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How do YOU play the game?


Recommended Posts

This is me:


Lone wolf. No crew. No friends.


Sniping randoms from rooftops.


Exploring with motorbikes.


Using the Buzzard to destroy aircraft. Only I am allowed to occupy airspace. Sniping jets.


Making races and deathmatches,

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With my feet, hands are for no skilled noobs.

You realize you're saying that hands are not for noobs? Edited by DJ_DC99
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I'm a passive little bitch who spends most of his time alone in invite only sessions cause I seriously dislike mostly everyone who plays this game. :)

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Arrows to Athens

By pressing the buttons on my controller to perform specific functions within the game.

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With a controller....



but seriously, in Private sessions with freinds. Never, never and I mean never, in an open session.

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I play alone mostly I only have one friend I play with and he only plays like twice a week so I usually just hang out in free mode making my own little stories up and playing RR now and again. I wish I had more people to play with.

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Death Magnetic

I play this game I like to call Pain Train. Here's how it works:

1. Find a train and hop on.

2. Send some nasty messages to the randoms in the session.

3. Wait for them to come to you and then blast em every time they drive near you.

4. Keep doing this until they leave. IF they get on the train, you have 30 seconds to get rid of them, or you lose and have to run to the front of the train and get splattered.

5. This continues until you go do RR to make up for ammo expenses.

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Crawdaddy Deluxe

Grind missions and survivals with friends and crew members if im not just cruising around randomly. If someone rolls up on me while I'm minding my own business, I'll kill them and move on. They pursue me, i'll pull over, kill them as they arrive, and then move on. Rinse and repeat. If there's some intense deathmatching going on between 6+ people, I dont usually just throw myself into the mix. Usually go into passive mode and just show up and annoy the f*ck out of everyone by getting in the way of their shots and taking cover with them and just being an all around douchebag. If they become set on trying to kill me, I'll usually leave passive mode and deathmatch it out with them for a bit before just driving off because killing each other back and forth for no real objective is kind of pointless and stupid in my eyes. On the rare occasion, I'll pull up next to someone for no real reason and risk getting killed, sometimes I die, sometimes they get in. And if they choose to get in, we go on an epic 5 star chase all around the map using different types of transportation. Only done this successfully twice. Usually after we die the first time the person just goes off on their own. But there are the few who try to keep on going and kill everything and then we get back into a car and continue onward. I miss the days where players would get together and just slaughter police. Unfortunately, it's mostly slaughtering each other now.

Edited by KronicKapture
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I enjoy driving around in my cars and flying my aircraft. If somebody from crew enters the session we usually find someone who is being an asshole and kill them until they leave. Other than that I grind my favourite survivals and play assorted missions. I never grind the same mission or survival over and over. That sh*t's boring.

Oh and occasionally like Kronic , I will attempt to pick some random up in my car and start mayhem with them. It's risky, but it's how I made a lot of friends in this game. I don't understand 'invite only' types of players. That must get lonely/boring after a while. I've met at least twenty great players from public sessions.

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I dabble in a bit of everything. Jack of all trades master of none. I hold my own and then some in all game modes. I play depending on my mood and what I feel like doing that day, it's why I love GTA as it caters to what I feel like doing that day. If I wanna chill I can, race? I can. Be a total d-bag and torment little kids with a tank? I can. Run lobbys with my crew? Sure. Whatever I deem appropriate at that time.

Edited by CallmeGoat
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Pick a vehicle for the day. Head out and stock up at store on snacks. Stock up armor at the ammunation. Hit the block and check map where there is the closest player. Drive by and observe the reaction from them. If fired upon I return fire to suppress the idiot. If they don't exactly seem hostile I will follow them until they trust me enough to get in my car with me. From there we cruise to find the action. Once I have pissed off enough people. I will drop into a couple missions to recoup expenses. Usually drop back into free roam and grab my mallard and kamikaze somebody. Then hold down the PS button. System off.

Edited by RajunKjun
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I like making friends, Making my cars/bikes look pretty

Going on stabbing sprees on the street..

I just like having fun,Making friends,f*cking around.

Depends on the mood I'm in anyways (:

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No crew members online/crew members otherwise occupied: Invite only and play by myself, do jobs on my own, mod my cars etc. More immersive and laid back exploration and frolicking.


Crew members available: Missions, races, DM/TDM, free roam crazyness. All out madness usually.

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