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Recommended Posts

heard about your meets from YasinRafi /\ /\ /\ /\
I have hosted many meets on this forum before and am just looking to have fun and chill.

Added you, looking forward to an invite.

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Meets over u was ment to add me before meet started i invited everybody :s we had a great meet pics will b up soon

I will host another tomorrow i request every 1 to add me adot_gangsta if you dont your loss !!

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I've join your meets before mraqreel. Perhaps you deleted/blocked my psn? Ill try and add you again.

PSN: Yasin_Rafi123

Edited by YasinRafi
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i will on at a later time today around 9 10 pm uk tme will host a meet then any cars except super

What's the plan tonight? Let's get some cars up MT. Chiliad. Or maybe bikes instead.

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Hi guys iam from germany want top join that fun, psn: kingka12345 when is the meet the time in germany is different


It's sometime between 9-10. Personally I will still be on later than that too.

Time is GMT

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lol sorry, I just cant wait for the meet and im scared he might not accept my friend request and not invite me :panic:

Missed out on last nights meet which seem like it was pretty epic because he was removed from my friends list so i couldnt join. Sent another friend request today..

Edited by YasinRafi
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Okay i know im not co host anymore but you can add me untill he adds you... and if there is a meet today ill invite you ok? :)


And izekial I bet i did haha but sadly i wasn't feeling too well last night :p


Btw My PSN Is : CassieVain

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