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Hellooo Everyone! I will be hosting the car meet at 10 o'clock tonight! Send me a friend request if you want to join :)

Be sure to be online and ready half an hour before as i like to start inviting a little bit earlier.


And tonight will be an opportunity to join our crew! SO BEHAVE :)


Tonights theme will be Off Road! Be sure to get a GOOD of road vehicle because its gonna be one hell of a ride!



Cya Then People! :) PSN: Cassie Vain

Edited by CassieVain
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1.) Every one has to be able to hear the host

2.) When cruising everyone stays in line

3.) If you have mic please be quiet when host is speaking

4.)No killing

also only host can invite members


there simple rules so just follow them or DONT JOIN OUr MEETS thanks

Edited by mraqeel
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Do nt invite or acept hym cass hes banned

Okay but why is he banned?

I would like to join you guys. PSN: krikavka

If you wan to join Add me


I'm off for today so i'll just send you a friend invite so i can participate tommorow.

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Uhhh....wtf? Why am I banned for? I follow all the rules?

Are you just mad because I didn't have a mic because you wanted me to host or something dude?


Yo Adot you better see this post and reply tho

Edited by YasinRafi
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Its been a while since we have had a good old meet! :(


Im thinking of hosting a meet tonight at 9 o'clock UK time. We gonna have Sports cars for this meet (by sports cars i do not mean super cars). let me know if you're interested and give me an add!


PSN: CassieVain

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  • 3 weeks later...

Awesome - i like that anyone can meet and not go through any of the "trial" meets i see other clubs have! I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread :)



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Guys forget all thesee amature people coming in and hosting meets east coast car club is back for a meet on thursday 10 :30pm uk time so prep your self for the meet muscle cars only so bring the best looking muscle car add my psn or post on here my psn os on the 1st page

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