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Why did III and LCS have original music in a couple of stations?

The Mysterious One

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The Mysterious One

This is one thing that I've always wondered. In III and LCS, you had Head Radio and Lips 106, both of which played songs that were only made for the games by "fictional" artists or groups (Let's not get technical in which the songs are actually performed by artists in real life when recorded prior to the games' releases). The funny thing is that the other stations had licensed music like Game Radio, The Liberty Jam, MSX FM, Rise FM, etc. Even when I heard Flashback FM in III back in the day, I was like "those songs sound so familiar" and that was because I watched "Scarface" sometime before that. After that, the other GTA games had licensed music on all the stations except for talk. The only original song in Vice City was the Love Fist song.


I am not complaining about Head Radio or Lips 106. I just wondered why they had original songs. I have the albums and bought them off of iTunes. The songs are kind of cheesy but I enjoy them.

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I know III did it because they probably didn't have a lot to spend on licensing music, like how on the stations that actually have music they're either taken from a record (KJAH) or from a single record label (Game Radio). I think LCS tried to continue the tradition though, seeing as it'd probably be odd to see real songs on Head Radio & Lips 106. At least for me though, I wonder if anyone else knows that feel.

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I always wondered the same thing. I love all the GTA3 original music though. I always felt they were supposed to be parodies of real artists, there's one song that totally sounds like it could be u2. But I actually dig the original songs, and I find them to be catchy and quality stuff.


The "Fade Away" song is one of my favourites. It's great.

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My favorite was "Electronic Go Go". Not only because of the funky beats, but also because "Scatwerk" is the best parody of "Kraftwerk", not to mention only, I've heard.



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The Mysterious One

You guys mentioned how some of the songs seemed like parodies of some sort. Well that song "Pray It Goes Okay?" from the fictional group Boyz II Girlz is obviously parody of the whole boy band craze that happened from the late 1990s to early 2000s, not to mention the group name is similar to Boyz II Men.

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Funny. I was just thinking about this earlier. I thought it was pretty cool how these fictional artists had tracks into the game. Like UT mentioned, I think during the early days of GTA III, Rockstar didn't have a whole buncha money to license real songs, so they probably asked a few extras to produce tracks and they put them in the game. To this day, I still wanna know who Dezma is.


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