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Banner Headers Request by Maaz 45

Maaz 45

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Hi guys my next mission pack coming called Cult of Personality so i need a banners and headers.


Banner should be colored like a spray painting and write Cult of Personality with spray color like highlighted fire brick or any color possible.


Header should be also colored with spray painting and write this with spray painting.




Theme Song









Remember who ever give me these banners and header i will add you in credits! :evilgrin:

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The Request Guidelines (read it) state that you must wait 4 days after making a request topic.


You made this request topic 2 days ago. After that one has been fulfilled, then you'll have to wait 4 more days to make another one. In the future, if you want more than one graphic, you should include what you want all in one request topic. Making several topics will not aid your cause and clutters this forum.

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