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Re-do heists?


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Hey, so I wanna replay heists but don't want to play through the campaign. Is it possible to re-do each heist but including the set-up parts of the heist aswell?


And does anyone have a list of the names of the missions that are the heists?

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I know you can replay the heists as well as the setup missions, but I don't know if what you do in the setup missions do anything to the actual heist replay. You can, however, change your approach (if any) and crew members.


As far as the heists go, they are as followed:
*The Jewel Store Job

*The Merryweather Heist

*Blitz Play

*The Paleto Score

*The Bureau Raid

*The Big Score

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You can definitely replay heists and any other mission at any time after beating them, it's what I did to complete the other approaches without spending hours on the storyline again.


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You can replay any missions including the heists via pause game replay mission. The heist missions are named:


The Jewel Store Job

The Merryweather Heist

Blitz Play

The Paleto Score

The Bureau Raid

The Big Score


All except Blitz Play and The Paleto Score have two approaches. Both approaches can be played in the replay, so if you took one approach in your play through you can play the other in replay without having to do a new campaign (same applies to the final mission).


When you replay a heist, you start with a screen that allows you to select your crew. Then once selected you are into the heist mission. Don't think you get the unlockable crew members like Packie or suchlike but the default ones are fine - I replayed the final heist with default ones and still came away with max money on obvious approach.


The set up missions like getaway cars etc can also be replayed but just as standalone missions. They don't affect heist replays. I've never replayed heists that require a getaway car, such as Blitz Play, so don't know if you get a random car in a random location or your original choice.

Edited by Butterfly57
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Packie was available to me on mission replays-- It might depend on whether you unlocked them on the play through or not.


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other video games.... It's called Busy Hospital II" -- Demetri Martin


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