A member on Se7enSins named Aria Shichijo found a method of how to acquire the Independence DLC horns after they were removed. If anyone of you missed out on the horns, this is your chance to acquire them.


1) Take the vehicle that you want the horn on to LSC
2) Press the "Horns" option to customise the horn.
3) Press the up button to go to "Jazz Horn Loop"
4) Press Circle/B to go back to the main customisation screen
5) Go back into the "Horns" section and press down
6) Now you can select any of the Star Spangled Banner horns!

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wish that there would have been another star spangled banner horn that was $50,000 but had all them on one loop like the jazz horn. But great find none the less.

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Went to check if this Glitch worked (have no attention of buying the Horns just for Interest), when I scrolled up from Musical Horn 5 I already had, the 4 Independence Day Horns were available to me without doing anything else; no backing out of the menus or anything...not sure why but clearly R* have done a terrible job of disabling the content.

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Tails Prower

Just to add to this but if you already have a car with the horn already fitted
the USA anthem horns can still be purchased but only for that car. Not tried
the above yet.

*Update* 7.17 UK time 12/8. This does not appear to work now, when you press Up

to go to Jazz Horn loop and then leave and go back into Horns it returns to the

horn you have selected and does not list any of the USA horns..

Edited by tails_prower_2040
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