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Going kamakazi in a mission doesn't register kills


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Has anyone else noticed when you run people over in a mission it doesn't always attribute the kill to yourself?


In missions it's become a bit of a thing for me to use my sandkingxl as a weapon (in missions where there are groups of enemies in the open), the height means that the enemy have a problem shooting the driver so I tend to drop off the other players just outside mission area and then kamakazi into the targets resulting in many deaths before getting out and using the vehicle as a shield for a conventional assault - sort of like a siege machine. However I have noticed even though it kills them at the end of the mission the stats don't reflect the kills, I've purposefully not shot before and ended up with only 1 or 2 confirmed kills even though there were at least 6 or 7.


It's not so bad if the people your with know, but when your at the bottom of the stats it looks like you've done nothing.

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