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The Phoenix Arisen


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Who We Are


We're a newly formed social crew of a somewhat 'flexible' moral compass - our motto, as you see, is 'light a match against us and we will burn you' - we kill only when killed and attack only when attacked. It's not for everyone; let's be honest, for some people just going around and destroying the sh*te out of other people's cars/bikes/friends/bodies is a hell of a lot of fun - that's not what we're about.


Now, that's not to say we don't kill: some of the NPC's of Los Santos seem to be asking for it a lot of the time and we won't hold it against you if you take a dislike to someone walking on the other side of the street - hell, you might have even come up with your own little storyline so that you take offense to the sight of a certain NPC! That works for us. That's cool. Do what you need to do: your brothers and sisters will step up to fight alongside you, always. That of course also extends to when another player kills you: they kill you, we kill them. Our 'moral high-ground' can only last so long and we can only be so patient, so if someone bothers you or your archenemy needs taking care of, we'll take care of it as a group to ensure that they either give up or - more likely - endlessly die fighting an utterly pointless battle.


Fire consumes: we aim to consume anyone who becomes... problematic.


  • We tend to love starting war with the cops, trying to maintain a 5 star Wanted level for as long as possible. Killing cops is totally fine. Obviously. We may have some morals, but cops... well. They're as crooked as they come...
  • We'll do Jobs as a crew to raise our RP and to have fun, as well as perhaps come up with some sort of roleplay situation
  • We're looking for like-minded players who want to have fun, make new friends and join a crew who are truly in it for life (and death, as it may be)
  • Free Play, obviously, will happen a LOT, not just Jobs




Nothing confirmed, but if we get enough people joining us and becoming a part of The Phoenix Arisen then we'll absolutely start coming up with some background. The two sole members of TPA so far have their background's sorted out and a little story of how they met (and initially hated one another, but we all know how that usually turns out) so we'd love to entwine yours with ours and get things rolling.




  • We don't care how old you are or how long you've been playing; beginner or expert, we still want you. Just be prepared for some... colourful language at times
  • Be respectful to your crewmates
  • Don't kill unless killed first, unless decided otherwise with your crew/Leader
  • Your own vehicle, though this isn't strictly necessary as a brother/sister can always give you a ride
  • A headset, though again we'll try to accommodate you if you don't have one




  • Xbox 360




I - Kittybeth, both on here and on Live - am the Leader and though I don't intend on being a dictator by any means I will keep an eye on how you're behaving in-game and ensure that you're not straying from our very few 'rules'. I know that for some of you having a female Leader is perhaps not your cup of tea - I'll say now that it doesn't make one bit of damned difference that I'm a girl. I can shoot, I can drive, I can kick some ass if necessary; sometimes I die, sometimes I crash, I am inherently human just like you... but, still, if my being female is an issue for you then don't join the crew. Simple as that. I won't be particularly offended, it's not like you're insulting who I am, just the fact that I don't have a penis. Can't help that, I'm afraid.


I'm a nice person. Genuinely. Got a sense of humour too, which tends to range from basic silliness to outright dirty, so I've got my bases covered. It doesn't, however, mean that I'm willing to let people take me for a fool: as I said before, if I'm killed I will kill. Occasionally (if I think it was an accident) I'll let it slide, give them another chance, but once that second shot is taken I'll do what I need to do to survive.


EpicFlyFire (not currently registered on here) is both the sole other member so far and the Commissioner. He's a lot like me in that he doesn't kill unless killed and is a decent player with a lot of hours chalked up. He's level-headed (more so than myself) and a fantastic right-hand man - he keeps calm under fire and works logically and with a laid-back attitude that belies the determination underneath.


You'll start out as the Muscle, of course, but keep on your game and you'll be promoted in no time.









Edited by Kittybeth

R* Social:



Killer Queens MC (Leader)

SOA Nomads Ireland (Lieutenant)

Redline Addicts (Lieutenant)

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